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Found 3 results

  1. First Kraken since the rework. In a CV game. With only a 6 pt captain (aka no CE). TIL: While most DDs can't dodge rockets in 0.8.3 (this is planned to change in the next update) Hatsu is more maneuverable than most DDs, and that puts it just over the threshold when it stands even odds of the rockets missing. Plus it has credible AA against T6 planes. The enemy CV attempted to attack me a couple of times, but got frustrated because he lost planes and did no damage. He then made the critical error to go and farm his damage elsewhere rather than keep me spotted. With somewhat predictable results, given that most of the rest of his team were ... inexperienced, to put it kindly. I've always liked Hatsuharu, but I've had a number of great games in her recently. She seems to thrive in the new CV meta. She faces very few real threats at T5-7. It's only in T8 games that life gets hard.
  2. Kraken, an award we all like to earn. Since its emergence in game, what is the most unlikely vessel that you have earned this award in? For me it would be the Svetlana, how anyone lets a cruiser get that many kills is beyond me. It was in a T4/5 game, with plenty of BBs (only last week), so i was surprised to get 3 let alone the 5. Id have said the Clemson as well, but that can be a bit of a seal clubber at its own equal tier.
  3. Based on this thread, i kinda wonder what best ship to play on lowest tier.... and the new game mechanic make you will face a fellow experienced captain instead of new player right? Also, could you specific why you choose that ship? the pro and cons maybe?