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Found 1 result

  1. What happened to my Bayern? It's gone from 2 funnels, to the horrible looking fastasy bullship refit design that never really happened !! I purposely left my Bayern on the original configuration, because its real, great looking & HISTORICAL, not to mention it had great secondaries... Now i have a turd looking ship, that isnt hisorically accurate... im sick of these paper fantasy designs... If WG want to get rid of history, why dont you just make the game into Starblazers / Space Battleship Yamato , & be done with reality altogether ?? Also another bad change, my Krazny Krym gun range has been reduced from 16.8klm, to 14klm, even with a 19 point captain ! The extra gun range helped the ship be playable (because of its tiny gun caliber & difficulty of starting fires).... But its been nerfed, & it also feels like the acceleration (as a cruiser) has also been nerfed, not the overall speed, but the maneuverability.. WG gets us to buy these ships, or grind to them, then they screw them up.... At the same pushes selling fantasy garbage.... What else have they buggered up?? Not Happy Ordrazz