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Found 1 result

  1. with the massive discount on commander re-spec I have decided to take advantage and re-spec and retrain some of my commanders. While the retraining still costs that's not a great problem with premium ships, elite captain xp etc. I have had a look and the commanders i have in reserve and on premiums and found that I have a large excess of comanders in particular for the IJN line. I have been avoiding adding new commanders for some time its just that the ships I have remaining to unlock are all high Tier ships that typically take months to get to unlock. ( i don't grind very much). The commanders by nation are outlined below. Nations with no excess these are all nations with only premiums and the Pan Asia has a line coming so no problem yet 1 commander in each nation for each of the premium ships. Poland Pan Asia Comonwealth Italy Nations that have commanders in premium ships and/or reserve France 1 commander in the Dunkerque, 4 tech tree ships to unlock Germany: 5 in premiums 2 in reserve 7 ships to unlock UK 3 in premiums , 2 in reserve, 8 to unlock inc Nelson USSR 8 in premiums, 2 in reserve, 5 to unlock USA 8 in premiums 3 in reserve 4 to unlock IJN 16 on premiums/ARP, 20 in reserve, 7 to unlock. So what to to do with the excess? I was thinking of using some of them as alternative builds for certain classes. Some of the commanders on premiums are relatively high level being 10 to 16 pointers.