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Found 26 results

  1. EmperorThor

    CV in matchmaking

    Can we not just get an option when going into match making to que up with or without CV's? Like they dont include them in clan battles so we not have an option to do random battles without carriers? There is just too much plane spam going on now. Playing randoms between t7 and t10 and you can get stuck with up to 3 CV's all just torp spamming the shit out of everyone and its just not enjoyable.
  2. I just had a terrible game of which my div that consisted of two tier 6 DD were matched against two tier 7 DD. This is a broken matchmaking. Dev, please fix this. 2 T6 DD vs 2 T7 DD. wtf is this bullshit.wowsreplay
  3. mingkimingki

    matchmaking algorithm

    how exactly is the game's matchmaking algorithm system? what aspects determine the trigger other than tier?
  4. <its a long post> Recently i experienced consecutive lose due to the terrible destroyer players. I do respect privacy. so I'll not pin-pointing out the certain RED-rated people Yah of coarse some of y wanna play destroyers though you're suck at it. and others just blame war gaming for making destroyers having huge impact on Victories or loses. Personally i don't want bad players to play DD which leads to not only him/her, BUT leading entire team to HELL. Cruisers and Battleship with bad players doesn't matter. Cause they don't really play huge roles as the DD. Anyway, these are not the ones i wanted to say its MATCHMAKING I heard that matchmaking is based on player's skill and other contributing factors but here's the example our team has 2 Unicom battleships and 2 DD potatoes enemy team has 2 rated excellent DD and 2 rated GOOD battleships guess who will win? its the enemy team. and the reason is quite simple. Game was designed for CV => DD > BB > CA/CL =>DD No matter you're Super Unicom or what its almost impossible to win DD with BB. The team with Terrible DD players are getting unbelievable disadvantage compared to team with decent DD players. These solutions can be the key (EX) we have 2 DDs one of them is terrible player one of them is good and decent player (Balanced) We DO need Good and balanced match making by the "Subcategories" TOO others ships? doesn't matter DDs? YES IT DOES MATTER. Cause they play vital role on winning the Game hopefully war gaming solve these originated problem since i lov playing WOWS thanks
  5. I am not the world's best BB driver, especially at higher tiers, but I've still managed to be in the top 3 on my team in three of my 7 Scharnhorst games, with 50-70k dmg done in those and not pulled a single win. What more does it take?
  6. Recently, there are alot more radar ships around, too many of them in fact. Forget about the T8 mm, it's still broken but I know you guys will never fix it. Look at the screenshot, the enemy has 6 radar ships! Yes the minotaur is also running radar. I always see THREE Missouri in a team. This did not just happen in one game, pretty much these few days this has been a real problem. We don't mind having to wait a little longer for the mm to balance the shit out. Please address this issue ASAP, especially since you want to remove the Missouri, lots of players are rushing to get that [content removed]. Inappropriate/derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  7. Since I had 20k XP left to get my Furutaka captain to 10 points, and since I also had was down about 20 games on my Furu's win/loss stats, I decided to go all-in on a little "experiment". I played 12 games straight in Furutaka with no premium consumables, no camo or flags, to see if Wargaming would start throwing me on potato teams to encourage me to spend more in-game assets. Instead, MM not only proved me wrong, but the opposite: As far as I can tell I was given more wins than I deserved. Out of 12 games, my team won 10, yet I was only in the top half the leaderboard on 7 of those 12 occasions. On average my team performed better than I did, which logically, if it's all random, there is no reason for the rest of my team to be better than my opponents. Weird huh? ***** notes: Battle 3: Fault Line, Domination, T5-7, I was stuck alone in the middle "guarding" B, everyone seemed to be at A and C so I got bored and tried capping B. Got air spotted, 3 ships took pot shots at me for a few minutes while I unsuccessfully tried to cap. I gave up and retreated, badly damaged, as the cavalry came up from A. Enemy Fiji decided he /really/ wanted me dead so I had to hide behind an island for the rest of the game while he pounded shells into the rocks. I like to think I played an important role as a decoy/distraction. Battle 7: I played well, but just too many potatoes. Archipalego, Domination. We'd capped B and C, looked really solid, when 2 BB and 2 CA went off and chased a lone enemy BB back to the 9 line while the enemy team all swept up from A to demolish me and the rest of the team. Despite me asking them not to run off. Sometimes it's just hopeless. Battle 11: 4 CV battle, our team's CVs got completely outplayed so we were 100% spotted in our spawn, with zero spotting on our side. It was a turkey shoot. I think we've all been there: the entire remaining team balled up in the spawn around the CVs, zero caps. Pathetic. General comment: I hate Clevelands. I hate Atlantas. But most of all I hate Clevelands.
  8. WoWStats is a great site because it is brutally honest. I had this idea that I was pretty good in Furutaka. Numbers don't lie: I suck. And the reason I'm not as good as the BB/DD lines is equally obvious: I don't play them enough. So this week it's been as much CA games as I can stand, with DD/BB games only when my bruised ego can't take the punishment any longer. It's been quite a drubbing. Taking a break, I'd like to ask you guys a few things... First: Aoba "feels" much bigger, heavier, and more powerful than the upgraded Furutaka but looking at the specs it seems practically just a re-skin. +6% gun range, +3% health, 3 mm more bow armor. Armor, armament, and detection radius are almost identical. So, what makes Aoba a T6 ship? I don't get it. Second: does MM hate me? My win rate is tanking, even though I'm rarely in the bottom third of the leaderboard. It seems the better I play, the harder the enemy team gets and the more likely we are to lose. Also, I'm up-tiered T+2 way more than I used to. So, yeah .... have I angered the MM gods or is that how MM is supposed to work to keep up the "challenge"? (I suspect that since I'm doing relatively well with the BB games, MM is giving me a tough time in the CA games assuming my skill level is equal for all ship types ... does that make sense?) Third: How do you Aoba? DD support I think I have the right general idea, but BB escort I don't seem to be able to find any kind of groove. My play style can best be described as "taking long-distance potshots when I think I can get away with it". Do you position behind a BB to support, or in front? Any advice welcome.
  9. KirstieBeau

