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Found 6 results

  1. After being able to play earlier for a few hours, then exiting to let the daily missions reset (because they had disappeared instead of updating like usual) I've been unable to get back into the game- stuck at the loading screen "logging in" prompt over the past hour or so. I've tried pretty much everything listed in the help section (admin privileges, firewall/AV exceptions, ran check and repair, ran with settings wiped, the whole nine yards) but I'm still getting nowhere...as far as I know, there isn't any scheduled maintenance or anything listed, what could be causing this out of nowhere?
  2. Hello all, I have a question regarding the game center and the logging in system.. So when you have launched the game center it has an option to login to your account in the top left corner so that should mean I am logged in right? After logging in why does it need to spend over 30 seconds to log in again when I have already logged into the game center?? Ill link the picture as a reference: Note: It gets very frustrating if you disconnect or crash, even on a M.2 SSD!!!!
  3. So just installed WoWs again after 3 months and 2 days ago i just finished installing and downloading it. At the log in menu , i typed my email and my password. I'm sure i'm not typing the wrong email or password. I've tried to log in again and again and again and it seems the game didn't allow me to log in at all. I have good internet connection in other games but when i try to log in into WoWs i encounter the same problem. Sooo... did anyone have the fix to this problem ? ( Yes I've tried to reinstall it again twice and the problem occurs again )
  4. ionshield

    i need help

    I down loaded the game on my new pc but it says eu server how do i get into the asia server where my account is.
  5. LtRickCrayson

    Can't Log in?

    I have DL'd WoWs but when I try to log in it tells me either wrong email or password - but I know they are correct for my existing account?
  6. nmadan78

    Problem in account

    Hello fellow Captains, I was playing the game (Asia Server) till a few months ago. I then uninstalled WOW from my computer. I have reinstalled it again after a few months. However: 1) I cannot find the Asia server - Its only showing me 'WOW NA' in the server option. 2) My username and password are ok, but when I log into the game, I am at level one. Also when I log into the website, my previous record is missing. Please advise on what may be the issue. Good Hunting. Yours Aye nmadan78