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Found 2 results

  1. Diamunds

    Losing Streak

    Before I get flamed with being bad I wanna state that I would consider myself a pretty decent Ryujo player doing at least 50K Damage every game but then I can't seem to win any matches in PVP as my teammates would always go in to battle turning boardside, overextending or just allowing themselves to take unnecessary damage leading to them sinking in the first few minutes often leading to a loss as I can't seem to play every round knowing my team would lose just by looking at how my teammates are engaging, health, location and ship type. What do I do now? Because I'm pretty sure I can't fix other people.
  2. LordTyphoon

    Chapayev - you cannot carry

    Let me make this clear - I'm quite new to the Chapayev, and its still stock. But I do not consider myself a bad player at all. I attack caps at the start, nail or seriously damage enemy DDs, then retreat to the 15-17km zone and firebomb enemy BBs and big cruisers. If I survive for long, and if there aren't many enemy ships around, I close in to the bases and switch to AP, then wipe out any enemy cruisers left. I don't have radar yet (stock hull) - but this, I think, is how the Chapayev should be played. But why, oh why - it's just so difficult to win in this ship! My win rate on the Chapayev was actually 11% before yesterday, when I got a few (well deserved) wins. Either I'm playing this ship wrong, or its horrifically cursed to be placed with potatoes every game. Any Chapayev tips would be nice. (end of rant)