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Found 1 result

  1. March 8 (today) is "International Women's Day" and in celebration of 50% of the world's population Wargaming did what... oh they put just 1 earnable IWD camo in the 'Fly! Strike! Win!' event, wow!?!?, the girls playing this game must be parting like its 1999. I thought WG's Valentine's Day response was p!$$ poor, this is even better. And to earn this 1 camo you need to shot down 15 aircraft in Random Battles. I'm struggling to even find matches now with CVs in them to shot aircraft down, so just 1 IWD camo that in really difficult to unlock, yeah!!!. As a guy I was just hoping to get some free pink camos (yeah I watched 'Operation Petticoat' on the TV the other day so I want some pink ships now) but I imagine if I was a girl I'd probably be really angry at this. Their is still time, maybe WG will pull something out of their butts, like with Valentine's Day, trying to get you to buy something from the Premium Shop yet again. PS. To anyone who clicked on this topic thinking there would be a code here to get some free camos or a flag, or something/anything, sorry but maybe someone from Wargaming might be so kind as to post such a code here, and in doing so prove me wrong. PPS: Correction - There is actually 4 IWD camos you can unlock through the 'Fly! Strike! Win!' event, still hoop dee f'ing doo. The last of these requires you to shoot down another 20 aircraft. I've been playing for hours today trying to shoot down the first lot of 15, I've got 4 so far, this is painful.