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Found 4 results

  1. The famous advice from The Godfather, part II comes to mind with the Z-23: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. This German Tier VIII DD is a lot like Mafia muscle. Brutal violence skillfully deployed at the right time and place. It is less fun to play than other DD lines as your job is straightforward and a bit repetitive: stay out of trouble until the time comes to smash someone's head in. That said, the Z-23 is an effective and useful ship, a bodyguard to keep your team safe and hold a flank solid. It is in no way a "bad" DD. Okay, so how to you play the Z-23? 1. You build for, and play around, your Hydro. If you aren't making bank from this consumable, you may as well play a different DD line. Equip the enhanced Hydro consumable, run SI. Find as many uses for it as you can think of: a. It's a personal anti-torpedo shield. When it's up, you cannot be torped. EZ cap is EZ. b. You can catch unsuspected DDs in smoke with classic "deer in the headlights" ploy where you hydro them and later smoke up yourself so you can shoot them and they can't shoot you back. c. It's an anti-torpedo shield for your teammates. Don't underestimate the value of this. Just sitting in front of a group of friendly ships with hydro up neuters enemy DD attacks for a couple of minutes, it can be a real lifesaver when facing e.g. Asashio. 2. Remember the "keep your friends close" part of the quote. You have 6.2km concealment, not good enough to be playing far away from your support. Stay close enough to your team that any enemy DD that chooses to get into a fight with you is going to take return fire from both you and your team. 3. CVs are a particular pain. If one has it in for you, you just have to retreat back to a friendly AA cruiser or maybe a Euro DD for help. Don't try to go stick it out. 4. KM DDs are something of an OG version of the British line, in that they are built to defend rather to attack. You want to wait for an enemy DD to blunder into you, rather than the other way around. General advice for DDs: "play carefully and don't overextend" is doubly relevant to the Z-23. When facing bad odds (i.e. T9 games, games with 12 km radar or CV) stay back until you see the game develop. No pressure to cap early. 5. I build with TAE to bring the already fast torp reload down. Torps are not great, but they aren't bad either, and while the Z-23 is a hybrid generally you'll not want to be open-water shooting at anything not a DD so the more torps you can pump out the better. Plus the buff to the already fast reload can catch people out that aren't expecting a second so quickly. 6. You have two options for guns, 4x 128 with quick reload and 5x 150 mm with slow reload. Less dakka-dakka on the 150mm means it feels less impressive, and it is in fact a 12% reduction in dpm - but the alpha increases from 6k to whopping 11k which is nothing to sneeze at. Plus the penetration on the AP makes it formidable when you are smoked up with broadside targets to shoot at. In my view both guns are viable, but on balance the 150mm are better. Build (0.9.9) [Lutjens 15 points] PT-LS-TAE-CE (PM-LS-EM) <- this is not ideal, but he moves between several other ships.
  2. Rina_Pon

    Hipper build?

    Alright, you know who you are. I need your advice. I'm too much of an Atago hand to properly "get" Hipper. I'm missing the little tricks. I'm playing like a regular IJN heavy cruiser and it's just mediocre - because, obviously, it's not an IJN heavy cruiser. I get that its tankier, and I make use of that, I get that the HE has 1/4 pen. I get that the AP is good at close range. It's just not coming together and I struggle to pull over 40k dmg. First off, I need to sort out the choice of modules and captain skills. Prioritize AA or invest in survivability? Concealment or rudder shift?
  3. killedbynoob

    New premium ship

    Add new premium ship to uss cruiser line that is uss prinz eugen this version can train both uss captain and km kapitan
  4. we have another Saipan at T8.... AAAAND..... GG secondary confirmed...... [Kaga need buff 12km secondary] Source : https://www.facebook.com/WorldofWarshipsAsia/ Plot Twist : WG put T6 plane to Graf Zeppelin...... but with 15km secondary.....