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Found 15 results

  1. Sanimah

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    Ever wanted to voice yourself ? Ever had that fantastic teammate you wanted to remember ? Ever needed to warn the community about that questionable or toxic player ? Look no further! Introducing WOWS Karma, a website where you can write reviews about other players on the server you're playing! We all know that the in-game karma system isn't good enough because it doesn't really tell the reasons why people get complimented or reported other than the proof(s) in the game chat or the action(s) they commit in the game. With this website, we can write brief or elaborated reviews about others whether they are the players in our team or the enemy team regardless of the game mode. This website is useful for a lot of purposes such as facilitating in evaluating prospective clan members for clan recruitment. For example, you're planning to invite a player into your clan. Simply use WoWs Karma to find any record about him/her and then you can decide from that point. Other than that, you might know about people who are worth to be complimented in your team for their amazing in-game performances or any baddies who you should be wary off for their absurd behaviors. This website is also available for other server regions which are EU, NA and RU/CIS.
  2. Skarhabek

    Karma for Ignoring cap

    damn, this pheasant downvote.... i am going to teach em how to Daddy!!!! ....... GWAHAHAHAHAHAA NYAHAHAHAA . . . . . . ..... SUDDENLY.... OH MAI GAD, WHAAAAYY!!!
  3. Quithelion

    A tiny improvement to Karma system

    Obviously WG wants to encourage feels good and discourage feels bad. In the rare events of being given compliments, I too want to return compliment back to the well-wishers. Currently for my return compliment, I try guessing correctly as to whom gave me the first compliments, be it there's (positive) exchange in chats regardless of which team, or a significant assistance I managed to observe (e.g. DD smokes). In fact I returned a compliment to an enemy which I positively gave me one when we knife fought in a rare Tier X CQB. WG should make it known to players who gave them compliments, but still mask who gave reportings. I know the Karma system is a stillborn but let's make positive of what it is now.
  4. PanzerRunner

    Real Karma?

    When you report someone and you get reported back Happened to me yesterday.
  5. keskparane

    WG Karma Profile

    I thought I would create WG's karma profile for them because our feedback is important to them This is in light of the response to Could this attract a red crayon? I should hope not considering it is approved of (to the point of addition in game) by WG.
  6. VonHurbet

    Reporting and Karma

    I think an easy way to fix losing karma to some random upset player is, if at the end of the game you got more XP than them. Well they want to report a bad player, so the must of meant themselves, as they got less XP than the player they reported. So they lose the Karma, not the player they reported, it takes a long time to gain Karma. In one game because you have a division of players that do not like the way you play you can lose many points. Even when you get top XP in losing game with High Calibre, Kraken & Dreadnought some players still report you as you did not play the way they wanted. In Clan wars with voice comms I can understand this thinking but not in PUG Random battles. So if they report you guess what they will loss the Karma, not you as they were the ones that played the poorer game in the PUG random.
  7. Popsco_co

    being reported

    how do I find out what I have been reported for and how much karma I have left?
  8. Hi there - Please excuse my english, it's not my first language. I've only posted a couple of times as I tend to forget that the forums even exist, and I know i've only played a handful of battles, but the karma system kinda has me confused. I only have 1 karma point, someone thought I played well, yay! - I guess that's okay, I didn't think I played well for someone to think i did. But I can't really see anywhere where it makes a difference. There are no rewards for good karma, i can't see anyone with negative karma and I can't see or read anywhere where Wargaming or the Mod's actually look at it. So why have it? Only reason I can think of this, to allow people to vent or maybe in cases say thank you. Which also means that people can abuse it by saying someone did well or didn't do well... But it still doesn't provide an answer, can anyone help explain or maybe I don't have the right knowledge on Karma? Thank you
  9. So yeah i like... get reported... for just doing a good game... i really feel... sad about this ....everytime.... =(
  10. Remove it! IMO karma is one of WG's biggest mistakes. Giving people an extra channel to spread negativity & ignorance is not a wise idea. I am all for it when used productively/correctly. I especially like to reward people for good team play to encourage them to do it again. Be warned however that if you circumnavigate a cap zone and I see it you will be punished! But sadly it appears it is often used in retaliation for fair play. Is it worth having a such a pointless system when it provides an extra avenue of negativity into the game?
  11. UzumeTennouboshi

    Can WG remove the karma system?

    The Karma system has throughly deviated its orginal intent at present. Now the typical condition is that however good you played, no one would give you compliment or even been report just because someone is wayward; but once you did sth wrong, you definitely received report. what's more is some players they match the battle at the same time with same tier intensionally, so they can accumulate the compliments on purpose. especially for some chinese clan and players, they have made premise once they met they gave compliments to each other regardless of actual performance. So at present, the karma system is worth nothing but to what extent some players can gain praise from what they call 'trade'.
  12. HaiiroMin47

    [Suggestion] Generate Karma Report

    I know this shouldn't be anywhere in priority development because it's pretty less important or non-existent feature for most players in the game. Heck I may want to propose a Karma reward system but it subject to karma positive point farming & abuse from the community, thus defeating the purpose of the system. [Currently] Karma system is currently a display purpose for most people. Some saw it as metric for their in-game behavior. Others saw it as concern & puzzled why player received -7 karma points in single battle. Others questioned it if it's from your allied team or enemy team. [Request] As player, I should see the statistical breakdown of my Karma. In other words, Generate Karma Report. Karma report should be in Profile tab > Service Record, where it currently only displays the user's game account level & karma points next to user's IGN. Karma Report should include the following: - Statistical breakdown of complimented and reported for. - Karma log, it must contain the following: positive & negative sign, reason, given by (must be generic & not disclosed the player e.g.: Ally and Enemy), and time & date stamp.
  13. karrablaster123

    What's your karma?

    I know it is a horrible statistic but just curious. I am at 49 atm.
  14. So I just had good game last night getting a solo warrior. After the match I quickly went to profile to see haw many "good boy" points I get and only to be amazed my karma decreased by 4 in real-time. WG should made some filters to prevent these salty players to make baseless reports even if this is not my first time getting one.
  15. Oro_Jackson_

    Karma is stupid things

    Just look at this COLORADO Replay I really wanna know what's karma mean? For me it seem stupid. No matter how you play well or play poorly if someone right click on your name. Sometime I play very well I got reported sometime I did't nothing but i got compliment. And many time I tired with this peoples. So if karma mean nothing please remove it WG. Click here if cannot download replay. http://8b54a309.dl-one2up.com/onetwo/content/2016/7/21/8b54a309da5a0b1e528102b0266c9030.wowsreplay