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Found 1 result

  1. even wonder why there is noob in T8 or T9 CV? or why there is CV look likes bot? well, as you know CV is the least played ship but the most influencial in the game. here is some theory that will blown your mind! prepare for PLAYING CV!!! 1. The Bot CV on T8 its REAL!!! may be some on farming stat by creating opponent bot CV? 2. Allies CV let you get bombed,.... howling sheet, both of ally CV and enemy CV is actually friend..... just what the....... 3. if USN CV is so poor, why recommend it to the noob? well, they said IJN CV is full of multitasking.... they said USN CV is very easy because you only control a few squadron... they said USN CV plane is a lot stronger...... they said USN CV is easier for noob.... the fact, regular USN CV (premium not count) is the HARDEST CV to play! the lack of versatility and flexibility is the dead end for the noob. the USN CV player need to carefully thinking "WHERE", "WHEN", and "HOW" to planning their action. the lacking number of squadron limited their option to spot everywhere while maintaining strike and air support. also FEWER of hangar capacity in lower tier make them very dangerous to play for the noob. Langley, Saipan & Enterprise is the exception. 4. Unicum said to the noob "Dont play CV" or "AA in higher tier is so Deadly" in fact CV is the most easiest ship in the game and not every ship have insane AA like minotaur in higher tier. they just dont want you to ruining their "Unicum stat" because you are messing around. the "the deadly AA" in higher tier is just rumour spread by the unicum to fear or prevent noob player to play CV. oh well, not everyone got AA spec build. "manual AA" and AADF is the only thing that make an AA ship very deadly. "manual AA" is 4 skill point, not every USN BB or CA take it. if you are talking about Montana or Des meme high AA, without manual AA they are not scary...... also Des Meme without AADF is another juicy target but beware, manual AA is very strong if you are bad luck to meet some CV haters ship. for comparison a Grosser Kurfurst with manual AA destroyed 3/4 of 2x4 TB shokaku, a full HP Montana only shotdown 2 TB but all torp launched. do Grosser kurfurst have better AA than Montana? nope... its manual AA also the high tier CV problem is not AA, but super duper HP from T10 BB if you are on T8 Lexington AS or Shokaku strike... 100K damage seems high, but its actually worthless because most of T10 BB have 90K++ HP and repair party. DoTs? good luck, since your CA team mates also spam HE and burn the enemy BB. HOW THE HECK I CARRY THE GAME IF THERE IS 3 BB + 3 CA remaining with full HP? 5. Lets play CV last but not least, THIS IS THE MOST EASIEST WAY TO INCREASE YOUR CV STAT! by persuading more noob player to play CV, it mean less pro CV player as opponent. since the population of CV is so low, imagine if you are just battle againts the same noob all the day, giving you free bombing and more statpad. its win win too for both CV player, noob vs noob? alright lets do this! TELL EVERYONE LETS PLAY CV!!!! and like domino, the unsatisfied and rage surface ship player will also play CV...... in the end because more noob CV player, there will be more rant about AA and ETC.... in the end, WG will buff CV even MORE! thanks to the Yamato sunk by CV, more people that interested in history will also play WoWs. and the more good news, the people that quit warship because "too much mechanic" WILL PLAY AGAIN! because CV is so easy! more and more they will also invite more player to the game...... here some interesting fact that happen in my country, "Why people play Mobile Legend instead of Dota2?" because its so crappy easy..... add more OP premium CV ship, and MOAR money! conclusion : if you are noob on CV, just persuade more noob player to play CV. ITS WIN-WIN SOLUTION, the noob got better stat and you get same skill opponent and another note, play IJN CV :V