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Found 20 results

  1. So, many player here are Kancolle fans (not asking those who don't like the show). So let's create a topic for Kantai Collection, if you love these "Kawaii" Warship girls. We talk about the anime show, not the game, hope WG moderators will understand.
  2. *PLEASE BE WARNED!! not for the person who dislikes weeb mods/content* Hatsuzuki artwork by Kazuto09(real thanks!!) his pixiv these voiceover mods use character voices of shipgirls from the Kantai Collection browser game. Currently has more than 35 voicemods of different shipgirls and it's constantly getting updated with new content and improvements. Ever wish to have something close to a KC x WoWs collab? then here you go! Enjoy! WoWs 0.8.4 New Voicemods: - KanColle Colorado (preview) the ship girl itself is from the very recent event of the game there's not a lot of voice lines from her at the moment I'll make sure to add the upcoming new ones in the future - KanColle Johnston (preview) similar to above but from the last event, except I started working on this few months back Reworked Voicemods: - KanColle Gangut (preview) this is a complete rework from the original mod a couple of years ago when the ship(in wows) was introduced but changes to the game's voiceover have caused me to remove the original mod temporarily this mod has the new voice events included - KanColle Musashi (preview) complete rework with the new 2nd remodel lines also added the newer voice events - KanColle Kongou (preview) it's been a very long time since I made updates to this one so I decided to do a complete rework with the new 3rd remodel lines and the new voice events included Bug fixes and Improvements: - All voicemods no longer uses the older folder structure format. - New file size of the entire current mods, from 405mb(33mods) to 75mb(36mods) for easier accessibility of the mods. This is uncompressed - All voicemods' voice events FriendlyFire, Teamkill, and TeamFrags have been disabled for discontinued use - All voicemods will not conflict with other voiceovers that has a captain refinement(playing a ship with an AL captain for example) - All voicemods has no usage of CV voice events will no longer use vanilla voiceovers. It will be completely silent - Hatsuzuki, Kaga, and Zuikaku has increased amp for a louder voiceover - New voicelines were added on to their certain voice events Jervis(Win), Maestrale(Win), Warspite(Win, ThankYou) and Zuikaku(Win) - Made changes to Torpedo Danger of Jervis - Made changes to voice events of DoubleKill/FirstBlood, and WeatherCyclone/SnowStorm on some certain voicemods giving each separate lines instead of using the same lines. I'm planning to add this improvement to other voicemods in future updates. - Changes to the names to all voicemods for easier name filtering Mediafire - single 7zip files Mediafire - all zipped to one 7zip file GoogleDrive - Unzipped mod folders Steps for manual installation(Windows, WG WoWs client) Extraction - for zip file extractions I recommend using 7zip you can skip this step if you downloaded the unzipped files Installation - simply drag and drop the mod folder to the directory: World_of_Warships/res_mods/0.8.X.X/banks/Mods (example: G:\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\banks\Mods) the file structure should look like this create the "banks" and "Mods" folders if they don't exist Enabling the mods in-game: open the "SETTINGS" menu in-game and click on the "AUDIO" tab then open the selection box "Voiceover modifications" Enjoy!! You can follow the mod's development in our Discord server or ask questions about the mod itself(click the image above for the invite link)
  3. Gotland Kantai Collection Voiceover *Introduction "Aviation Cruiser Gotland from Sweden. Thanks for having me! When reconnaissance or surface combatant is needed.... I will do my best!" *Personality As per her quotes, she is revealed to be a free-spirited and a doting character akin to Kongou and Ikazuchi. In the spirit of European female stereotypical mannerisms noted to be 'liberated' and 'unrestrained', she has no problems with genuine 'skinship', but can be startled by forceful movements. *Trivia An odd combination of light cruiser, seaplane tender and minelayer, Gotland went through four years of numerous redesigns but was finally laid down in 1930 and entered service late 1934. Though she saw no combat in her career, her moment of fame was when she spotted Bismarck setting out on Operation Rheinubung, her sighting reporting being heard by the British. In 1944 her Hawker Osprey planes were in poor condition and obsolete, so her plane facilities were removed and replaced with AA guns. After the war she became a training and direction ship, ending service in 1956 and scrapped in 1963. The modern Gotland in the Swedish Navy is now a submarine, commissioned in 1995 and active as of present. *Preview Now let's go to the link for the mod Gotland ( ✔️ How to Install: Extract and put folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships_Asia\res\banks\Mods All done works are listed below *Another mod that I've been create Tashkent (Kantai Collection) Gotland (Kantai Collection) *Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder Haruna (Kantai Collection) Uzuki (Kantai Collection) Good luck and fair seas
