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Found 1 result

  1. It's not impossible. It's not even that hard. Even in a 4CV game as this one was, you just need a few things to break your way. 1. Top tier, woot! 2. Your CVs are on the ball, lighting up all the enemy ships for you. 3. One of the enemy CVs is kind of a noob. 4. No DD's on either team. 5. Your teammates are good enough to kill off some of your biggest threats early on, like enemy T8 BBs, but still all get themselves killed about half way through the match. 6. Broadsides. Everywhere you point your turrets, the enemy is busy sailing broadside to you. In a game where you stay in the middle, and everyone else on both teams stays on the flanks, this is pretty much the situation for the entire match. Amagi is a good boat. Even after the rework. The nutshell, those who don't know: It's a Nagato with 2 more guns and all the plating upgraded to 32mm. Premium fighter plane consumable keeps inquisitive CVs off your back for the most part. If both CVs want you dead, you are gonna die, but they'll feel some hurt before you go. I run a "Crazy Eddie" build. My Yamamoto captain stayed on my Nagato, so I've got some 6 pt amateur driving my Amagi now. No CE, and I took target acquisition system over concealment mod, rudder shift over damage control system. So the ship is visible from space, but unexpectedly nimble. Aiming systems mod one, of course, for farming those sweet citadels...