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Found 53 results

  1. killedbynoob

    replace IJN HAKURYU

    replace imagination IJN Hakuryu ingame with existed Yamato's sister IJN Shinano that had set sail
  2. Rina_Pon

    DDs for Ranked

    Shimakaze is way better than Gearing. After struggling for a few games trying to make Gearing work in ranked, I switched over to Shimakaze ... and everything became 50 times easier. Gearing is too slow for Arm Race. It has stealth, but the gun DPM, AA, and USN smoke are not useful assets when there are almost no CVs to be found, and RADAR is prevalent. Shima, meanwhile, is the perfect center of the Venn diagram circles of stealth, alpha, and mobility. I'm not the only one to figure this out of course, it's pretty much 100% Shima in the team rosters. This is just a heads up: there is a reason everyone is playing Shima in ranked, and not just because its the most popular TX DD in the game.
  3. This has been bothering me all through, and now I'm a game or two away from Shimakaze settlement of the issue is long overdue. I played Shiratsuyu TRB. I played Kagero TRB. So I played Yugumo TRB but I've lost confidence that this was the right choice. At the heart of it is potential. If I take TRB I have to play a little more conservatively so on average I'm launching more torps from less ideal positions. With smoke I have that safety so here I'm launching fewer torps but from better positions since I can typically risk getting a little closer. Yugumo guns are far from bad, so being able to smoke-and-gun has significant value when engaging enemy destroyers, or when cap contesting generally. A smokescreen can also be useful for cleaning out wounded capital ships late game, and it's a get out of jail free card in CV games, of which there are more of these days. On the other hand more torps is more torps. Sending 16 instead of 8 is often the difference between a dodge and a secured kill. What think you?
  4. S4pp3R


    Yoshino is beautiful, attached she has taken New York and is wearing her evening wear... Seriously though, love this ship. Currently running standard gun/fire prevent/concealment modules and the following captain skills: EL EM, AR BOS, SI AFT, CE Running the 12km Torps, she has 4x4, 2 per side. First is like the front ones on Atago, 2nd is like the 2nd on Atago with some more frontal angle. Her concealment is 11.9 and a big majority of her AA is mid and long range (thus AFT). Her gun range is 21.3km and her accuracy is on par with normal cruisers. Her shell speed and arcs behave mostly like Zao. She's so much fun I'm even considering picking up Azuma and I can't believe I'm saying that. One thing to note, her AP has been overpenning broadside CAs a LOT but even 1 cita hit from her can hurt. Her Torp tubes are damaged fairly easily. Still need to test HE/AP priorities a little more, conventional switching works but I want to push the AP further because it hurts broadside BBs. Her reload gets down to about 16s, and then to 11s with AR. I hope you've enjoyed this rundown. She's 186K coal with a coupon.
  5. First Kraken since the rework. In a CV game. With only a 6 pt captain (aka no CE). TIL: While most DDs can't dodge rockets in 0.8.3 (this is planned to change in the next update) Hatsu is more maneuverable than most DDs, and that puts it just over the threshold when it stands even odds of the rockets missing. Plus it has credible AA against T6 planes. The enemy CV attempted to attack me a couple of times, but got frustrated because he lost planes and did no damage. He then made the critical error to go and farm his damage elsewhere rather than keep me spotted. With somewhat predictable results, given that most of the rest of his team were ... inexperienced, to put it kindly. I've always liked Hatsuharu, but I've had a number of great games in her recently. She seems to thrive in the new CV meta. She faces very few real threats at T5-7. It's only in T8 games that life gets hard.
  6. Rina_Pon

    Shiratsuyu OP?

