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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Bug hunters, While playing a round of Operation Killer Whale, I found a place in the map where it appears you get stuck and can not manoeuvre out of it OS: dual boot Linux (primary), windows ("gaming") Client type: Wargaming (not steam) Installation type: Wargaming (not installed in steam or by steam) Ship used: HMS Gallant Game mode: Operation of the Week: Killer Whale Date: 21 January 2018 Time: 1514 hours Mechanics of getting stuck: At the early stages of the game, all was going well, I popped smoke for team mates to creep through the F4 grid square and sneak up on the destroyer and cruiser in that vicinity. I came through F4 hugging the island in the F4, E5 corner just below the gun fort; I then popped smoke and pulled hard right to form a U shape smoke cloud. After creating this U shape, I came out of the hard right turn hugging the beach of the island in the F4 corner with the southern most gun fort. As I was running towards the corner of F4 and F3 I got an abrupt and fleeting message saying collision and then I was pulled into the rocks and beach adjacent to the gun fort. I then spent the rest of the game attempting to manoeuvre out using a combination of forward, reverse, reverse hard left/right and forward hard right/left to get out. When going full forward and full reverse, it would do maybe 2 knots at most and then get stuck; so slowly and painstakingly I managed to get about a 45 degree incline to the beach, but it was still stuck and was not getting free. A point to note; that once I got to a 45 degree incline to the beach; I would get pushed back on the beach if I tried to manoeuvre again, so I simply kept the 45 degree angle and hoped the team I was playing with empathised with me and my plight. Another point to note: when stuck, the enemy spawns ignored me and I was free to engage despite the nearest friendly at that time was on the extraction point. In my opinion this sticky point could be used as an exploit. Pics of my ship stuck and subsequent screenshots of me trying to manoeuvre out (note: I was still stuck even at the end of match) attached.