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Found 3 results

  1. anonym_cJ2J8DXmx9LQ

    My first impression of USS Kidd

    My first impression of Kidd : Pros: 1.AA Monster My Module Setting My Captain Skill If you played DD a lot, you will notice this is a normal Setting and Skill for DDs. and this is the result of first game. 013 ranger vs 220 saipan game, and I grinded 14 saipan's tier 9 planes..... Which means Kidd excel at providing AA cover for her team. 2. Good at fighting with DDs. Kidd is 8 tier premium ship, however, her orginal is tier 9 DD Fletcher + she has heal to recover. (There is no need to explain futher about it) Cons: 1. Only one torpedo tube + Slow torps + Long reload This is a kind of trade with Pros 1: AA Cause she ripped one torpedo tube to make space for AA guns. If you fight with BBs, you will have a hard time dealing with them. (Compare to other DDs who can just torp instead) Lastly, this is my first game with Kidd (result is on the top page by screenshot )
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any updated info on the Tier 8 USS Kidd? Been awhile since I have heard anything about this. Thanks.