    68 Shiratsuyu games got me from Hatsuharu to Akizuki. The stats are in: Will WG hit this ship with the nerfhammer? Because I can't be the only one posting these kinds of numbers. Which would be unfortunate: Shiratsuyu is a pretty great ship. (Fubuki and Minekaze were some of the first ships I played, back when I was a complete scrub. Ignore.) Considering Shiratsuyu as 90% of a Kagero and considering that Kagero can more than hold her own in T10 games (I have a 68% WR in Kagero to prove it) and you have to conclude that Shiratsuyu in T5-7 MM is more than a bit OP. Specifically, TRB is OP. Load up on premium TRB consumable, SI, reload buffs, Shira is dropping 8 torps every couple of minutes, and spreads of 16 fish four times a match. It doesn't take a whole lot of skill to convert that into a victory, even before you add the spotting damage and some reasonably potent gunnery into the mix.
  7. S4pp3R

    T9 Azuma

    OK first off, making Azuma T9 is the right choice... You have no idea how happy it makes people if you are not making it a steel ship (my hope)... However has WG lost it's mind? It's literally less tanky than Atago in current state. I know it's WiP but are you kidding? Here's an idea, take the Zao principle to her: - low HP for class (Super Cruiser) - troll armour for class (don't do Stalingrad though) - amazingly accurate guns (one thing that seems to be right) with high damage per salvo - average DPM - great stealth Easy! She has no radar or torps so just make her shine with guns and stealth, simplez.
  8. So. This is not a defence of the attack on Pearl Harbour. This is just a suggestion. The idea is to have a carrier only operation that recreates the attack on Pearl Harbour by the IJN. (Though I suppose other nations 'carriers can be included if Wargaming chooses to do so) This new operation will address two things: The new CV rework The lack of any dedicated Axis Operations Firstly, The CV rework: When the CV changes hit, experienced and novice players alike will be thrown a brand new system which they will likely be unfamiliar with. A dedicated CV operation like this will be able to help players familiarise themselves with the new style of Carrier combat, as well as the updated anti-air capabilities of enemy ships. Secondly, The lack of any dedicated Axis powers operations: We get it. "THE ALLIES WON THE WAR!" I can already hear the armchair generals typing out their angry protests. But the Axis powers did still have a few naval victories. Among the most significant of these would be Pearl Harbour. The ultimate trigger that brought America into the Second World War on the side of the Allies. While the attack was tragic, it does make for an interesting operation to include into the game. It would also give us the only situation where multiple carriers can work together in a team (Unless WG removes the 1 CV per side game cap). Some Further details and spitballing ideas: The operation would be somewhat similar to Killer Whale or Narai, but with only Carriers. The enemy ships would likely be USN T6-7 battleships and cruisers (Maybe stick some other ships in there as well if you feel like it. But if Cherry Blossom is allowed to have only IJN ships on the enemy side, then it would make sense in the context of "Historical Accuracy" to have all the enemies at Pearl be USN) The primary objectives would be to "Destroy the main force" docked in port. This would probably be comprised mainly of Battleships (Maybe five. Perhaps have Arizona docked in there). After the attack, the carriers have to retreat to an extraction zone before the main enemy fleet of carriers returns. Additional side missions could include bombing airfields, shooting down enemy fighter craft, etc. TL:DR When the CV rework hits, people will need a place to both learn the ropes of the new CV mechanics and challenge themselves with said mechanics. We could do this with a fun, interesting and historically significant operation. Also, depicting the war from the Axis' side would be an interesting new take on a genre saturated with stories from the Allies. I am not discounting the Allies. I'm just saying that the Axis also has stories worth telling. Put down your torches and pitchforks. Being able to attack Pearl Harbour would certainly be cool. But this is just a suggestion. So take it however you wish (An idea, a necessity, an attack on your sensibilities and patriotism, a mushroom with a gender-switching crown, a hat, whatever). Until next time, Fair Winds.
  9. Dendi_Superman