  4. ***Attention : this mod is not pure made by me, i just add the missing command and reupload from Reggie old file*** Uzuki Kantai Collection Voiceover *Introduction Yay~! I arrived-pyon! My name is Uzuki, you can call me U-chan! Her Personality : Uzuki is depicted as a foil to Yayoi, in that she is very cheerful and playful when compared to other members of her class. She calls herself "U-chan", and like some other ships, has a verbal tic; hers being "pyon" (ぴょん), a common Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of bunnies hopping, explaining her bunny-shaped hair pin Other information : She always says pyon pyon because the first kanji in her name (卯) literally means "rabbit". Pyon pyon is a common Japanese onomatopoeia for the hopping of rabbits. Her name is the name for the fourth month of the lunar calendar (April). It was first carried by the twenty-sixth ship of the first Kamikaze class in 1907. The kanji "卯" came from the Chinese Earthly Branches system, and was adopted by the Japanese as part of the lunar calendar system. The system is also associated with the Chinese zodiac, and thus, 卯 becomes associated with the 4th zodiac, the rabbit. That's why Uzuki is highly associated with both April and rabbit. Torpedoed December 12, 1944 northeast of Cebu, Philippines (11°03′N 124°23′E). Uzuki temporarily dropped in several maps during April 2014 Upon her arrival with Yayoi in KC on January 29, 2014, the devs committed a small error by setting Uzuki available via construction instead of Yayoi. The error was fixed within an hour. Now let's go to the link for the mod Uzuki-pyon!~ How to Install: Extract and put folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships_Asia\res\banks\Mods All done works are listed below *Another mod that I've been create Tashkent (Kantai Collection) Gotland (Kantai Collection) *Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder Haruna (Kantai Collection) Uzuki (Kantai Collection) Good luck and fair seas
  5. ⚒️Tashkent Kantai Collection Voiceover⭐ *Introduction "Hello, I'm the destroyer leader, Tashkent. I've come from afar to meet you. Please look after me, Comrade Admiral." *Trivia Named after the capital of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, Tashkent (now the capital of present-day Uzbekistan). The construction of Tashkent was contracted by the Soviets to the Italian OTO shipyards, which built several ships for the Regia Marina including Pola. She was to be a class of four, however Soviet shipyard practices made it too difficult to replicate Italian designs. Tashkent would serve as a template for a planned class (Project 48) of ten destroyers. However due to the start of hostilities none of the other ships were completed, with only Kiev and Erevan surviving the war but ultimately being scrapped or used as a target postwar due to changing priorities in the navy. Unusually, Tashkent was painted a blue colour, thus she was nicknamed The Blue Cruiser. She was possibly painted sky-blue due to fact that she was named after a Turkic province (Tashkent - Stone city in Turkic) and sky-blue or Turquoise which is a long tradional Turkic color and also used in buildings in Tashkent itself. She took part in assisting Soviet Forces at the Siege of Sevastopol running numerous supply trips through the blockade. During one of her runs she was bombed by a German bomber and started taking water, she managed to reach port but sank on July 2 1942. With a top speed of 43.5 knots, Tashkent was one of the fastest destroyers of the war, beating out Shimakaze's 40.9 knots, second only to the French Le Fantasque class' 45 knots. *Preview Now let's go to the link for the mod The sky-blue cruiser ( ✔️ How to Install: Extract and put folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships_Asia\res\banks\Mods All done works are listed below *Another mod that I've been create Tashkent (Kantai Collection) Gotland (Kantai Collection) *Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder Haruna (Kantai Collection) Uzuki (Kantai Collection) Good luck and fair seas
  6. ***Attention : this mod is not pure made by me, i just add the missing command and reupload from Reggie old file*** 🌸Haruna Kantai Collection Voiceover🌸 *Introduction "Fast battleship, Haruna, reporting for duty. You're the admiral, correct? I'm looking forward to working with you." Her Personality : Haruna has a soft, warm, humble personality. She refers to herself in the third person. Other information : Named after Mount Haruna. Sunk at her moorings on 28 July 1945 and scrapped in 1946. She was made the Emperor's Special Ship in 1928 (The Emperor's Special Ship was designated as his official means of naval transport throughout the Japanese Empire). On the 1st of February in 1929, Prince Takamatsu, the younger brother of Emperor Hirohito, was assigned to her crew. Her name was carried over by JDS Haruna, which was the first helicopter-carrying destroyer of the JMSDF. Now let's go to the link for the mod Haruna wa Daijoubu! How to Install: Extract and put folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships_Asia\res\banks\Mods All done works are listed below *Another mod that I've been create Tashkent (Kantai Collection) Gotland (Kantai Collection) *Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder Haruna (Kantai Collection) Uzuki (Kantai Collection) 🌸Good luck and fair seas🌸
  7. TrungPurpVN

