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Found 2 results

  1. Due to popular demand, and not certainly because i'm held at gunpoint by certain Naughtius_Maximus, today Earl will cover the Royal Australian Navy aircraft carrier. You know it as the Pride of the Australian Navy*, HMAS Melbourne (R21)! *though you probably know her more as the best modern age teamkiller Oh god, here we go. Roll the slide Earl's Mini-Inquiry: HMAS Melbourne (R21) Historical Background Melbourne was laid down for the Royal Navy as the lead ship of the Majestic-class in 1943, and was launched as HMS Majestic (R77) in 1945. At the end of the Second World War, work on the ship was suspended until she was purchased by the RAN in 1947. At the time of purchase, it was decided to incorporate new aircraft carrier technologies into the design, making Melbourne the third ship ever to be constructed with an angled flight deck. Delays in construction and integrating the enhancements meant that the carrier was not commissioned until 1955. At the time of completion, she was one of the most advanced aircraft carriers of her time thanks to her modification, carried sophisticated de Havilland Sea Venom jet fighters and heavyweight turboprop Fairey Gannet (and later helicopters) as her complement. While packing modern gadgets, she was small at just over 20,000 tonnes and thus carried fewer aircraft than many other Aircraft Carriers. Nonetheless, Melbourne served a quiet, 27 year long career, notably during the Indonesian Confrontation and Vietnam War ferrying planes and conducting ASW patrols. She made her mark in history not because of her advanced design, but rather two accidents that sank two allied destroyers, HMAS Voyager in 1964 and USS Frank E. Evans in 1969. Fairey Gannet (top) and de Havilland Sea Venom (bottom) formed the core of Melbourne's airgroup Analysis for Inclusion In-Game The thing for Melbourne is how hard she would be for balancing. Her historical loadout of jet aircraft and turboprops are indeed powerful, however packs a few of them. At most, she is capable of carrying 32 aircraft, well below many other Carriers. I would place her as a Commonwealth Tier X aircraft carrier, based on the following reasons: Even smaller carriers like Saipan are sufficiently capable at their tier if the aircraft are good enough to compensate the smaller number. Melbourne would be the same case at tier 10. Her Sea Venom can speed through flaks and DPS AA easily, while the slower Gannet can dodge and tank more damage due to the small size and rugged construction. The capability of her aircraft would be mismatched at Tier 8, both in historical sense and gameplay sense. You don't or want to see jets raining hell on sad New Mexico or Fubuki. Therefore, with tier set, we go for her characteristics. Comparisons would be drawn from Audacious (Tier X RN Aircraft Carrier) already in-game unless specifically noted. Melbourne would have: Smaller squadron size and deck space (around 6-9 and ~30 respectively) thus the smallest at her tier. Aircraft restoration time would be slightly slower at around 85 second per aircraft. Highest aircraft healthpool, tied with Franklin D. Roosevelt Rocket attack planes would be six de Havilland Sea Venom Mk. 53 fighter jet squadron. Each squadron's attacking flight is 3 aircraft and each aircraft carried 8 RP-3 rockets found on Audacious, thus amounting to a total of 24 rockets. Cruising and maximum speed would be around 215 and 250 knots respectively. Due to their nature, they're rather slow to turn but can sustain maximum speed much longer. Torpedo Bombers would be nine Fairey Gannet AS1/4 turboprop aircraft. Each squadron's attacking flight is 3 aircraft and each aircraft carried two Mk XVII torpedo (same as Audacious) with six per flight on torpedo bomber configuration. Dive bombers would be Fairey Gannet AS1/4 turboprop aircraft, as seen in the Torpedo Bomber wings. They would be armed with four 500 lb G.P. bombs (also found on Audacious) with twelve per flight on shallow dive bomber configuration. Cruising and maximum would be speed would be around 135 and 165 knots respectively. Due to their nature, they're a bit faster and have a tighter turn radius than average planes. The Aircraft Carrier ship would have the smallest healthpool and have the slowest speed (24 knots) at her tier. In exchange, she has a very favorable detection radius of around 12 km [Optional] Anti-Submarine Warfare consumable in the form of helicopters. Thoughts? This thread is dedicated to@Max_Battle, special thanks to @S4pp3Rfor fixing my awful grammar
  2. Hi All, I bring you the HMAS Melbourne - the R21 - Which is a Majestic Class Light Carrier. Of World War 2 Era :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Melbourne_(R21) She would probably sit at that Tier 6 level, Planes would be either kitty hawkes, or Beaufighters - I couldn't find any carrier versions of planes, worst case scenario would be a copy over american / uk fighter. Anyways - Might be cool :) and I would definitely buy it purely because well aussie only ever had two carriers and I belive both of them had accidents