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Found 16 results

  1. 1. During game. Battleship (Frederick de Grosse) became permanently stuck on island at H5, west point where the village is. 2. Reproduction steps: Drive past island heading ~170 degrees, just skimming the shores. Turn left slightly. Image and replay attached, sollision at roughly 14 min mark to the end of game. 20211208_200943_PGSB109-Friedrich-der-Grosse_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  2. from my own DD experience D7,8 and H4 is favorable spot of Radar ship and both B and C are well within radar range. but some how not many radar ship from green side go for G3 spot... wonder why... over extend? 2 small island in B is favorable spot for DD from both side but prone to being radar-ed and focus fire if I'm a DD and spawn from green side in this map, those 2 small island in B is too small to cover fire from red side 'if' they spread wide around H3,4,5,6 and G6 but on other hand if I'm spawn from red side, these 2 small island is enough to cover fire from green side because huge chunk of island at F3,4 green side have E5 as good standby spot for DD due to it's far enough from radar range from either side. red side have F6 but less room to maneuver some Radar ship with good concealment use E5, F6 spot to standby as well, ship at E5 also have advantage at crossing fire at DD try to hide in B as well many DD decide to abandon cap completely and go far side, maintain distance from radar ship spot above and spot and let their BB make a full use of their gun if torpedo have enough range, they might even try to torp into radar camping spot to flush them out or even kill/cripple them but radar ship ain't fool, if they being spot while in camping site, they'll know there's DD at far side and prepare for possible incoming torp overall as a IJNDD main, I think this map has one of the most difficult capping key area of all. those island are blocking bigger ship from getting in for closer support. that basically what i'm learn so far feel free to add anything
  3. MAP「大海原」の遭遇率を向上させてほしい [理由] 高Tier戦場における 島裏に隠れての一方的な砲撃、及びMAP付近の島を利用し レーダーを用いて駆逐艦の行動を制限する動きが よく見られます。 これの原因の一つは島の存在です。この打開策として大海原の遭遇率を向上させてほしいと思っています。(特にレーダー艦艇が存在しているTier7-10あたり) 現状の高Tier MAPではCAP付近に島が存在するMAPが多く存在し 駆逐艦は苦しい状況です。 よって島が全く無い大海原であれば多少は駆逐艦への負担が軽減されると思い意見しました。 (※あまり遭遇率を上げると遅い弾速の艦艇が不利になるのでほどほどに…) よろしければ 皆さんの意見をお聞かせください。
  4. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    Improve CV play - Rotate and lock Map for CV

    I find it much easier to play CV when the CV is at the bottom of the map when game starts. An option to turn the main map in 90 degree increments would be great to try out. And have the minimap follow.
  5. Hey Bug hunters, While playing a round of Operation Killer Whale, I found a place in the map where it appears you get stuck and can not manoeuvre out of it OS: dual boot Linux (primary), windows ("gaming") Client type: Wargaming (not steam) Installation type: Wargaming (not installed in steam or by steam) Ship used: HMS Gallant Game mode: Operation of the Week: Killer Whale Date: 21 January 2018 Time: 1514 hours Mechanics of getting stuck: At the early stages of the game, all was going well, I popped smoke for team mates to creep through the F4 grid square and sneak up on the destroyer and cruiser in that vicinity. I came through F4 hugging the island in the F4, E5 corner just below the gun fort; I then popped smoke and pulled hard right to form a U shape smoke cloud. After creating this U shape, I came out of the hard right turn hugging the beach of the island in the F4 corner with the southern most gun fort. As I was running towards the corner of F4 and F3 I got an abrupt and fleeting message saying collision and then I was pulled into the rocks and beach adjacent to the gun fort. I then spent the rest of the game attempting to manoeuvre out using a combination of forward, reverse, reverse hard left/right and forward hard right/left to get out. When going full forward and full reverse, it would do maybe 2 knots at most and then get stuck; so slowly and painstakingly I managed to get about a 45 degree incline to the beach, but it was still stuck and was not getting free. A point to note; that once I got to a 45 degree incline to the beach; I would get pushed back on the beach if I tried to manoeuvre again, so I simply kept the 45 degree angle and hoped the team I was playing with empathised with me and my plight. Another point to note: when stuck, the enemy spawns ignored me and I was free to engage despite the nearest friendly at that time was on the extraction point. In my opinion this sticky point could be used as an exploit. Pics of my ship stuck and subsequent screenshots of me trying to manoeuvre out (note: I was still stuck even at the end of match) attached.
  6. _Blink_Blackwolf

    About Map "RENDEZVOUS"

