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Found 35 results

  1. War gaming can you please fix the slow port options and overall loading of the game etc, Why does it log in when you launch the game via the game launcher when you are already logged in, it shouldn't take 15-30secs to recognize that before continuing, the port is one of the most spent/visited parts in the game and having a slow navigation does not make it thrilling especially to new players, no matter what hardware you have the game reaches a point of not loading any faster, due to how the game is. So don't invest in fast ssd's hoping that will make it load faster. Is this ever going to be addressed?
  2. So your having ping problems? I’ve often heard people complain about having PING issues when talking about connecting to World of Warships / World of Tanks. This guide will hopefully give you a little insight as to how the internet works, where things can go wrong and who at the end of the day is responsible for either its repair or resolution. So to start with, we need to have a start point, we are going to use a program called ping plotter and the target address is going to be: login.worldofwarships.jp Once you’ve entered the above address in to ping plotter, you will see something not to dissimilar to the following. The following is through Adam Internet which uses iiNet’s Australian Infrastructure Target Name: login.worldofwarships.jp IP: xx.xx.xx.xx Date/Time: 8/01/2016 11:23:50 AM to 8/01/2016 11:24:27 AM Hop Sent Err PL% Min Max Avg Host Name / [iP] 1 16 0 0.0 1 17 3 [xx.xx.xx.xx] 2 15 11 73.3 16 20 17 lns21.adl6.on.ii.net [xx.xx.xx.xx] 3 15 11 73.3 18 22 20 te0-2-0.cr1.adl2.on.ii.net [] 4 15 11 73.3 38 62 49 ae16.br1.syd4.on.ii.net [] 5 15 11 73.3 136 138 136 te0-0-0.bdr2.nrt1.on.ii.net [] 6 15 11 73.3 135 146 139 as7473.ix.jpix.ad.jp [] 7 15 11 73.3 137 144 139 [] 8 15 11 73.3 204 229 211 [] 9 15 11 73.3 204 214 209 [] 10 15 11 73.3 151 170 158 [] 11 15 11 73.3 151 155 152 sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw [] 12 15 11 73.3 152 157 155 login.worldofwarships.jp [] Ping statistics for login.worldofwarships.jp Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0.0%) Round Trip Times: Minimum = 105ms, Maximum = 165ms, Average = 131ms The following is through Vodaphone’s Australian Mobile Network Target Name: login.worldofwarships.jp IP: Date/Time: 8/01/2016 11:25:53 AM 1 0 ms 0 ms 0 ms 6 ms 0 ms [xx.xx.xx.xx] 2 * * * N/A N/A [-] 3 24 ms 38 ms 31 ms 40 ms 25 ms [] 4 32 ms 28 ms 21 ms 32 ms 36 ms [] 5 22 ms 18 ms 31 ms 18 ms 25 ms [] 6 35 ms 29 ms 20 ms 30 ms N/A [] 7 * * * N/A N/A [-] 8 * * * N/A N/A [-] 9 * * * N/A N/A [-] 10 * * * N/A N/A [-] 11 51 ms 68 ms 59 ms 67 ms N/A [] 12 111 ms 105 ms 97 ms 106 ms N/A [] 13 98 ms 132 ms 108 ms 113 ms N/A [] 14 109 ms 107 ms 98 ms 104 ms N/A [] 15 120 ms 117 ms 116 ms 118 ms N/A sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw [] 16 111 ms 109 ms 163 ms 228 ms 115 ms login.worldofwarships.jp [] Ping statistics for login.worldofwarships.jp Packets: Sent = 5, Received = 5, Lost = 0 (0.0%) Round Trip Times: Minimum = 109ms, Maximum = 228ms, Average = 145ms So now you’ve got this information, what does it mean? This information shows each step and the time it takes in milliseconds to reach the following next hop until it eventually reaches the target destination. This information gives some indication as to what is happening on the network and where and who it belongs to, but please be aware that MOST internet providers use a system called mpls. Why does MPLS matter? MPLS is an adaptive environment, it will always route to the fastest path available and in the advent of a path becoming physically damaged or over utilised it will seek out the next best path. For more information, look here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiprotocol_Label_Switching / http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/multiprotocol-label-switching-mpls/mpls/4649-mpls-faq-4649.html Decoding the above information The IP address is your current IP address, in this instance we’ve blanked it out with xx.xx.xx.xx, then we get a date and time, followed by the first hop. 1 16 0 0.0 1 17 3 [xx.xx.xx.xx] (This is to your local router) If the number is high here, you’ve got a couple of local network problems, generally poor wifi performance, interference on either a wired network cable or a wireless card or simple over utilisation of the link. (Not something wargaming can resolve) 2 15 11 73.3 16 20 17 lns21.adl6.on.ii.net [xx.xx.xx.xx] This next step is the local area’s network switch / dslam / or exchange, other terminologies are used depending on what technology you are on. A problem here indicates a local issue to your service area. (Not something wargaming can resolve) 3 15 11 73.3 18 22 20 te0-2-0.cr1.adl2.on.ii.net [] This next step in this example is my cities Internet Controller, I can see that it’s adl (Adelaide) and I know that a problem here would more than likely affect everyone connected to this core switch. Now most ISP’s will have multiple devices in their communications rack and sometimes someone with the same ISP will not have the same issue. But a problem here means calling your ISP and providing these logs. (Not something wargaming can resolve) 4 15 