    Musashi help

    50k fxp from her. What's her playstyle like? I main German BB , only have stock Nagato for IJN BB. Not many videos on YouTube for her. Or is she not worth the 750k fxp?
  10. G’day Folks, Ok so I’ve been reading up on IJN CLs lately and thought I’d do up a proposed IJN CL line. The line would be defined by stealth, accurate 140-150s, good AA and good speed with some torps thrown in for good measure. The idea would be to be quicker than USN CLs, have on-par stealth, more accurate guns along with some torp ability reflective of the CA line. The downside? No radar. They would have the usual IJN HE advantages along with the flatter arcs of IJN, however with slower turret traverse than their USN counterparts. I would suggest situating their torp quality around IJN CAs, however better reloads or quicker speed. The other balance would be higher tiers not having radar but compensated with spotter-plane, which in combination with better shell characteristics could make them effective long-range flamers. Alternative would be to balance out the range on T8-10s properly, the current range ups and downs on the CA line is stupid. My suggestion would be spotter-plane as ships like the Oyodo had significant Aircraft housings compared to other nations. The current IJN CLs end at T4 with the Kuma, which is essentially the same as Kuma-class and Nagara-class ships from WW2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuma-class_cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nagara-class_cruiser The CA line starting with Furutaka would branch off there at T5, with the CL line continuing. Mogami would be a T8 CL (155s) and replaced with Takao-class at T8 CA spot. Line would like like this: I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X Hashidate Chikuma Tenryu Kuma Sendai Agano Oyodo Mogami (155) CL-9 CL-10 Furutaka Aoba Myoko Maya (Takao) Ibuki Zao I have provided wiki-links. Tier 5: Sendai-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sendai-class_cruiser Essentially the Sendai-class would be an ‘improved’ Kuma-class. It would function like a Kuma, stock, however with improved AA, speed and durability. Same initial gun config as Kuma Hull (B) would add more AA (due to 127s, 25s, etc.) and reduce the turret number by 1 (as per Naka 1943). AA should be very good for tier. Propulsion upgrade to reflect switch to all oil-fed boilers (upping to 36 knots). Range upgrade to 14km 2x4 Torps for 10km Consumables Hydro+F-Plane Tier 6: Agano-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agano-class_cruiser The Agano-class is an evolution towards late-war CLs She would be defined by: 3x2 152s Decent AA Hull(A), very good Hull(B), Agano was updated as the war progressed Range should be similar to Aoba 37knots 2x4 Torps, 10km Consumables: DFAA/Hydro + F-Plane Tier 7: Oyodo-class https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo The Oyodo-class transitions from 152s to 155s of the Mogami She would be defined by: 2x3 155s Decent AA Hull(A), very good Hull(B) Range of 15km 35knots 4x3 torps, 10km. This is not historically accurate, however keeps it in-line with the line. Consumables: DFAA/Hydro + F-Plane/Spotter. Oyodo should be able to use Spotter as she was designed with significant Aircraft housing. Tier 8: Mogami-class Basically as per Mogami in game currently, however the 155-variant and add a spotter plane option and increase AA rating a little bit. Tier 8 CA: Takao-class/Maya/Chokai Basically like a Mogami (203) but given access to a heal (a la Atago) and access to a spotter plane. By giving her a heal+spotter you are giving her IJNs ‘radar’ equiv. Keep rear-mounted torps and worse stealth than Atago to differentiate. Tier 9: CL-9 This would be a ‘paper’ or theoretical ship. Don’t get angry (yes looking at you Scott) a LOT of warships and tanks in WG titles are paper or theoretical. Just look at Soviet trees… The idea would take push the Mogami-CL idea to its fullest. 5x3 155s, improved turret traverse, slightly better reload Great AA Range 15.5km 36.5 knots 4x4 torps, 12km ones, 10km stock. DFAA/Hydro+F-Plane/Spotter+Heal Max conceal would be around 9.8km Tier 10: CL-10 I see CL-10 as a 155 Zao, perhaps a bit squishier though. 5x3 155s, or perhaps take the ‘Zao’ route and do 4x4 155s, someone here will know which is a better ‘design’ choice. Either way, better turret traverse, better reload. Excellent AA, IMO should be almost competitive with the AA beasts of T10 but definitely a ship CVs want to steer clear of. Range 16km 38 knots 4x5 torps, 12km ones, better reload than Zao DFAA/Hydro+F-Plane/Spotter+Heal Max concealment would be around 9.5km Basically all in all the CL line would blend the actual CLs that IJN built, with better AA values than the CA line but with the evolution of Mogami 155 playstyle. My idea is the combination of speed and good DPM and stealth make this line scary, even without radar. Thoughts?
  11. Robby_Hermanto

    Question about Ashitaka & Kii

    Hey guys, I tend to have a good credit maker premium ship that currently available for sale (also hooked up by that cashback offer). 1. I read about Makoto Kobayashi camou function on these ships. Is it purchaseable right now? 2. What is the current best credit maker ship that available for sale? Thanks. All answers are highly appreciated.
  12. AntifoulAwl

    Deleted thread for bin.