    Anyone knows anything about this mysterious map ? Found it in Training Room(In the map selection options). The game even started to load but got stuck.I could still hover my mouse pointer over the ship names and see stats but nothing happened when I clicked "MISSIONS" tab....I had to force stop the game from task manager to get out of this situation... Also, there's no mention of this map in the wiki page: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Maps Edit: Is it a new map WG planning to add in future ?
  7. 沖縄MAPの改変を要望します。 沖縄は制圧戦のみであり、特に拠点BCの重要度が高く、それを確保するため戦闘エリアはMAPの広さの割りに狭くなっています。 激しく打ち合う戦艦、BCを取るために奔走する駆逐、戦艦の砲撃を掻い潜りながら駆使を支援する巡洋艦がBC間の島を挟んで激しい戦いを繰り広げる非常に熱いMAPなのですが一つ致命的な問題があります。 拠点Aが完全に罠になっていることです。 拠点AはMAP端にありながら島に囲まれているためAは主戦場から隔離されています。またAとBを隔てる島も横に広くAを経由したあとBに向かうには時間がかかります。 そのAに味方が多く向かってしまうと主戦場のBCは大きく不利となり、BCを取られたらそのまま包囲殲滅されるかポイント負けになってしまいます。 駆逐艦が複数いて、巡洋艦が支援に向かう位の戦力が割ける程度ならまだいいですが、主力となる戦艦と少ない駆逐がAに吸い込まれたらそれで勝敗が決まってしまいます。 ここはBCでの戦線を構築することがスタートラインになっており、それが出来なければ勝負にならないという前提が存在するマップになってしまっています。 戦線を構築する上で重要な駆逐艦と戦艦がBCに向かわなければ戦線が作れません。それをAという選択肢が邪魔をしています。 悲しいことにBCで打ち合うセオリーを理解できない人、撃ち合いに自信がない人達は一見敵の砲弾から身を守れるように見える島に囲まれたAは魅力的に見えるらしく、引き寄せられてしまいます。 口悪く言うとNOOB程、拠点Aに行きたがります。Aに行ったら負けるのに。 そのためゲーム開始直後の動きで勝敗が決まるMAPになってしまっています。 それさえなければ熱い戦いの繰り広げられる良MAPなのでAそのものを削除するか島の形を改変することを要望します。
  8. 履歴を遡ってみたものの、MAPデザイン及びフィールドデザイン全般(ここで言うデザインは見た目の事ではありません)についてのトピックがどうにも見当たらなかったので立ててみます。 トピックの趣旨としては、主としてゲームのプレイフィールドのデザインについての意見です。
  9. why is this so ?:c title says it all
  10. Vasilisa_gardenwalts


    まずどこに投稿したら良いのか良くは分かりませんでしたから間違ってる所に投稿してたらすみませありません。 まずMAPが不具合なのか、MODが不具合なのかが良くわかりません。と言うのは画像のところにある岩山と言うか岩礁がMAPとGame画面との位置がおかしいです。 MAPのMODは透明のをいれてるのですがそれにより不具合がでてるのでしょうかねぇ〜? 位置は左の大きな岩山がF8で右の奥に見えてる小さいのがD8です。
  11. 自由な位置に移動できたら・・と思います。 あと透過させられればもっと見やすく便利になると思います。 似たようなマップを使用しているゲームでそういうUIの作りを見かけました。 ぜひUIの改良をご一考願えれば幸いです。 常時右下だと見にくくて==;
  12. HeadquartersOutspoken

    Map's don't load at all.

    My maps do not load until the game finishes and then I go back to the main menu. I have specs and available room for memory and extra gigabytes.
  13. 表題のとおりです。 ダメージは火災と同じ程度はどうでしょう。 境界線ずりずりするのはあまりイケテないです。
  14. Hi there, it's my first time playing World of Warships and I feel that I've gotten really good at it and enjoying the Battleship tech tree. I've built up a sort of a technique on how to play Battleships which frequently uses the tactical map, a big concern for me is how the tactical map "spins" into alignment, this prevents me from playing for extended periods times especially if I use the tactical map so frequently, the spin just makes me feel dizzy. Is there a way to turn it off or could the devs allow a setting for it to be turned off?
  15. We've all seen these in 7 out of 10 battles. BBs camp the blue line at the edge of the map, and when the enemy draws near, they attempt to maneuver but get stuck instead, and end up eating a hail of shells due to their lack of motion. But, what would be an effective solution to fix this problem? I dedicate this thread to brainstorming possible ideas and finding a plausible solution that's both practical and non-game breaking. Here are a few potential ideas: Make the line bigger and thicker, if players are having trouble seeing it. Add an audible alarm and on-screen message if players approach the end of the map, similar to landmass collisions. This might be helpful for those suffering from tunnel vision when they zoom in and aim. Use a system similar to World of Warplanes, where autopilot takes over and bounces you towards the opposite direction once you hit the edge of the map. Use a system similar to Battlefield 2, with a soft border that you can move outside of, and a timer is displayed on the screen telling you how many seconds left until the game automatically kills you. I prefer this method, because it resembles a "carrot-and-stick" approach - if a bad player suffers the harsh penalty enough times, they'll eventually stop making the same mistake. Strict punishment systems are proven to have good effectiveness, just look at Singapore's legal system. Alternatively, have soft borders that give players a gradual and steady loss of HP until they return to the map, if the idea of sudden death after a timer feels too extreme. There's still a "carrot-and-stick" theme, but players are more likely to have a natural reaction to it. Anyone have anything else to suggest?
  16. benlisquare

    El Halluf map for WoWS

    There's an El Halluf map in WoT. There's an El Halluf map in WoWP. Would an El Halluf map for WoWS be a good idea, just to keep with the flow of the game series, and give a nice throwback for players of the other games? It could just be an extension of the sea side from the WoWP map, where the spawn points are either side of the wide bay area. I'll be honest, when I played WoWP for the first time and saw El Halluf, I smiled like an idiot.