11 73.3 38 62 49 ae16.br1.syd4.on.ii.net [] This step In my example shows where after Adelaide it goes, so from the previous hop which was Adelaide, my ISP is routing me through to Sydney. Any issue here is still in control of iinet / adam but would more than likely affecting the entire country for anyone on iiNet / Adam and possibly other ISP’s who pay for bandwidth on their infrastructure. (Not something wargaming can resolve) From here we go in to International Cable Network Space and things get a little tricky 5 15 11 73.3 136 138 136 te0-0-0.bdr2.nrt1.on.ii.net [] Our first step in this example where our information is leaving Australia, in this example we’ve gone through the AJC cable system and ended up in Japan, Chiba Region, Narita. This is an international landing point for the AJC system. Any issue between Australia and here is usually a cable system problem, and is handled by Tier 1 Carriers and Resolution teams. (Not something wargaming can resolve) 6 15 11 73.3 135 146 139 as7473.ix.jpix.ad.jp [] Now this step is an interesting one, this is where it leaves the AJC router and now connects to the Japanese Exchange Co Carrier, from here it get routed to the next hop, and gets picked up by Singtel (Not something wargaming can resolve) 7 15 11 73.3 137 144 139 [] This next hop is no longer in Japan Controlled ISP space, it’s now firmly in the hands of Singtel and on a for the second time in this trip a major cable system (Sea Me Wee 3). Whilst this route is controlled by Signtel, there is a tier 1 carrier who owns and is responsible for Sea Me Wee 3, any problems here have to be reported to this t1 carrier, who then action and resolve. (Not something wargaming can resolve) 8 15 11 73.3 204 229 211 [] Still with Singtel, going through more switches / Routes (Not something wargaming can resolve) 9 15 11 73.3 204 214 209 [] Still with Singtel, going through more switches / Routes (Not something wargaming can resolve) 10 15 11 73.3 151 170 158 [] Still with Singtel, but is now at the landing point in to Singapore(Not something wargaming can resolve) 11 15 11 73.3 151 155 152 sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw [] This marks the Core and the ISP that Singtel are using for this service, in this instance it’s with an ISP called G-Crore Labs. (Any internet issues Wargaming have are reported here, the ISP then troubleshoots and escalates) 12 15 11 73.3 152 157 155 login.worldofwarships.jp [] And now we hit the actual wargaming login server…. Which is under the direct control of Wargaming. But Wargaming pay the ISP, so it’s Wargaming are responsible for providing a service. Yes and No, Wargaming can only purchase Bandwidth, who handles that digitial highway, what SLA’s, what Routes it takes is not up to the ISP. It’s up to Singtel and the Tier 1 carrier, additionally when there is a cable fault, traffic is routed to essential services and communications, and is decided upon by the tier 2 and tier 1 carriers. Ultimately if you are having ping issues, the chances are it’s either a local issue or a carrier issue, but this is written in the attempt to dispel the myth that Wargaming has control over the routes and how their traffic works. The only ways to improve your ping are choosing a better ISP with more options (E.g. Telstra) changing the technology of your internet, using a vpn or changing the location of where you live What do these cable paths look like? Well they look like this AJC Sourthern Cross And Sea Me Wee 3, 39,000 KM of cable
  3. 네이버 카페에도 올렸지만, 일단 워코 운영진분들도 좀 보셔야 할거 같아서 여기에도 올립니다. 예전부터 렉이 걸리는 증상이 있다가 요 근래 플레이를 아예 못할정도로 꽤 심해졌는데도 불구하고, 랙 관련 티켓 넣으면, 포럼에 고정시킨 게시판에 경로 추적 스샷 올려달라고 하는데, 그래서 뭐 좋아진게 있던가요? 일반 유저가 ISP 업체에 지속적으로 요청해서 렉 상태가 현재 좋아지긴 했는데, 게임 운영진쪽은 인터넷 회선 업체에 이런 현상이 있다고 얘기라도 해본 적은 있으시나요? 갑은 회선 서비스 받고 있는 게임사지, 일반 유저가 아니에요..만약 이 사태에 대해 ISP 업체에 진작에 얘기 했으면 적어도 어느쪽 문제인지 확실히 방향을 잡고 가지 않았을까요? 그런 점에서 워코 운영진들의 대응이 무척 아쉽네요. 아시아 지사에 얘기해서 적어도 서버가 있는 국가의 ISP 업체에다 이런 일 있으니 확인해달라고 요청했으면 진작에 사라졌을 문제아닌가요? 오죽 답답하면 유저가 직접 나서서 ISP 업체에 계속 클레임 넣어서 수정하냐고요..이게 그렇게 어려운 일도 아니고요.. 운영진분들이 우리는 단순 통로 역할이다 라고는 해도 게임은 하시잖아요..그럼 유저의 입장에서 좀 봐주세요.. 매크로 답변을 달더라도 최소한 이렇게 진행하고 있다라고 말미에라도 써줘야 유저가 인지를 하지요..
  4. 저녁시간이나 주말에 접속 조금만 많아지면 평소 35 ms 이던 핑이 35~200 까지 오르락 내리락 춤을 춘다. 그냥 높게 일정하기라도 하면 적응해서 할텐데. 35 에서 단숨에 200 넘어갔다가 다시 50 까지 떨어졌다가 어쩌란거야 동접 8000 정도만 넘어가면 이러는 건가? 내 회선문제인가 싶어서 온갖 사이트 스피드 테스트 하고, ping 때려보고 해도 워십만 그런다. 다른 다운로드나 스피드 테스트나 다 정상.. 짜증난다 워게이.
  5. I hate you SEA-ME-WE3 cable. Perth-Singapore subsea cable is down again Third time since August 2017. The troubled SEA-ME-WE3 cable connecting Perth and Singapore is down for the third time since August last year. “Ethernet services and IP Transit services may experience increased latency to Asian destinations as they are routed through alternate paths.” Vocus said there is no current estimated time of restoration for the cable
  6. When will WOWS start to care about the OZ players? It has been a long time. My cable internet is fast and stable everywhere else except WOWS. Server lag and disconnection maybe tolerable for randoms but during Ranked battle it becomes unacceptable. My team mate were about to report me AFK as I was disconnected and can't log back in for a whole 8 mins during RANKED! I had to stop playing so not to disadvantage my team.
  7. JohnnyTooGood