    Missouri's revenge

    I just made this video out of a total 12 hours of recording and editing Please give me your impressions. I have never dedicated such effort for a WoWs video before =)
  8. Skarhabek

    World War 3 INCOOMING!!!!

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/azurelane_collaboration_0402/ how to participate : 1. get BIG T10 ship like Republique, GroBer kurfurst or Moskva 2. buy space perma camo 3. if you see any Azur Lane ship camo or re skinned..... KILL!!! there will be no T10 Azure Lane ship..... so what are you waiting for? target EM ALL and show who is the boss!!! now i am going to 24x7 FARMING NONSTOP FOR REPUBLIQUE.... ALL HAIL KANMUSU!!!
  9. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    Xerbcolle-PravdaTeam (Mod) WoWs Asia Skin, Voice, mod.... and much more! (seriously) Updated for WoWs (last update 01/11/2015) Greeting, comrade, admiral, tanker, player, pirate and lolicon~ Introduction Notes Installation SHIP SKIN All kind of kawaii skin, [no NSFW skin] all safe to view :3 Mod pack - for all fixed older skin in one go New Skin- new skin is new skin poi!~ (they not included in the mod pack yet)
  10. Login screen mods, get yer login screen mods here. Comes in three varieties. 1. First up is the opening to the Kantai Collection anime Creditless, as high quality as I could make it, contains both video and audio. Download link here. 2. Second is the mod I posted over here, updated with slightly better quality. Still not as high quality as the original video though. Video and audio. Download link here. 3. Third video is the same as the second login video, but instead of being TV size, has animation that runs for the full 5 minute duration of th efull song. Quality is slightly poorer, though. Video and audio. Download link here. Installation Instructions Dump the files into res_mods. The path should read <your world of warships folder name>\res_mods\<current patch>\gui\video\login.usm Once the files are in res_mods, edit your paths.xml (found in the game folder) so that it reads the following: Whenever the game updates, just drag the mod files to the new folder in res_mods and update paths.xml with the correct patch version.
  11. Coming to Kancolle Collection after spring of 2016: [content removed] On January 22, 2016, the Devs had caught all of the KanColle Community worldwide with a huge surprise.16 Inch Triple Gun Mk. 7, which were exclusive to USS Iowa-class Battleships were released as Monthly Ranking Reward!※戦艦主砲「16inch三連装砲 Mk.7」は先行実装です。今年  実装される新艦娘の兵装として、今春以降に本実装予定です。 (Translated from above text: battleship gun "16inch three twin cannon Mk.7" is preceding implementation. As a weapon of new ship daughter to be implemented this year, it is this implementation plan to later this spring.)(Source: [content removed]) [You need to be on Japanese VPN or have KC3 Cookies Method turned on to see the source]According to the Devs, the Battleship who has the 16 Inch Triple Gun Mk.7 will be debuting after Spring. (Most likely Spring or Summer 2016 Event as per speculation)BRACE YOURSELVES USS IOWA IS COMING(Could be another Iowa-class but...)(See here for Iowa-class battleships https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iowa-cl...)All Depictions of the Iowa-class Battleships are FAN-ARTs and are NON-OFFICIAL Overt promotion/linking to other games. Post edited, thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  12. ♦ ORIGINAL TOPIC IN THE EU FORUM ♦ CLICK HERE! In WoT I used to make anime based Mods to the game for myself, this included a bunch of skins as well. So, why waste the "potential" of WoWs when it comes down to KanColle? *** NEW *** Notes before starting: The list is now OUT-DATED with the current progress of the modifications. Personally, I don't have the time anymore to update the links whenever something new is available. Please, follow the thread and BROWSE THROUGH THE POSTS in order to keep track of the new stuff. *** NEW *** Notes before starting: If you want to share these mods in the forums of different regions, that we didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT THE AUTHORS in said post. Re-upload is strictly FORBIDDEN. Asking directly in this topic about HOW TO MOD something is FORBIDDEN from now on. Do it through a PM, if you've to, and we MIGHT answer. *** OLD *** Notes before starting: Currently checking, togheter with Bwaka, the files of the new CBT client to understand what has been changed from the CAT build and specifically how. This means there might be some "bugs" in the releases of the following weeks. If you happen to find one please report back here! = New = Updated «Skins» «Tech Tree/Dock» «Flash/Configs» «Commanders» «Consumables» «Missions» «Loading Screens/Loading Assets» «Login Screen» «Flags» «Packs» Hope you enjoy! Thread closed on OP's request. ~amade
  13. Zekamashimakaze

