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Found 2 results

  1. Hello there comrade captains! It's been awhile since I played carrier. The last time I played CV was before they removed the manual drop on T4 and T5 CV. So i worked my way up to T6 CV and said "Yes! I can finally manual drop!". But, there is a problem. The usual manual drop button, left ALT key, doesn't seem to work. Have they changed the manual drop key? If so, what is the new key? I do not read patch notes so i'm missing a lot here. Help me comrade captains, you are my only hope
  2. Refer to 2:30 in the video. So what's the solution for a DD? I've been killed many times by this style of rearward-facing manual drop, one drop to keep me perpendicular to the second simultaneous drop, usually end up taking at least 1 if not 2 hits. P.S. No "WASD toward the TB before they drop" smartass comments please. I've been in over 200 higher tier DD games and it doesn't do jack. Turning preemptively slows you down and makes you an even easier target, the CV will just readjust his drop and his planes, unlike your boat, turn almost instantly, and go at 4 times the speed of your boat. You end up taking 2 torp hits instead, because your threw away your high speed manoeuvrability.