    CV Matchmaking

    Since when did they re-implement 2x CV matchmaking? I just had a break from playing WOWS for a month. Here's the screenshot of my game:
  10. Side note: Dear captain of that Mutsuki: I am absolutely amazed that you did not get blown out of the water by all those big, bad cruisers Side side note: What a great seal-clubbing session that was
  11. User_1145141919810

    The matchmaking sucks!

    Don't send me this kind of teams next times will you,WG?
  12. xKcVincentx

    few suggestions..(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

    few suggestions.(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜1.Tier 6 really difficult to play when match making with Tier 8 ship,feel kind of useless..can't do much more..specifications between Tier 6 and Tier 8 is huge different.ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ2.ARP ship do need camouflage buff!!!i suggest those ARP visual effect on those ARP ship would be great if it turn into a camouflage,when put on the ARP camouflage,it become ARP ship(with camouflage buff)if dismounted it,the ship will become a normal standard ship and able to using other different type camouflage(without ARP visual effect). (゜-゜)3,sea texture effect in medium setting need a bit improvement..it feel disgusting in some map..feel like nasty glue...ewwww (´Д`) 4.sry for bad english _(:зゝ∠)_
  13. Reverse_ldeology

    The fun and the unfun - some advice

    After taking a short break for WoWS to adjust my schedule during summer break internship, I finally got back to playing this game. Of course as a skrub with only 5000 games as someone who know many other players and am involved in the giving feedback on this game, I decided to re-start playing with a fresh perspective. No longer do I feel pressured to win, but instead I just play in divisions nowadays to have fun with other players (in various different ways). Here are some observations. 1. World of Warships is not a game to be taken seriously, as QnA implies. Ships are balanced based on how they perform with respect to other ships, and buffed or nerfed if the devs feel like they are under or outperforming their peers too much (by how much, and by what metric we don't know). WG communication has also stated that CVs such as Saipan are "fine". You can infer how seriously they take game balancing from that. 2. Winning in this game is mainly about knowing what to do in each situation (as a player). Carrying solo games is mainly about how well you can coordinate with your team, on top of knowing what to do as a solo player. Div carrying is mainly about ship selection, followed by solo game sense + div coordination. 3. Taking this game less seriously and just trying to do the most in each match (which is quite fun cos being alive = can do things = potential to have fun) is the best way to both increase enjoyment and increase win rate. Just play another game if you find matches unenjoyable. 4. Poor CV players, especially in high tiers are the most un-fun part of this game. Doubly so if your AS/Balanced CV cannot even control the air over a strike loadout. 5. Fishing teams are fun to face against, if you are in a div of skilled players. Otherwise having one (or multiple) of them in your team or the enemy team usually ends up in a steamroll, netting you little xp either way. Of course you can afford to aggro more if your fishing team is winning for you (if that is your definition of fun), or play more proactively knowing that said players in fishing div can cover you. But most of the time you get less xp and credits if they are on your team, and get steamrolled if they are on the enemy team. 6. Being bottom tier while your top tier players feed can go both ways. It can either be very un-fun, if you happen to be in tiers 5-7, and lack the survivability and DPM against higher tier survivors in the enemy team (you can only farm damage). Or it could be very fun if you manage to get some "High impact (insert ship class here) play" and carry the team while bottom tier. 7. There are many situations with "no counterplay", or "very little counterplay at best" in this game. Instances such as "radar cruiser Haven south spawn domination" or "Saipan who knows how to abuse strafe exit mechanics", or "Gearing Mino Hak", or "Belfast", or "Black, Balti, MO", or "Triple Black". These mechanics are fun if you are the one abusing them, but very un-fun otherwise. Of course WG has shown itself willing to change their maps over time, so maybe this will improve with time. 8. IJN DDs are more often than not driven by noobs who either torp at second line or YOLO into cap and die. Very few players know how to ride the fine line between being close enough to torp while far enough to react to enemy DDs. N. If there is anything else please feel free to add. tl:dr don't take this game seriously, just div and have fun. If you find yourself carrying to hard or losing too hard just play another game.
  14. _TAMAL_

    Thanks To MM...

    I particularly suck at cruiser play and was just trying out the Leander today(don't play it much...), I tried to do whatever I can and I know that our team tried too but we ended up losing the match. I wasn't disappointed as winning and losing happens all day...However, after the match,when I was checking Team Score, I got surprised OMG all Top Ranked players in their team !!! (I hope I understand the badges that are shown beside players' names, correct me if I'm wrong), I mean,two Rank 1,one Rank 4,two Rank 10,two Rank 15 and one Rank 19 player in their team, whereas, we had only one Rank 5,one Rank 9 and two Rank 15 player, all others were just normal players....(I guess) I don't know how to explain this but I feel that we were severely outplayed by them.None of them die also... So, is this just a failed MM ? Any insight on this would be really helpful. Also, I've attached a screenshot, you may need to click it to display... Thanx in advance P.S: Couldn't find a suitable title for this topic... almost every name that came to my mind looked like a rant, LOL
  15. from what i know and what i heard, that is impossible for the same CV tier in one team....... and this is what i got today :V and this is the first time it happened to me.... did they change the MM system? and MM is NOT RANDOM AT ALL! why the heck most of the time getting lose streak or win streak is so easy? i remember playing at friday AND GOT 5 STREAK WIN! and play again is saturday and got 5 streak lose.......... today play again and got both! and today.... oh well.... lose or win streak....... do you feel the same? got a lot of win streak and then got lose streak and vice versa... _________________________________ [this is just speculation] if you play poorly, you will get a poor team too! this pic made me cry..... i know i am not that good but at least..... LOOOL i am survived :V this is the cause...."Pro BB player " [ refer to http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/22369-pro-bb-player-is-really-a-content-removed-make-dd-great-again/ ] [this nagato rekt my entire team...... i am trying to bomb it..... but their AA defense is solid! together they get close to prevent bombing!] now i am sure how to win a lot..... IMAGINE when i play poorly but there is pro BB/player that carry the entire game and rekt the whole enemy fleet!

