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Found 3 results

  1. I am a newbie yes, and likely this topic has come up in here before. What I have noticed is in the game there is a lot of what people refer to as kill steeling. People sitting back letting others do all the work, cop all the damage and coming in just at the right time with 1 or 2 shots and taking the kill. It is something I am finding really frustrating in the game where I do all the work just to see someone else get the benefit from it. I am not sure how the points system works and how much is awarded for a kill over the damage we cause, but even if the points add up to more from damage caused the kill stats still goes to a person who really didn't do much. Plus I don't think it is really helping in the game experience as getting the kill means people are always more concerned about finding ships with little hp than they are in winning the game. I think it would be a much better game if people were looking mostly at doing as much damage as possible to be awarded the kill. If the kill is determined by who ever had done the most damage over a period of time before the final kill I not only think it would be a much less frustrating game, but also would improve the over all experience of the game. People who just seem to sit out and wait, letting others do the hard yards, would have to get in and battle. Now as I said I am fairly new to this game, and this is my first post in this forum, so if I am wrong about the mechanics to the game in how the kill is determined or the points are assigned I would be interested to find out exactly how they are.
  2. GrandeRossa

    Kill Assist System

    Honestly, I'm getting tired of having my targets stolen. Like, melting an enemy ships' HP due to citadel hits then suddenly while you're reloading another ship will steal the kill. I hope the devs will develop a Kill Assist System, and the experience and coins you receive is based oh how much damage you dealt on the ship. It may sound greedy to rant because someone stole your kill but its kinda unfair because you totally did your best to kill a ship for xp then another team mate stole those precious xp because your guns are still reloading and receiving nothing in return for the effort. DEVS PLEASE READ THIS FOR THE SAKE OF FAIRNESS
  3. SillyGoy

    Shared kills, perhaps?

    Let's say you're wide-faced, rosy-cheeked Big Boy BB, and you're trading shells with another Battleship. You two are alone and you slug it out man-to-man. Turns out that your gunnery is better and all it takes now is just one more salvo to send him to the drink, while you can still take a few more hits. But suddenly, while you're reloading, in comes Johnny Cruiser with his fast-firing armament and torpedoes who ends up being credited with the sinking when his 152mm's strike the enemy Battleship to whisk away its last remaining 500hp before the fires on his deck do. This is of some concern because it reflects poorly on Big Boy BB's record. In his career he's dished out far more damage than he's received, but his number of destroyed ships is comparable to his deaths, owing to Johnny Cruiser and his ilk (as well as Carrier Carl's VT and VB squadrons) swooping in at the last instance to deliver the final blow. Personally, it's rather upsetting. Big Boy BB can spend the whole match delivering half again or even twice or more of his hp in damage but when he is sunk, his sinking is what his stats show brazenly. Sure, playing the game solely to win is unhealthy, but when I look at a record, I glance at a person's kills and deaths first. So maybe we can implement a sort of shared kills system, like what the US air forces had back in WW2, with even fractions being awarded depending on how much damage a ship deals upon another. Upon and only upon a targeted ship's sinking, the player who does or does more than 80% damage to the ship in question gets 1 kill ribbon, one who does or does more than 50% gets 1/2 progress towards a kill ribbon, and one who does at least 20% gets 1/5 progress, and so on. The player to deal the final blow is guaranteed a 1/5 progress towards a kill ribbon, no matter what. I know, my idea is rather crude, but it's open to modification and would certainly alleviate some frustration. At its core, it's just awarding fractions of a kill ribbon in correspondence with the amount of damage dealt against a targeted ship. What do you guys think?