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Found 2 results

  1. Safiuddin97

    [LEAK] Leaky Boats

    LEAKY BOATS Juliet Whiskey Unaone Recruitment : CLOSE Hi everyone. Im representing my lord Amade (CO) to open up a recruitment. Leak is just some average players who wants to have fun. Sometimes we like to fire torps in intervals so we can farm flooding. Recruiting in small batches (5-6) Will re-open when 1st batch is done Here are the details. Thank you Godspeed Goodluck Fair Seas Arigatou
  2. Retia

    Graf Zeppelin Leak

    Guys, this is prolly the best news of the year, if not decade. WG finally added the Graf Zeppelin to the Live client's game files. And it's actually amazing. So, as we all know the Graf Zeppelin was kinda bad irl, mostly because it had the aircraft loadout of an escort carrier while being larger than a Yorktown-class carrier. However in order to overcome this hurdle WG gave it manual control over it's 16(!) 15cm cruiser size guns. That's right folks, it has 15 bloody guns that the CV player can actually aim regularly like with any other ship. DDs might wanna beware of it. Luckily it's armor is pretty crappy, so in a gun-duel it'll prolly still fail hard. It's aircraft loadout as mentioned before is pretty crappy, but this is improved by giving it FW-190 Doras as fighters. From what I've gathered the FW-190 in particular wouldn't have been capable of carrier launching and landing due to the long time it takes to lift off and stop, but I guess WG just pulled some good old WT-E100 strings on this one. Same with the rocket boosted(!!!) Stukas, that are carrying 1000kg bombs. In return the Graf Zeppelin only has very few aircrafts. Her two fighter squadrons come with 4 fighters per squadron and the Stukas are running on a 3x3 setup. So in total you have 2 fighter squadrons and 3 bomber squadrons. There aren't any torpedo bombers yet, which is kinda annoying, but I assume that's just due to the ship not being released yet. Here's where you can find the files: Also an actual in-game picture that I took by modding my Ranger to look like the Graf Zeppelin by utilising the files from the folder: Link Disclaimer: This is not a breach of the supertest NDA since the files are all in the live server client.