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Found 10 results

  1. Swinghammer

    Matchmaker Bug

    My clan mates and I were playing a co-op game and noticed that tier IX ships were included with tier VI ships!
  2. Does anyone else feel that they are getting up-tierd more when playing odd-tier ships? Do you think it may be due to having 2 aircraft carriers per side, combined with only having even tiers for carriers?
  3. Everytime I play tier8 ships, it's almost 80% of the time, I'm being put as bottom tier, with almost half the teams being tier9-19 and only 1-2 ships are tier8. Where the heck are the tier8 players? Are they busy milking Narai 2.0 aka. Cherry Blossom all over again, what about the KM, and IJN cruisers being left out.
  4. kazutokirito

    Conditions on Matchmaker

    I like to suggest that add condition on the matchmaker on Random Battles such as 'There shouldn't have match with less than 5 players on each them'.
  5. HeavyK_OZ

    Teir 8 Matchmaker... WTF

    Hey Guys. Is it just me or is it every time i take a T8 ship out of port i am matched into T10 games. I don't just mean once in a while, EVERY single game, with easily 8 out of the 12 players on each team being T10. I would think that with the population we have online when i usually play being roughly 13K there would be more than enough players to have T8 play against tthe same tier. I would be happier to see 1 tier up or down difference, as facing T10 in T8 is getting beyond a joke. Thoughts??
  6. anonym_MnSIst5Oe5yN

    Matchmaker balancing Radar ships

    Is it possible someone seriously considers balancing Radar based ships like they do CV's? It is lethal to any Domination based game in random or ranked with there is unequal amounts of radar. In Ranked it is so common to see Atlanta's and Belfasts on one side that the outcome is almost guaranteed at the start. Really you need to look at this as now there is no point taking Schors, Myoko, Pensacola into Ranked as you almost guarantee the other side has an advantage. Basically you are dooming these ships never to be played after R10. In Randoms - the problem is compounded with new players who just do not understand the mechanic and get blasted early on. DD is stressful enough without never been able to cap due to the Belfast imbalance. Have seen a few games where there were 4 x Belfast on one side and 1 on the other. Just ludicrous.
  7. BluuOrange

    Matchmaker does not send in CVs

    With the number of ships in queue hitting 40 from time to time, and the number of CVs in queue being 2 or more pretty much the whole time, I would have expected to get a match quicker than this. (Ironically, I got a match 7 seconds after taking the screenshot, but it looked very much like I could have been included in a match within 30 seconds. Matchmaking for my non aircraft-carrier ships was consistently less than 30 secs.)
  8. I have question. Does camoflage and flags affect the matchmaker? Since yesterday, I go the salty sea with my Furutaka. I equipped her with Type3 halloween camo and kraken unleash flag which will boosted another 150% exp. Is that why matchmakers always put me against the monstrous opponent? I have to confront Aobas and Cheatlands most of the time. Heck even sometimes my opponent is Myoko. (Truly salty indeed.) But if i sail her with no camo or flag at all, she will be placed appropriately at T5 max rating battle.
  9. Valhalla_Shank

    Simply stupid and criminal.

    Dear WG and readers, After being involved with WoT for many years and finding myself and becoming very excited to hear about the coming release of WoW I decided to buy a closed beta premium pack. During the test phase I truly believed WG may get it right with ships, it was what I had always wanted from a game, UNTIL the so called open Beta that is really just a soft release of the game. So here we are, a soft release far from test finished or even close to being ready for the public and masses to play. Current and completely broken mechanics of the game include the match making system (being worked in next patch, ill believe this when my [Redacted] turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert) next we have the blue line mechanic, the edge of the map that is semi transparent that allows ships to manoeuvre even skid sideways, What the actual [Redacted] was anyone in even a half cut [Redacted] mind thinking when this seemed like a good idea for a map boarder. (WG's fix, we will still allow game breaking issues with blue line to continue but will change the aim mechanic to adjust for said broken [Redacted]) so change something that isn't broken to adjust for something that is being broken, sounds like a sound game plan, if you where taking a dump. Second wall of text in this rather therapeutic rant is what the actual [Redacted] is going on with CV's, yes all you fanbois can cry about how historically they were powerful blah blah [Redacted] blah. THIS IS NOT BY ANYONE STRETCH OF EVEN OF ANYONE'S IMAGINATION EVEN CLOSE TO A SIMULATOR OR HISTORICAL. This is a a death match arena style arcade warships game, so please, if anyone from WG even has any part of a soul left and reads this, balance the god-dam carriers, its beyond a joke. To go with the just completely stupid and mind numbing bad balance/mechanics CV's currently in game, what the actual [Redacted] is up the mid to high-mid tier American DD's. A ships that focuses on stealth and manoeuvrability and the ability have a decent fire fight with other DD's, that's about it, you get spotted before IJN DD,s out torpedoed, out manoeuvred out smoked etc. etc. etc. they are completely and utterly useless 99% of the time, WG fix now i love this one [Redacted] its gold, WG fix, lets give then better AA, for real. So to finish this rant off I would like to say, no, I am done, as are many many people with this title and the Wot title, to long has this company just stuck their heads in the sand when it came to massive game changing issues, to long have they turned a blind eye while the money has rolled in. There is not enough soap on this earth to scrub my body with, to cleanse me of the filth that is what this company has done its customers, supports and loyal fan base. P.s. learn what a hot fix [Redacted] is, Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  10. I'm gonna do my best not to start a flame war, but I think it needs to be said. The matchmaker at tier 4 is... well, it's hard to find a word for it, the best I can say is that it's screwy. What do I mean by that? Well, take a look at this screenshot: 2 separate games, and in both games, only the enemy team has an aircraft carrier. Guess what, they wrecked my team COMPLETELY. At tier 4, a single aircraft carrier can reign supreme because simply put, there's no way to counter it. Now, this is where I start going into my arguments, but before I do, I'm just gonna say, I don't think CVs are broken. In fact I feel as you progress up the tiers they become more balanced as more and more counters against them become available, or at least stronger. They're not as hated as artillery is in WoT simply because of the fact that you can counter them or at the worst of times, anticipate them. However, at tier 4 where CVs pop up, these counters are severely limited. Very few ships have any amount of significant anti-air armaments, with the only exception possibly being the Yubari. Even then, Yubaris are rare because they are premium ships, not everyone is going to have them, and the presence of only one Yubari won't make a game changing difference. To this end, the only real, hard counter to carrier borne torpedo bombers at tier 4, are carrier borne fighters. They are the only thing effectively capable of stopping TBs from running rampant. So what happens when one side gets a CV with an anti-ship loadout and the other side gets nothing? Well, as far as I've seen, complete and total annihilation. Because in a battle, the ships that don't have air support, the BBs, the CAs, and to a certain extent the DDs, have to constantly be on the lookout for enemy TBs while the other side can blast their guns away without once looking to the skies. Is that fair or balanced? Absolutely not. It is still possible to win in these impossible odds, things can happen, player skill becomes involved. But take player skill out of that equation and things look a bit grim. The matchmaker is supposed to create a fair and balanced match, at least in terms of ship composition and we can see that there are times when it does not. I do understand that yes, it's the start of Open Beta, and people are coming in and taking their time to get carriers. But without a hard rule, even with more carriers becoming available in the queue, this can still happen. There needs to be a hard, set, unbreakable rule added, at least at tier 4 where if one side gets a CV, the other side needs to get one as well. Otherwise the game becomes unbearable for everyone involved. Thank you for taking time reading this, and post your opinions on it.