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Found 5 results

  1. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    Improve CV play - Rotate and lock Map for CV

    I find it much easier to play CV when the CV is at the bottom of the map when game starts. An option to turn the main map in 90 degree increments would be great to try out. And have the minimap follow.
  2. legionary2099

    Please add a locking feature

    I figure that with Missouri nearing retirement in 2 months time i would ask for this. WG should implement a simple lock feature that require selling ship to type a PIN code dictated by the player or type in the cost ( like WoT did) to prevent accidental selling of ships , esp those that cant be obtained again. This will also recude WG support work , so it isnt entirely without merits for WG. There can also be a lock on doubloon usage like that with Free EXP. My little cousin sometime want to play and i dont want him to do something stupid when im not around ( hes a 6 years old kid dud)
  3. When we point crosshair center at enemy ship it automatically locks the target ship. If we press 'x' key then it unlocks it. So, what is the difference between shooting at locked target and non locked target? I have noticed shells trajectory get biased when shooting at locked targets. They try to land as near the target. When two enemy ships sailing parallel, you lock on nearest ship and try to shoot the one behind it. Then your shells land short... Does shells fired at locked target have changed trajectory and less dispersion? What does locking exactly do? Apart from informing enemy that they are being targeted...
  4. Issue: "Armament: Locked on Bearing" erratic placement Screenshots: Ship: AnyMap: AnyOccurrences: RandomlyTested: Cannot force error, but it does re-occurSeverity: Low impact, visual errorDetails: position of "Armament: Locked on Bearing" symbol changes randomly in different matches. Positions itself either high on the screen, center, or lower, whichever the case. (Did not include images of symbol high on screen; I believe you already get the idea ^_^)
  5. So this happen to me and my mate today... WG has taking steps to prevent this on WoT, so why hasn't WoWs? Talk about a great way to lower your teams chances of winning. WG, please, this should have been a no brainier, don't take 3+ years like WoT to implement a system to prevent this.