    Ignore and delete
  13. I basically started this game out after looking how beautiful Yamato is. well I did get a Musashi already and made a rant in my first post :P now im getting really used to it. So one way or the other I played WoWs for 2 years now. back then I didnt have anything noteworthy but still remember how OP Minekaze was at tier 5. And how bad Mutsuki was at tier 6. which is now downgraded to being both tier 5 and Minekaze getting nerfed. But seriously its still OP as hell dang. And I mean its good! I use it to release stress and just literally rekt all the straight full speed ahead no manueaver battleships. Minekaze has 5.4 spotting range with full camo and skills + 41Knts of speed with speed flag. Its crazy! torpedoes reload in 40 sec and you can literally spam them geez. Minekaze is the most fun IJN DD I've played so far. (I have until Kagero unlocked and Hatsuharu on the second tree.) Ive never played Akizuki but I'm planning to get it sometime soon. Minekaze is exactly what you would expect in a japanese DD. Bad guns slow turret traverse, fast speed, super good concealment. And lastly which is the most important a Torpedo spamming scrub like I am :D just fantastic ship love it. Its basically a Kamikaze on the main tree. If you havent you should try this hell of a fun ship. its just pure amazing.
  14. One of the many great things about WoWS is you are free to set your own goals. Fitting then that my sweetest "victory" of all was completing a task which was entirely of my own design: I wanted to claw back 14 losses accumulated in my Furutaka and a 42% WR to draw an even 50%. Make no mistake, that 42% was earned. No MM unfairness, I really was that bad. So this wasn't just about grinding out the wins, it was about getting good enough to win at all. And 14 losses is a lot to ground to make up. Consider if you play at a win rate of 52%, it would take 350 games to accumulate 14 net wins. I managed to do it in about 150 games (I was 42% after I had about 160 Furutaka games), and now sit on a clean 50%+ WR in all my IJN cruisers (see below). Consider also that Furutaka only has a 49% WR ship average. In celebration, indulge me while tell you how I did it and gush about why Furutaka C is my favorite ship in the game. ***** (Since the A and B hulls blow by in less than 20 games, I'll focus on the C hull exclusively. It's for all intents an purpose a different ship.) I struggled mightily with Furutaka for the longest time. The Eureka moment came 150 games in, when I replaced Main Battery Mod 2 with Aiming Systems Mod 1 and starting trying to hit citadels (or other specific parts of a ship) rather than just trying to hit the ship period. The next advance was understanding the guns(tm) and realizing how much more powerful they can be at 8 km compared to 12 km. The final pieces of the Furutaka "git gud" equation is learning to kite like a boss(tm), together with the sister skill, timing the turn(tm). Secondary but still important addons to the Furutaka captain portfolio include the ever popular shoot over islands(tm) and how to avoid knife fights(tm). Furutaka is a beautiful ship. Not pretty, but well-balanced and purposeful. A Furutaka is well-suited to perform just about any in-game support role you can name: destroyer hunter, cruiser killer, battleship harasser, guard, escort, and scout duties, even capping is possible in a pinch. She has powerful, long range torps, high caliber guns, good AP and HE shells, reasonable armor, good firing angles, decent speed, and reasonable maneuverability. The only real limitations that must be accepted and worked around is the mediocre AA, the slow turret traverse, and the long reload times on both guns and torps. It might be said that the 13.9 km gun range is a limitation, but I would disagree. Furutaka is not meant to hang back and snipe like Konigsberg. The engagement distance you should be looking at is 6-8 km for DD, 8-10 km for CA, and up around the detection circle (~12 km base) for BBs. Furutaka is one of the few T5 ships I can take out in T5-7 MM and not feel disadvantaged in. The trick is to work closely with friendly ships and always keep the exits open. ..... ps. screenshot is of my 322nd furutaka game, the one I crossed over to 50% with. Not my best, but definitely good enough to commemorate the occasion with.
  15. Gummiheng

