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Found 2 results

  1. Was taking my Fiji and Essex around to farm exp and let just say my team is make of complete BS. Fiji experience : 1 v 3 win make 3 kill clean the weaker lane only for the stronger lane to lose even when the other team was outnumbered by 3 ships. Essex salt : run strike , meet fishing team of neptune and mino +cv, crippled completely when those 3 split themselves to 3 cap rendering me unable to touch them. Yeah complete crap when they keep sitting in cap and the AA murder my planes when i try to root them out ( their team go together in a big blob so no better target.Honestly, nep + mino AA is completely retarded, not even DM is as dangerous as them in AA role.Only able yo nuke 2 BBabies in yammy to lose the game. So salty switch to AS loadout , win the air all the times , get clear sky stopping 75% strikes; perma spot cv and dd only to meet a picnic team that love camping near cap. Last game win the air totally ( no strike connect on my team), only to look at the chat and see: you noob cv go back to the training room. Guess what , with total air dominance the potato wave lose the surface gunfight and come back yapping at me. Honestly i am so tired today with this kind of fiasco happen in the game and fishing div completely broke the essence of randomness. So i have done my job with flying colors and just where can i improve when idiocy run through my team head. I am completely at a lost on how to carry those kind of weights . Rant end , guess i will take a walk and go pop on some dogs in the bath
  2. HELLO FELLOW CAPTAINS, THANKS FOR OPENING THE THREAD Some of you maybe familiar with me... Some not but that's not the point... I don't mean to take up much of your time but it's really been hard for me the past few months. It was March 2016 when we got the news. Dad had Cancer, in his Pancreas.. At that point in time the doctors couldn't do anything given the apparent progression... It was just all Painkillers from there... We lost him June 2016... The cancer spread to his lungs and collapsed them causing his expiration... He was 56... I've been trying to piece my life back together again... and every now and then I just find myself breaking down and I can't control it. I miss him so d*mn much... He wasn't a perfect dad, he was a typical workaholic father and hadn't given much time to us... Probably worked himself to death, he was planning to retire at 60 to make up... but I'm not complaining. Even though the time was little and far inbetween, he was the best Dad I could ever ask for... and now he's gone That would be me on the left and him on the right Been getting back in touch with friends and family and they're cool... but who I am, my daytime existence is in gaming/ gaming with friends... I'm also filling up for my Dad's spot in the office and it's not really making things any easier... Too many memories here and there and Yes we did work side by side in the hotel business... Been trying to get back into gaming. It's really hard, like I lost any heart for it... getting my hands dirty in Fo4 and getting back into the helm in WoWS but I just don't feel the same. I come here to ask for any advice/stories/inputs you guys can share... Many a time I've faced problems and came up with solutions (perfect/not-so-perfect) but this one, I got nothing... Just standing up but not knowing when I'll just crumble down and fall... THANKS LADIES & GENTS, HAPPY HUNTING