    can this matchmaking crap stop

    about 2-3 pacths ago they said they would make it even when it came to ship nation and ship class 2 dds each side 4 cruiser 3 batleships so on and so forth but all i have seen is un even match making enemy or my side have 1-2 less dds extra battleships so please why does this keep happening and why wasent it fixed long ago
  17. I tried my best. I gave up on the Haruna but i'll try again with Nachi. I did whatever i did with the rest of my Myokos yet i kept on losing. Same with the Kongos.
  18. There will be, of course, slight differences in tiers, but it hardly matters to the point that your team will lose just because of ship differences. Oh, the enemy's BB/DD/CA are ALL higher tier than yours? Tell that to a Fully upgraded Kongo fighting stock Fuso. Tell that to a Fully upgraded Fuso fighting stock Nagamon. Tell that to any Kamikaze facing Mitsuki Tell that to any Cheatland facing Fully upgraded Pensacola. Tell that to a fully upgraded Nurnberg facing a stock Yorck. Tell that to a fully upgraded New Mexico facing a stock colorado etc..... Just because they are higher tier than you doesnt mean they are gonna be stronger in stats. For more information, compare Fubuki stats with that of Kangero's and Shimakaze's
  19. Hi. Just stumbled upon a hilarious video made by iChaseGaming, and I just want to share it with all of you, and maybe get your opinions about it.
  20. Mick_Clarke


    Can someone explain why on this gods earth the matchmaking places 10 against 12 in a tier 7 match Surely there are enough ships available to do 12 v 12. We lost and were smashed to bits because of poor players and also being 2 players short. Can someone please fix this load of toss
  21. T050189

