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Found 10 results

  1. Robby_Hermanto

    German CV line

    Hi Developers, By this thread I would like propose for WG to found the German CV line. For Forum Administrators: You can move this thread to the proper section as you see fit. Here is the tech tree proposal: Tier 4: Ausonia Tier 6: Jade Tier 8: Flugzeugträger B: is an alternate design of Graf Zeppelin (Flugzeugträger A) which is a premium ship. The Flugzeugträger B has no name yet. Feel free to name it as WG see fit. Tier 10: Europa As the other nations tech tree split line are in the shelf awaiting for progress, here is the alternate tree line: Tier 4: Stuttgart Tier 6: Type II (Was a plan to convert incomplete captured French cruiser De Grasse at Lorient to a CV). Please name the ship. Tier 8: Elbe Tier 10: Weser Comments are very welcome.
  2. On a positive note, the dispersion buff was exactly what was needed. Neither too little nor too much. The original problem was that the guns were frustrating to the point where you would completely miss targets you might reasonably expect to hit reliably. This is, subjectively speaking, no longer the case. They feel like normal battleship guns now. A certain amount of spread is expected, but they are no longer completely cross-eyed. This makes Gneisenau and Sharnhorst, in particular, a joy to play. Extremely well-balanced battleships, with good AA, torps and secondaries for close in brawling, fast speed, good armor, and fast turret traverse. Sharnhorst excels against lower tier ships you can bully, Gneisenau has an edge against same-tier opponents, or high tier cruisers, but both are superlatively responsive ships designed for outplaying the enemy team. And now with shells that actually land where you want them to. Dangerous indeed.
  3. As a side project I've recently been grinding the KM BB line, arriving at Gneisenau earlier today. Konig: Since there are still plenty of CVs at that tier, and plenty of overconfident DDs too, a AFT/BFT captain + secondaries mod makes for constant hilarity. The small maps mitigate the wonky main guns. Farm CQE awards left and right. Bayern: Nice looking ship. Not nearly as fun as Konig. MM isn't as forgiving, the engagement distances tend to be beyond secondaries range. Long distances, really wonky guns, and very slow speed all add up to frustration. You know where you want to be, but a lot of games you just can't get the ship there in time. Scharnhorst: This was the second premium ship I bought, a couple of years back. Lost my first 7 games straight, but I've got the hang of her now. Bar none the best ship for bullying underage cruisers, and a solid battlecruiser in any circumstance. Gneisenau: Sistership of Scharnhorst of course, switching 3x3 283 mm rifles for 3x2 380 mm guns. Some of the AA armaments have been upgraded, and it tops out at 2 kts faster. Quite possibly the most beautiful ship in the game. Now the shiny horse is a fun ship, don't get me wrong, but Gneis plays as a battleship. A really, really, really fast battleship. 32 knots before flags. Go in, hit hard, and get out. Now this is a ship which is always in the right place at the right time. Yeah yeah, I know you trade DPM, but really this BB has so much going for it. Seriously raunchy AA and secondaries, solid armor, ... and torps. It's the speed which brings it all home though.
  4. swap1997

    How to play the Bayern?

    Hello, I recently managed to get the Bayern after a brisk research of the Konig class BB. At first the Bayern was a temptation hard to resist with her bigger 380mm guns, 25kts speed and good Tactical radius. However, 10-20 battles down and having the researched the ship to the fullest, I have simply come to the conclusion that I am playing her wrong. I feel she is different from her predecessors in some ways. After pondering a while and trying out some different playstyle methods, I have come out none the wiser. So, can any experienced German BB Captain give me some pointers on how to play and handle this potent German Superdreadnought.
  5. killedbynoob

