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Found 2 results

  1. legionary2099

    Getting flak in game

    Has anyone experience the flame and blame of in game chat ? All most 1 in every 4 of my carrier game i get something along the lines of where is your fighter ? you noob - f*** , report for poor play. I am extremely frustrated having to deal with these back stabbing ally at the same time of having to focus on controlling a horde of squadrons at the same time. Commanding a carrier is quite stressful as high tier where i have to dance between flak and fighter and i also get flak from the team - wth? There is also the type that go nuts and blame the whole team for loosing , when i tell them to stop it they throw back a torp or a gun salvo back at me lol. So i wanna ask those that are here on the forum , what do you think of a carrier captain ? A godlike being that you can crap on however you want and having to babysit every single one of the allied dots on the map or a human that is just like you who will make mistake and will sometimes lose focus on what is going around. TL;DR : this is a rant threat , i am too bloody angry for those that have shall we say a candy-ass that readily blame everything else when things when sore. I just so want to turn off the chat completely if not for the rare compliment that some guys give me
  2. 最近気づいた事なのですが、ゲーム内の「オフトピックディスカッション」ルームで毎日日本人プレイヤーに対する暴言を見かけ、非常に憤慨しています。 あまりに多いので何度か英語、日本語でも運営に対し、暴言者についてチケットを切ったのですが、数日たっても返事がありません・・・。 そこでみなさんはどのように対処していますか?また、チケットを切った場合、返事はありましたか?