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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, It's taken me a long time to finally get around to creating some useful (hopefully) video content for WoWS. My post here is for the first two of a series of videos aimed at new / beginner players, or non-players thinking about trying the game out (the videos are located on my YouTube channel). They are titled "The First 20 Minutes of a New Account", and "The Next 20 Minutes". I've also dropped a random 'inspiring' video on there for a bit of fun too. The YouTube address links are at the bottom of this post. Why have I created these videos? Well, I enjoy the process, but I can't say I'm a great video editor. However, I do know how to teach / instruct reasonably well, and I have some level of marketing experience. But more importantly, I saw a need. There's a LOT of guides out there for everything about this game, particularly in the YouTube market, but I wasn't seeing much aimed at the very beginner level that wasn't a looooong list of what every single item does on the Port Screen / Battle Screen etc. My videos are a walk through of some of the basics for new players - adults or kids - to get started and start sailing a ship around, hopefully avoiding making any of the basic mistakes. They also aims to educate in a general sense, and encourages further exploration of all of the great content both on these forums and the wider internet. There will be more videos coming soon. I'm currently making number 3, and 4, in the 'new account' conversation. I'll also be creating some very specific and interesting general content too, so watch out for that stuff. I'm no crazy streamer or content maker - I have a fairly hefty full time job that absorbs my days, and a couple of young kids who absorb my evenings, so I will gradually progress more in the coming weeks and beyond. Hopefully you enjoy the content. Happy sailing. Noppers. Here are the links to the two training videos so far, and the inspirational piece.
  2. World of warships is a game that has a very steep learning curve, and since the game is constantly evolving, has anyone ever tried to make proper tutorials for the videos? Because I believe the main reason why this game still isn't that popular is not only due to the amount of RNG it relies on, but also the fact that most people get frustrated at the game and don't even bother continuing it. As such, I am interested in making tutorial videos for newcomers, but I'd like to know if it would gain any traction.
  3. Darkworld_2015

    How to CV (post 0.8.0)

    Yeah I know, I'm already in WOWs for more than 3 years, but I never really played CV before! Initially I was too worried that I couldn't perform good enough to at least give my team a fair chance to win XD But, as an person who loves History and Military history, it's incomplete if I don't know how to play CV at all, as it played such a vital role in WW2. CV rework has opened up opportunities for me to finally put my foot in to try out CV :) I have played a dozen of coop games, watched some replays in Youtube, learn a few tricks.. But there are things that can't be learnt unless played in random battles. But still, going in just like that wouldn't be fair to others.. would be greatful if anyone can share their experience in CV.. Thanks