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Found 4 results

  1. 武器庫で入手できる艦艇や、今後入手可能になる艦艇について、情報が公開されていましたので和訳を投稿しました。 https://note.com/torpbeat/n/n586c9ad33dc7
  2. So after a rather lacklustre gaming session today where I end up losing more games than I won, WoWs decide to bless me with this crazy game. Top-tier + broadsiding enemies of questionable skill level + main battery reload booster + a little luck = many kills and achievements The replay if interested: 20191216_013536_PFSB518-Jean-Bart_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay I find I am really liking the Jean Bart, even though I don't actually play it all too often. It is funny, because I didn't really like my Richelieu grind. I could never seem to get it too work. The Jean Bart though is loads of fun.
  3. For those who already have Jean Bart please share your opinion about the ship. 1. Her 32MM plating all over makes her very weak against HE in general. 2. High caliber shells from Yamato/Musashi Can pen her from almost any angle. 3. No spotter or hydro means she doesn't have much to do when it comes to deal with DDs. 4.Lowest HP pool which is another point on the downside. 5. Her guns get knocked out often. Also everyone aware of Alsace got nerfed on the sigma to justify a t9 premium ship (Jean Bart) to have a place in the line which is still controversial topic. Even some people says its better on t8. So the question rises whether she is over rated by some people or she is actually worth getting. Please share your thought with situation where you've found her level best.
  4. Commander_Stacey

    Jean Bart

    Is there any information on when we can expect to hear anything about the release of the Jean Bart? When will it be available? How will we be able to get it? Etc.