    Houshou VS Langley MM

    I've been playing the Houshou for a while now and have all modules upgraded. On my grind to the Zuihou, I've noticed a lot of Houshou VS Langley matches. The outcome? Houshou VS Langley can still be at times manageable. However, in 2 Houshou VS 2 Langley matches, 8 fighters versus 12 just isn't going to cut it. It's nigh-impossible to play in such a game and most of the time I'm tempted to just torpedo myself, because any fighters we throw at the enemy will quite literally disappear within 10 seconds. I've gone into aerial combat in the most favourable conditions possible (both our fighter squadrons vs single enemy fighter squadron, with friendly cruiser AA support) and yet it takes out half our fighters to even score a single kill on theirs. If possible it would be great if the MM would take into account the type of carrier, seeing as all American CVs vs. all Japanese CVs (especially at such a tier) pretty much guarantees air superiority for whichever team is lucky enough to have the American CV. I've played almost 10 games in the Houshou today. Almost all were against American CVs. Those same games also had me losing aircraft in a 2:1 ratio against the enemy.
  22. First, I'm pretty sure I'm a good player, but definitely not a hero or genius though. I follow team movement, assisting caps or provide necessary cover from them, also blocking enemy horde when my team decide to go to one side ... and definitely not a bluelines abuser nor camper shooter from the edge of artillery max range. Because I'm considering myself a good player, I have a suspicion that I always being placed and teamed with low Summary-Rate's players. Due note, not just only me. From 12 players a team, maybe 4~6 good players and the rest are the lower skill players. My suspicion theory is, Matchmaking placing good ratio players with low ratio players equally, with intention, Skill equality to each team. The base of theory was on 2 reason. 1. When I'm playing BB & CA, it's a 60% win chance. 2. When I'm playing DD (that I have no idea how to play it correctly) or CV (Bogue's 201, Air Superiority) ... it's down to 10% win chance and those matches will end badly. Reason no. 2, because I'm considered good players, but my Ship and play quality impact won't do much influence to the battle situation, high chance it will be a lose matches. Is this suspicion sound reasonable to you ? In other MMO games I play, there are some games that using players skill base and match numbers played as it ground calculation to draw players on each side for skill equality, in hope a better play experience for low skilled players. The problem of this theory is ... if the good players had a bad day or like I mention above, using a ship that he/she not excel with, or less impact ... the team would certainly going down. Some of you would question my suspicion ... but I don't think Matchmaking are pure base on random draw. Correcting about my self statement that I'm a good players, maybe I'm the low skilled player that team up with good player that in his/her bad day. It's up to you how measure my Personal Summary.
  23. So ummmmmmmm, did I miss something or are Ranked Battles sposed to have 2 BB per side (thought that was locked, no wait-balance etc)
