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Found 2 results

  1. So just installed WoWs again after 3 months and 2 days ago i just finished installing and downloading it. At the log in menu , i typed my email and my password. I'm sure i'm not typing the wrong email or password. I've tried to log in again and again and again and it seems the game didn't allow me to log in at all. I have good internet connection in other games but when i try to log in into WoWs i encounter the same problem. Sooo... did anyone have the fix to this problem ? ( Yes I've tried to reinstall it again twice and the problem occurs again )
  2. HenryQuan

    Changes to python.log

    After update 0.7.5, I found that python.log has a different style of recording player information. Now : [2018_06_03 23:52:19] (, 41382420015743, 105): Id: 388271 TeamId: 1 ShipName: PJSD012_Shimakaze_1943 dogTag: [4288007088L] Before: [2018_06_03 23:52:19] (, 41382420015743, 105): player: Id: 2011774448 Name: HenryQuan TeamId: 0 ShipName: PJSD012_Shimakaze_1943 dogTag: [4285909936L] (Before is only a reference, it is not actually data) I found out that I am having a unique id "388271" but it is not my actual wargaming account id "2011774448". Players are having 6 digit, 9 digit and some have 3 digit id. If possible, I want to know how that id is generated. I am currently working on a program to show real time statistics for all players in a battle (WRInfo). It used to get player name and the search for player's wargaming id and thus get useful information to calculate player stat. Is it still allowed to do this after this update?