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Found 12 results

  1. War gaming can you please fix the slow port options and overall loading of the game etc, Why does it log in when you launch the game via the game launcher when you are already logged in, it shouldn't take 15-30secs to recognize that before continuing, the port is one of the most spent/visited parts in the game and having a slow navigation does not make it thrilling especially to new players, no matter what hardware you have the game reaches a point of not loading any faster, due to how the game is. So don't invest in fast ssd's hoping that will make it load faster. Is this ever going to be addressed?
  2. 如題,官方前陣子開放給亞服轉移伺服器帳號,我與其他同學都轉移到北美,但是在今日2019/12/13 晚間23:56(UTC +8)時,同時出現以下畫面,還請官方回復,或者同時有遇到這個問題的玩家也一起討論!
  3. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Login video being skipped

    Ever since the new game client came in, the game always auto logins me during the login video yet I still want to view the videos. Is this a bug or is this intentional. Furthermore, is it possible to introduce more than three login videos?
  4. Adries

    Login video

    hello guys, new player here, can someone tell me how to change the login video with the new one from youtube without using aslain modder?
  5. JayB_Yolo

    Game freezes on Clicking connect

    The game was working fine earlier but today when I tried to login, on clicking connect nothing happens , the connect button goes grey with background music and video still playing . The "Connect" button stays grey and cant even click on it. The "exit" and "settings" button also stops responding as well and only way to close the game is via task manager . Even tried performing repair through the launcher but still problem persists. Can anyone suggest me something please......
  6. Exiled_Gundam

    Cannot login

    Anyone still unable to login? They said already fixed the problem but I still got the Error Connecting Server
  7. This might gonna been disappointed for players that the New Login Theme (Loadstar) been not much appreciated by much players I Suggest we need the the old Login back Permanently
  8. Hello everyone, so here is my problem: I've downloaded the game 2 days ago and I have no problem on installing it or downloading it, but until the time when I am trying to login the game, the game always show me this message: "Error connecting to the server Failed to connect to the server, please try again later." And here's what I've done: -Allowed the game and launcher to pass through firewall -Uninstalled and reinstalled the game -Checked the internet connections *I've restarted the modem as well* -Checked antivirus and window defender *which I have totally no problem with them* -Having the latest version of DirectX and Visual C++ And these is what I've done to try and fix the problem and apparently they doesn't work, I tried to launch the game on my friend's laptop as well and it turns out that it works perfectly and I don't even know why, if anyone out there know how to fix this problem please help!!! I am trying to hard here to play this game==
  9. Hieee_Rin

    Couldn't login into game

    Issue: Couldn't login into game Screenshots: As per attachmentShip: NAMap: NAOccurrences: ~90%Tested: Nearly every timeSeverity: Very highDetails: As per title, after updating to few days ago, I had a hard time logging into the game, when I try to do so after the loading circle spin for a few times then it just returned to the login screen and nothing happened (No connection error or UID/PW incorrect error messages). Sometimes it tooks 2-3 times then I were able to enter the game, sometimes it just won't login at all. Tried disabling modules, launch in safe mode but no dice. Try other connection same thing occurs, this is very frustrating! Apart from reinstall, is there other way to solve this problem? Didn't modified original files at all, just use modules and put under res_mods.
  10. V3N0Mz1

    Cant Connect To Server

    After i'm Patch,I dont know What's Wrong But I'm Cannot Connect to server How can i fix it?
  11. Kanoon48

    Crash on Login

    so, i'm just done downloading this game. but when i try it. it always crash after i click login button. anyone know how to fix this?