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Found 1 result

  1. I had a great game and we are so close to victory. 921:901 in a Domination mode. Only me (in a Nicholas<3 ) and a Myogi left on my team. The enemy has one Fuso left. The map i forgot the name but we have 2 base out of 3 captured. The Myogi was on low health so i told him to run away because if he got blown up... We are pretty much screwed. I covered him with smoke and use my maneuverability advantage to maintain a good distance with the enemy Fuso, then opened fire at the Fuso in order to distract him. It worked! The Fuso turned his guns toward me, fired. I managed to dodge all of his shots with ease. But the the greedy Myogi... Seeing the Fuso turned his guns away from him. He started turning his broadside toward the Fuso, firing, breaking his cover in the smoke... Well... You know what happened next. The Fuso immediately turned his gun toward the Myogi, blew him up within a single slavo. Time was running out and i could not do anything to save the game. And the game result... A draw that shouldn't have happened. If a big fat battleship had learnt how to listen to ally, kept his gun shut and let the destroyer do their job. Just one stupid mistake made by a stupid battleship can cost you a game. Sometimes a battleship player must know when to fire and when not to.