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Found 3 results

  1. Crazy idea that yours truly just came up with. What would happen if we fitted a ship... (Will never experiment on lovely British-speaking japanese navy ships, desu.) ...with some of these babies and tweaked her AI processor for maximum performance? What could possibly go wrong? Note to self: I'm too random at times.
  2. anonym_TWogw3SgUnhu

    [SKIN] Haruna's Dazzle Camo Turret

    This skin affects only the turrets on your Kongou-gata Battlecruiser by turning the bland grey into a zebra-stripe dazzle pattern camouflage pattern, as worn by Haruna from around late February, 1945 to her sinking at her moorings on the 28th of July, 1945, and her subsequent scrapping in 1946........ The above photographs' reference has been used to make the turrets as accurate as possible within the limits of my skill. Note that there exists some discrepancy between various sources about the colour of the turrets, with some describing them to be white stripes on dark green, whereas other sources claiming they were pale grey on dark grey. The given skin uses White on the default WG-supplied background to not to make the turrets stand out too much. Considerable attention was also paid to appropriately weather the stripes on the turret. Should work for dead turrets too, though quality there is compromised a little bit. An early version of this skin was tested and was confirmed to have worked. It is expected that this one would work too, but i cannot confirm as i am able to log into WoBs recently due to connection problems. Screenshots of the earlier, rougher version, courtesy help from Retia! Hull skin and re-model not included in this download as they were not made my me. Special thanks to Retia for testing this skin out. 0/ -=DOWNLOAD=-
  3. detonate_me_daddy

    Torpedoes for Kongo Hull A configuration?

    In history, Kongo mounted 8*533mm forward mount underwater torpedoes when constructed. It was removed in 1930s when underwater protection was added. Would be cool if implemented in the game, as mounted on its hull A