    New premium ship

    Add new premium ship to uss cruiser line that is uss prinz eugen this version can train both uss captain and km kapitan
  6. After playing my beloved Bismarck for almost 300 games, highest for any Tier 8 I have played, I managed to get the necessary XP and the credits needed for FDG or Friedrich der Grosse. Kinda disappointed with it to say the least as she isnt that mind blowing as Bismarck used to be. Played about 10 games with it to realise that while it is a Hard-hitting BB, compared to other tier 9's she is underwhelming. Any ideas on how to play this double-edged sword? And how to build her in terms of modules?
  7. Hello, after a rather brief stint in my Gneisenau, which was rather short for a tier 7 Ship, or any tier 7 BB, I finally unlocked the Bismarck. Fine ship, I would say though I miss them torpedoes. But the Secondaries more than make up for that shortfall as I have had quite a few good games in Bismarck. However, there lies a confusion within me as to how to play her well, because being a non-Premium account holder, I am not able to make much money out of her as I would in the Gneisenau. I also find that many a times, cowardly teammates often become my undoing because while I push any flank or a Cap, I alays find myself in the thick of it. This always pisses me off and I feel it may also be because of my own misreading of the tactical situation. Hence, I request some tips and advices on how to play Bismarck and also how to strategise effectively for various scenarios such as when a Bismarck goes against a Higher tier BB or the same tier BB.
  8. NguyenArchitakuVN

    German carrier Graf Zeppelin

    So, as us - weebs are going absolute apesh*t after the release of some new shipgirls in Kantai Collection. I decided to do something about his new babe. Graf Zeppelin-class was originally planned as a 4-ship class, including the lead ship, Graf Zeppelin (Flugzeugträger A) and 3 other ships: Flugzeugträger B, C and D. But the plan was changed to build 2 and more smaller carriers. They were influenced by Japanese carrier designs because the German lack of experience in building carriers. Only one ship, the Graf Zeppelin was launched but never completed. However, by the spring of 1942 the usefulness of aircraft carriers in modern naval warfare had been amply demonstrated, and on 13 May 1942, with Hitler's authorization, the German Naval Supreme Command ordered work resumed on the carrier. But due to technical problems, all progress was delayed and eventually cancelled. The ship was scuttled on 25 April 1945 to prevent her from falling into Soviets hand. Armament for self-defense: 16 times 15 cm SK C/28;12 times Flak (10.5 cm); 22 times 3.7 cm SK C/30 (AA); 28 times Flak (2.0 cm). Aircraft carried: 10 Bf 109 fighters; 13 Ju 87 dive bombers; 20 Fi 167 torpedo bombers. Designed speed: Up to 35 knots. Range: More than 14.000 km or 8000 nautical miles at 19 knots. Displacement: 33,550 tonnesLength: 262.5 m Beam: 31.5 m So, if this ship is added into the Kriegsmarine tech tree in WOWS, she is likely to be a tier VI. Consider her top speed is quite impressive, her aircraft loadout is quite good indeed. You all know how good the Bf 109 performs in WWII.
  9. Its should be more interesting when you have more than 2 countries Battleships I'll have to say,I'm easily get bored when I see only Americans and Japan Battleships sometimes,Warspite and Tripitz..We need a new treeline Battleship for Germany and Great Britain...Anyone want to put their suggestion to put names of battleships for Germany and Great Britain?
  10. FOR MOST UP TO DATE THREAD GO TO: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/56530-mod-kriegsmarine-mods-skins-admiral-hipper-1942-has-been-added/ Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz September 1942 - July 1943: Bogen at Narvik, Fættenfjord at Trondheim, and Kåfjord at Alta, Norway Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz July 1944 - November 1944: Kåfjord at Alta, and off Håkøy at Tromsø, Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Nürnberg Baltic Stripe Camouflage, Autumn 1941 Deutscher Kreuzer Köln April 1941: Gotenhafen Deutscher Kreuzer Köln Summer 1942: Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Niobe November 1943: Mediterranean No Tracer Smoke Mod Removes the tracer smoke trails from all guns. The tracers themselves have not been modified. German Sound Mod Announcer and ship's crew now speak German. Credit for the sounds goes to Eidos Hungary. The dialogue is from the Battle Stations Pacific German localization files. Please take into consideration that this mod is not intended to provide a comprehensive translation for German Users. Unfortunately some lines may seem out of place and context. Note: Due to limitations, only a portion of the dialogue has been modified. Mod will be updated as soon as possible. Installation Extract the 0.5.x.x folder inside the .7z archive into your World of Warships res_mods folder, overwriting the folder. In the case of game updates, move the contents of the 0.5.x.x. into the latest version's folder. Sound mod note: In addition to placing the audio folder into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder, you must also copy the audio folder (found in the res folder) into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder. You will then have several folders including the Mod folder in your audio folder.