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Found 7 results

  1. I am really frustrated about the MM in this game. It feels WG don't even try to balance the teams at all. One team has a good divison (55%+ WR), let's give them better battleships too. Result: opposition of the better team is wiped out in the first 10 minutes or so. I am playing this game for having fun. Slaughter is not fun. How come this still not fixed?
  2. Man_Over_bored

    10 Reasons Not To Invite Friends

    Hello wonderful community, As the title suggest 10 reasons why not to Invite Friends to play WOWS 1) One side match maker with feeder team mates Continuing on from above 2) no actual game play or chance to win what so ever, Even sinking 4 yourself still they throw, run and and die just dont have a clue at all T9 T10. 3) The sole mechanic in the game is for the following reason To have you burn through your T 2 consumables, any signals and camo you have equipped. Then repeat that over and over in multiple one sided loss, despite how amazingly well you do, as quickly as possible. 10-12 minute games... You dont need any more reasons, although RU bias ship lines - Only Need to play one nation - Soon gets boring. Tiresome loss streaks- agane no matter how well you do, as i see the brave faces of unicum streamers even suffer this and stoically continue to put a brave face to the public... Match make sucks, losing streaks because of totally one sided teams... look i dont need to see the win rates of every individual player and put them on a spreadsheet for the world to see, its obvious enough just looking at the ranked imbalance and quick glance at the color of the Clans name their players are in vs mine ... all to often a one-sided affair. Why on Earth would i invite a friend, someone who trust my opinion and respects and likes me to these situations... i dont want them to hate me for wasting their time. or waste their cash downloading something they'll likely just uninstall. Plenty of other fun and engaging non BS one sided match making games out there where you do actually have a chance and its not up to you solely to have and absolute stunning game every game just o even have a vague chance with team mates that are only there to feed the enemy and tick over another game quickly ALL because its to get economy ticking over for WG... like WTH is that... its the only reason there would be such utter trash deliberate and recently reverted T8 match maker... simply because WG profits from it.... but its to much. So greed WG you burn those who support you to much they leave... and many more are on the edge of saying bye to this title every day... like now all but about 8 of my full clan are 100+ days afk.. ding dong warning signs... theres probably 1000 other clans out there if not more the same.. When I leave, which probably cant be soon enough for WG as I have often posted negative comments about the way the game is run from the players perspective, there wont be a single nice thing left to say, except pretty pictures, total scam price store and corrupt match making, for rapid game turn over of signals consumables etc.. for WG profit. tldr? idc have a nice day.
  3. How_To_Play_This

    CV Division question

    Can I ask a question to developer directly? Will there be an update for CV division matchmaking? If there will be, when? This screenshot was taken on 2nd Feb 2018 and as you can see Ryujo division with Cleveland and Graf Spee. Playing against this kind of division- especially in Solo- is not FUN at all. Ryujo+Atlanta, Saipan+Atlanta, Saipan+NC etc. They are [content removed] division and make Random Battle not fun at all. There should be a measure against this kind of division Ex. If division contains CV then they will only facing division which also contains CV. Don't ask what is the outcome in this battle because it seems really obvious for those who suffer the same fate.
  4. Rule of Match-Making in playing solo. Tier 'N' = T'N'-2 to T'N'+2, with restricted of 2 Tier difference. Example : Tier 5 ship possibility match are T3-T5 ; T4-T5 ; T5-T7 No problem, ok desu ! But in Division Match Making, the base ship to calculate match making is the higher tier player ship. My own experience example : 2 players Division. Player1 (me) = T7 , Player2 = T8. Player2 became the base ship to calculate match making. So in this Division Example, the possibility of match making are T6-T8 (low chance), T7-T9 (medium chance), T8-T10(High chance). Now I'm refuse to play with my friend if he want to play his T8 ship, because the Division's Match-Making is a stupid joke. Because the other T8-T10 players often ridicule me. Not to mention my ship hardly make difference at all in this matches. I can understand if it happen less, but as I mention the chance rate, that just !!!
  5. First off I am probably making myself look like a fool but I don't think this is fair, I was put in a match 8 times with pretty much all tier 9 ships and tier 8 ships, my equal opponent being the tier 7 Nagato with 410mm guns, granted I can bounce these shells under the right circumstances but when you're being focused down by two F. Der. Große ships, a Nagato, a Chapayev and a Shiratsuyu things become very difficult, and with Scharnhorst having its unique 283mm guns and with its relatively big size, it draws the short stick by a ton, I think with those kind of guns Scharnhorst would be better suited at tier 6 because it doesn't matter if it's a battle cruiser or Gneisenau's sister ship it still struggles in heavy situations, now before there was a post in the news regarding battle tiers saying something along the lines of certain tier ships seeing lower tier ships rather than their extremely better in all aspects higher tier ships, but I find that to be a lie for 8 games in a row now I've seen nothing but tier 8 and 9 ships and on occasion a few tier 7's, and because RNGesus hates me I always get focused down first and die with about 11-23k damage done because the Scharnhorst can't damage anything really, its AP shells can't pen even a cruiser unless its totally flat on a broadside, and its HE shells are useless to set fires with, its heavy inaccuracy at anything more than 14 kms doesn't help either, I mean I'm not trying to say I snipe with it, no I try to brawl with it because that's what I've been told to do and what its made for, but I can't even get into brawling range without blowing up first from HE spammers or a torpedo that just grazes me but manages to blow up my magazine anyway. Oh well that's my rant over, goodluck seal clubbers.
  6. Bex_o7

    +1 or -1 MM

    Is it at all conceivable on the SEA server that +1 or -1 match making at Tiers 5 through 8 could work? I know our population is small compared to US and EU, but in the current MM the wait is rarely more than a few seconds during prime time, would anyone really mind waiting a minute or two for more favourable [ie: enjoyable] match making that didn't mis-match T5 against T7 and T6 against T8?
  7. ShiraYukira

    Thought i won't see this ever again

    Well i only remember seeing unbalanced team during the close beta not in the open but surprised !!! 13 vs 11