    FPS drops since recent update

    I see no one has posted this yet on the Asia forums so I will, heaps of posts about this on the US forums. Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM: 16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 799MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z97X-UD3H-BK-CF Graphics: ROG PG279Q (2560x1440@144Hz), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Storage: 2x 256GB Raid Volume, 2x 2TB Western Digital HD, 1x M.2 256GB My frame rates "before" the most recent update ran around 73 to 75 FPS then "after" the most recent update I am getting drops in frame rates to about 50 FPS making the game hard to play. I find this is happening after every 4 to 6 games and I have to restart WoWS. Its feels like lag but my ping doesn't seem to change. Several clan members are have the same issue and are running high-end gaming PC's. I checked my GPU and CPU usage during low frame rates and high frame rates and my GPU and CPU never go above 30-40% usage and temps our great (water cooled). I also checked memory usage and bus usage and all was normal and showed no signs of being stressed. Just want War Gaming to see the post, Feel free to throw in your two cents!
  8. Why does WG keep insisting that there is no such thing as client/server desync? I come back after about a month hiatus and find that the desync is so bad it makes it nearly unplayable. I'm aware that the Big World engine can have these problems but when a ship appears 300m behind where it actually is, or when a ship is detected it suddenly jumps ahead by several lengths, there is obviously something wrong. Then there is the desync with my own ship, the rudder returns to a neutral position, yet somehow my ship continues to turn, but as though it is hitting a solid wall every few degrees, this and the whole plane shifts from horizontal to a 30 degree slant. I have run a treaceroute, pinged the server and used ping plotter and the results are always the same, no packet loss, no ping issues yet this still happens. So I ask again. why is there still so much client/server desync in this game and why isn't WG acknowledging it?
  9. 以下連結是我錄下來的一段戰鬥時刻 Lag 實在非常嚴重,除了自身速度位置不確認之外,火炮也不知道哪到哪裡 最後連敵艦所在位置也甚為懷疑 請細心參考我所提供的錄影檔案,最後遊戲在莫名其妙下結束 這對玩家實在是不公平,也是很不好的體驗 拜託,盡快修正吧
  10. 《戰艦世界》 2017_10_28 下午 05_00_36 - converted with Clipchamp.rar《戰艦世界》 2017_10_28 下午 05_00_36 - converted with Clipchamp.rar系統 Lag 相當嚴重 1. 明明看到對方船隻的煙幾乎吹平,顯示速度很快,但是與周邊島嶼間格卻沒移動 2. 開炮出去,會延遲反映,有時候甚至會延遲到 1 秒以上 3. 船開一開,會突然停下來再跑,實在不知道怎麼玩 4. 開始錄影, 隨便錄哪個片段(附件一),都會有 Lag 情形,到最後所有的人都不見了(附件二) 5. 因為看不見敵人,最後就這結局,對大家都不公平吧 6. 我使用寬頻實體網路,非用 Wifi or 4G,請排除個人用戶端的問題 7. 這個情況自版本更新後,是隨時出現,已經不是偶俺,煩請重視 謝謝 《戰艦世界》 2017_10_28 下午 05_00_36 - converted with Clipchamp.rar
  11. NoviceVader


