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Found 2 results

  1. Ho_Chi_Minge

    Keep up the good work, WG

    Keep up the active ant-botting WG, this one has been going for 6k battles since March last year. Soz for the name and shame, but the 'player' likely won't mind.
  2. As a side project I've recently been grinding the KM BB line, arriving at Gneisenau earlier today. Konig: Since there are still plenty of CVs at that tier, and plenty of overconfident DDs too, a AFT/BFT captain + secondaries mod makes for constant hilarity. The small maps mitigate the wonky main guns. Farm CQE awards left and right. Bayern: Nice looking ship. Not nearly as fun as Konig. MM isn't as forgiving, the engagement distances tend to be beyond secondaries range. Long distances, really wonky guns, and very slow speed all add up to frustration. You know where you want to be, but a lot of games you just can't get the ship there in time. Scharnhorst: This was the second premium ship I bought, a couple of years back. Lost my first 7 games straight, but I've got the hang of her now. Bar none the best ship for bullying underage cruisers, and a solid battlecruiser in any circumstance. Gneisenau: Sistership of Scharnhorst of course, switching 3x3 283 mm rifles for 3x2 380 mm guns. Some of the AA armaments have been upgraded, and it tops out at 2 kts faster. Quite possibly the most beautiful ship in the game. Now the shiny horse is a fun ship, don't get me wrong, but Gneis plays as a battleship. A really, really, really fast battleship. 32 knots before flags. Go in, hit hard, and get out. Now this is a ship which is always in the right place at the right time. Yeah yeah, I know you trade DPM, but really this BB has so much going for it. Seriously raunchy AA and secondaries, solid armor, ... and torps. It's the speed which brings it all home though.