    [TeamWSVN] WOWS Mods

    This mod is make you see which ships you cannot be seen and a rename of ships ( with same ship's class ) I made this mod by myself , i do not copy of anyone . If there is a one like this , then it is coincidence. DRIVE : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8C5DEbzbwxKSFJkWnBEd3BWRlE btw : you cannot buy those ships p/s : The Buffalo's ID i took from Aslain's mod moved to appropriate section of the forums. ~dead_man_walking
  14. Senkan_Suiki

    KanColle Summer Event 2015

    No Teruzuki Bad End QQ Overt promotion/linking to other games. Thread locked, user warned. ~amade
  15. (It changes like this....) Hello guys, i'm Inisa. I'm not good at speak English.... So, please if you can't understand my word, it's my fault. Sorry for that. This mod... nope, this image file changes Ship Icon in the battle. I used Word Image from Aslain's WoWS ModPack, and used Girl's image from Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0 I used same Girl's image that Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0​ at same ship. so, it means this file is compatible with Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0. (of course you can use this file without Mod: KanColle GUI Transformer v1.0​ too) hmm... Enjoy! * Thanks for Aslain and Team 20.3cm. * How to use : Just Extract files in to gui folder (resmod) Download : Here If Aslain and Team 20.3cm comment they wants to delete this file , I'll delete this posting soon.
  16. Erica_of_the_Greenhouse

    [Mod] KanColle America Ship mod (make bay Team WSVN

    We are a small mod team, mainly made mod for US ships, due to lack of experience, so the quality will not be as Team mod 20,3cm, tracing for sympathy This mod is compatible with the all version,If the game updates, you just move the model in next version, the mod will work again Mod Pensacola http://www.mediafire.com/download/zfdww58ijfxet0h/Pensacola_all_hull.rar Picture Mod Bogue http://www.mediafire.com/download/sx0faccd52hs44y/skin+Bogue.rar Picture Spoiler Mod Gremyashchy https://www.mediafire.com/?8dcypoo1nb1ejr6 Picture Fan Pace :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Team-WSVN/1157001464325478?ref=settings
  17. Inisa

    [MOD] Simakaze Alert

    Hello, I'm Inisa. This MOD changes Alert image to simakaze. I used fairy shadow picture from 코코중위's MOD. Enjoy! How to use : Just extract in warships game folder. Download : Click Here
  18. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6i798837fvq8yx6/[0.3.1]Mod_KanColle_-_Rank_Icons.rar Extract to WoWs folder, confirm any overwrite message.