    어떡해야 이걸 해결할 수 있는거죠?
  12. So I participated in the Wows survey that popped up in my port, one of the things that I wrote was that lag and Desync are still a big problem. The next thing I know, my game is constantly freezing, I am suffering from extreme lag spikes, with my ping hitting 1200ms and I'm constantly being dropped from the match. I understand that WG despises criticism but I think this is a little over the top just because I find their servers to be a bit under powered. So lesson learnt, I'll never participate in any of their surveys ever again, all they did was punish me for it.
  13. TheLesserWeevil

    Australia - World of Lagships

    Hey world, As much as I love this game, I am constantly plagued with ping/lag spikes in games, occasionally resulting in me dropping from the server completely. Nothing is more frustrating then lining up that crucial torpedo spread, only to have the game lag for several seconds, after which you have missed your chance and been torped in return. My question is, are other Australians having these issues? Trying to diagnose whether it is the Wargaming servers to blame or my own hopeless ISP. I'll admit that I have been having problems with my ISP recently, but I am not having such severe problems with any other online games.
  14. WoWS_Summer_Satan_114514


  15. RageModeOn

    Lag and FPS drop combination

    This issue just has just happended for about 3 or 4 days. My ping usually about 3x~10x ( mostly 3x , 4x ) , and it isn't a big deal for me ( this isnt FPS or Moba game so high ping isnt a threat) . But recently , sometimes the ping just jumps to the sky - from ~3x to 10x,20x for few seconds then back no normal , and it cause FPS drop - sounds funny but it's true , i have asked some players in-game and they have confirmed. And maybe worse : still low ping but i was kicked out to the login screen due to " connection lost" or " can not conect to DNS server". So what i concern here is : is this a bug ? Or it's just my internet sucks and my computer is crappy. My internet isn't bad anyway , download speep about 5~7MB/s and upload is 5MB/s ( at best condition ) and neither my computer....
  16. WoWS_Summer_Satan_114514


  17. just in time for Christmas the cable has been cut again. Latency has gone from a nice 50/60 to 180/200 Took them a month to fix last time.
  18. Since this is off topic section so I thing this is fine to share a moment of how hard to play in crappy internet connection. Well. People has good stuff like that and so on and some other don't but when it comes to internet regardless of places, you really can't avoid it. Highest Ping I ever seen on my screen is like 10,000 ms[Forgot to take screenshot that day because I never think to take a screenshot of it] and yup I got disconnect from the game. Well. Mind if we talk a bit about yours ping ?
  19. Infinity_Chaos_Ouroboros