  24. We all knew to win a match in WoWs heavily depends on teamwork, but under the current scoring and matchmaking system, it is really hard for players to cope with each other. First of all is the language barrier, a lot of people-especially in asia server do not speak english, so it is really hard for us sometimes to communicate. My suggestion is that before a player can start playing matches there should be a selection system and the player can choose his most preferred language, secondly preferred language etc. And during the match making people with the same preferred language should be made in a team. Thus people will be able to communicate effectively. (To be frank sometimes the chat in game make me feels like im playing with bots. ) Secondly there should be different scoring system for different ship types. Right now BB can not concentrate on providing fire support as no CA want to cover them from DDs and bombers because EVERYONE WANT TO GET MORE KILLS FOR EXP AND MONEY so no one cares about each other. In my opinion, the weighting of the scores should be different for each ship. For example, planes shot down by CA should count more towards money and exp than for BBs and damage deal to enemy ships by BB should count more towards money and exp than for CAs. ( remember the game screen before a game start you can view what each ship's role is? Alright random suggestion time: 1. Montana's Armour is way to weak for her tier. 2. Seriously? Can we do something about HE rounds and fire burning ships down? Not very realistic, may i say. 3. Repair team. Why a BBs repair team cool down is slower than a tier one CA? I wonder whats the 2000-3000 sailors on a BBs are for. 4. Separate CL from CA, also why after Cleverland which was launched in 1942 there are two tiers with treaty CAs? Why? Speaking of tech trees i heard, the higher the tier level the more advanced the ships are. 5. Izumo, what is with the strange shape for izumo's bridge, also the deck was way too empty with crap AA. Not to mention the paper-thin armour for a tier 9 BB. I think anyone with a bit of IJN ship knowledge will feel like this is a BBV( Ise class modifications) by the large hanger deck at the back, why this layout with the in game function of a BB? if WG adds some Zuiun on izumo it would be more realistic( and more fair in compensation for her Armour) 6. Submarines? I can clearly see the model for a depth charge at tenryu's back
  25. Not sure if the Devs actually care/read these posts/play the game, but EVERYONE knows the current matchmaking system is total trash and seems like it should be a damn easy fix. 1. Carriers should ALWAYS be equal. Period. 0-0, 1-1, 2-2. I just played a game as a tier IV carrier vs a tier VI and a tier V. Can anyone guess what happened? Spoiler: All my planes got demolished. My upgraded IJN fighters went against the USN squad and didn't even drop a single one trying to defend my torpedo bombers. SO FUN! 2. Tier range needs to be tightened. The randomness can completely destroy the balance in a match depending what ships your team has as higher vs as the lower. Should be +- 1 tier, that's it. No reason not to be, there are plenty of games/players at least at this point in time (until they all get tired of the broken BS that isn't getting addressed). 3. Some kind of measure to prevent divisions from bringing in much lower tier members. Nothing like seeing some POS tier 1 on my team while I'm in my tier V ship. Cmon guys. It isn't that hard. Oh, and all the fanbois can just not even bother with the "but it's just beta" garbage. We all know this is a soft release as there will be no wipes. The beta tag is just a crappy excuse to fall back on if there are any issues and is not a good reason not to fix the current ones that are crushing the enjoyment of playing this game. The lack of feedback and info from the devs is a problem as well. Perhaps they are already working on these things, but they choose not to bother mentioning it like a professional company would/should. Thanks. PS, Fix the damn blue line exploit sometime this year? kthx