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Found 5 results

  1. New_Horizontal

    Should I buy Kamikaze?

    According to some source, Kamikaze will be removed from premium shop for good after this sale. So, we cannot buy it anymore and hope for SC for that (may the RNGsus be with you) I started to enjoy DD gameplay recently. And I may looking for some premium in near future. Thus is the Kamikaze worth to buy?
  2. Is it just me or Fujin cost 32sgd which a murmansk is 20sgd, if i recalled kamikaze is just about 17sgd..... any reason for the high price?
  3. During World war IJN started using Kamikaze style attack runs on CVs through AA barrages in a desperate attempt to DMG the fleet.The link below that shows the original footage of how it happened.(Its pretty impressive on how those soldiers flew thru that massive AA firing at them).http://imgur.com/a/t5ehx Is there any way this style of game play be brought into WOWS where when the CV is destroyed with its planes hovering in the sky. The player assumes control of the planes and tries a Kamikaze style attack on Enemy Ships? is it possible ?
  4. VeritaSna

    Kamikaze event

    Hello, so I had recently do the kamikaze event up to 164 pearls. today is the 6th of january and i still havent got a kamikaze. :S Pls help me
  5. Napoleon7777

    Project R Finishing Early?

    The last announcement in regards to the Project R mission indicated that it would be finishing at 23:59 UTC. It's not 23:59 and I would've just got enough pearls to receive the ship. What gives?