    最近回來玩戰艦世界(壹兩個月沒玩了),發現壹直卡。什麽船都卡。不管是航母還是驅逐,戰列,巡洋都壹直卡(亮紅燈)。明明 ping 都在 128ms 到 350ms 切換。還是亮紅燈。特別是今天,才剛進入戰鬥就顯示錯誤。被強制停止(附件)。重新打開時被告知已在運行。並在後臺中看到了占據 1GB 內存的戰艦世界程序,並無法關閉。重啟電腦,登入遊戲後,直接被對方幹掉了。 我的畫質設定已是最低,ram 有 8GB ,顯卡是 AMD M960,沒同時運行別的程序,卻還發生這樣的事。。。。。天可憐見,我連操作都做不到就掛了。求支援!求幫忙! 更新=已確認結算頁面會出現錯誤。
  20. Kleiss

    Lag compensation

    I'm currently in usa on my study trip, and getting 100-150 ping, stable. Do i need to compensate for the lag with extra lead when aiming? Just wondering.
  21. MeloMelonSoda

    Noticed some lag issue

    I just want to ask if lately anyone experience the same lag issue as me or not ? Usually i running WoWs around 35-50ms which is totally fine, But couple week ago i experience a unplayable lag 50-600ms only around 18:00-22:00 (GMT+8) when server population is high. I already contact my ISP and replace some Cable/Card (i also replace my modem just in case lol) + i dont have issue with other game which hosted their server around the same area as WoWs. So i wonder if WoWs server having problem or under maintenance or not ? in case everybody not experience the same lag issue as me i will change my ISP and hope it will fix this problem, if the problems still remain seem like i have to give-up on WoWs since it suddenly become unplayable for me
  22. Hello Captains, I recently had a clean install of windows 8.1 and now I get very bad fps. My Laptop specs are as follows : ASUS RoG GL551JW CPU : i7 4720HQ GPU : Nvidia 960M - 2GB Integrated Chipset : Intel HD Graphics 4600 RAM : 16 GB OS : Win 8.1 Before I used to get around 60 FPS and Very High settings but now I can barely manage 40 on the Low. Appreciate any help
  23. 遊戲延遲依然很嚴重阿,不管是WOWS還是WOT,狀況都一樣 其它IPS業者也是同樣問題,Hinet IPS也調整過線路了 都確認是新加坡端Server問題 每次上線人數只要超過7000人就開始嚴重延遲(lag),還會不斷的掉封包 官方根本沒重視這個問題,這問題都多久了? 至少一個月 2015/12/27.23:00 嚴重延遲 還一直不斷的掉封包.... 的 Ping 統計資料:封包: 已傳送 = 374,已收到 = 362, 已遺失 = 12 (3% 遺失),大約的來回時間 (毫秒):最小值 = 147ms,最大值 = 205ms,平均 = 153ms Microsoft Windows [版本 10.0.10240]© 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.C:\Windows\system32>tracert login.worldofwarships.jp在上限 30 個躍點上追蹤 login.worldofwarships.jp [] 的路由:1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms router.asus.com []2 10 ms 12 ms 10 ms h254.s98.ts.hinet.net []3 9 ms 10 ms 10 ms pcpc-3302.hinet.net []4 9 ms 9 ms 10 ms pcpc-3201.hinet.net []5 13 ms 12 ms 11 ms TPDT-3011.hinet.net []6 10 ms 11 ms 12 ms r4104-s2.tp.hinet.net []7 11 ms 10 ms 11 ms r4004-s2.tp.hinet.net []8 12 ms 11 ms 11 ms r4101-s2.tp.hinet.net []9 94 ms 59 ms 61 ms 211-22-33-253.HINET-IP.hinet.net []10 60 ms 60 ms 60 ms 143 ms 142 ms 141 ms 146 ms 145 ms 145 ms sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw []13 152 ms 152 ms 152 ms sg2-sl-b45.worldoftanks.sg []
  24. A fellow sailor here, I have this issue of a ridiculously long loading time. Initially when i got the game it wasnt as long as i could enter while the timer was at 10s before the battle but now its at best 3 mins into the game where the 1st spots of enemy ships are sighted. I'm trying to find out if my problem is associated with computer specs or internet server, as i currently live "down under" (Australia FYI) so its understandable that it may be bad. Im currently running on a Laptop which runs pretty well for other games like WoT and Payday 2 with no prob for a 4 year old PC Nvidia GTX 620M 6GB RAM I3 intel 3rd gen Anyone else facing this experience give a shout out and share ur exp with me
  25. AdmiralAckbar13

    World of Lagships

    Are Wargaming ever going to fix their servers? I am sick of massive lag spikes, freezing and getting dropped from games at random. I never get such poor performance in any other online game that I play, so why is this one so frustrating that I often end up throwing my wireless mouse across the room? Get your shit together Wargaming, or people will get sick of this game very rapidly.