    Heal bug?(MINOR BUG)

    Ytd in my fuso and this happened when i was healing in progress and i was under fire at the same time Pretty much the green part stays there even though my hp is dropping It will go back to normal after you use the consumables again
  16. Since I had 20k XP left to get my Furutaka captain to 10 points, and since I also had was down about 20 games on my Furu's win/loss stats, I decided to go all-in on a little "experiment". I played 12 games straight in Furutaka with no premium consumables, no camo or flags, to see if Wargaming would start throwing me on potato teams to encourage me to spend more in-game assets. Instead, MM not only proved me wrong, but the opposite: As far as I can tell I was given more wins than I deserved. Out of 12 games, my team won 10, yet I was only in the top half the leaderboard on 7 of those 12 occasions. On average my team performed better than I did, which logically, if it's all random, there is no reason for the rest of my team to be better than my opponents. Weird huh? ***** notes: Battle 3: Fault Line, Domination, T5-7, I was stuck alone in the middle "guarding" B, everyone seemed to be at A and C so I got bored and tried capping B. Got air spotted, 3 ships took pot shots at me for a few minutes while I unsuccessfully tried to cap. I gave up and retreated, badly damaged, as the cavalry came up from A. Enemy Fiji decided he /really/ wanted me dead so I had to hide behind an island for the rest of the game while he pounded shells into the rocks. I like to think I played an important role as a decoy/distraction. Battle 7: I played well, but just too many potatoes. Archipalego, Domination. We'd capped B and C, looked really solid, when 2 BB and 2 CA went off and chased a lone enemy BB back to the 9 line while the enemy team all swept up from A to demolish me and the rest of the team. Despite me asking them not to run off. Sometimes it's just hopeless. Battle 11: 4 CV battle, our team's CVs got completely outplayed so we were 100% spotted in our spawn, with zero spotting on our side. It was a turkey shoot. I think we've all been there: the entire remaining team balled up in the spawn around the CVs, zero caps. Pathetic. General comment: I hate Clevelands. I hate Atlantas. But most of all I hate Clevelands.
  17. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato radio rotation

    I believe that the two radio antennas on top of the IJN Yamato tower should be animated to rotate, much like the rotation that is visible on US battleships such as the USS Alabama. It should be pretty simple and will add some life to the Yamato in my opinion.
  18. I'm appallingly bad at playing Japanese destroyers. Yet the gameplay, the challenge of it, keeps me coming back for more punishment. Lately I've been trying very hard to buff my DD skills, in the following order: Learn to not die. Learn to cap, scout, smoke, defend, and generally be useful for your team (and not die). Learn to sink ships (and not die). Learn to win 1-on-1 DD fights (and not die). Steps 1 and 2 I've cleared, but step 3 ... the business of connecting torps with unfriendly ships... I'm having all sorts of problems with. In a BB or CA, map awareness is all about the predicting the flow of the battle and knowing where to go. Which I'm OK with. With DDs it's much more about making short timescale predictions of what an enemy ship will do. Guessing right, left, straight, speed up or slow down. And most often than not I guess wrong. As for risk assessment, that idea of judging how close it's safe to get before putting fish into the water... Let's just say I'm considering of making a compilation video: "A Hundred Different Ways to Die in a DD". And just when I think there can't possibly be any more surprises ... no. 101 and 102 make their appearance. I was doing so badly with Hatsuharu and Fubiki that I repurchased Isokaze and headed to low tiers for retraining. This turned out to be a surprisingly good idea. Isokaze is of course a powerful DD tier-for-tier, and I found that having a little more breathing room to explore different tactics without being insta-deleted actually improved my gameplay at higher tiers too. Next step: winning 1v1 DD fights. Another thing I'm really bad at, partly because I panic and behave predictably, and partly because I consistently fail to predict my opponents moves. Playing Isokaze, I realized a lot of it comes down to confidence. I even won an Isokaze-vs-Isokaze fight on Straights the other day, the first time ever I've sunk an enemy same-tier DD single-handed. It wasn't pretty or pleasant, but I got the job done. I really like the IJN destroyers, especially Hatsuharu. Nimble and stealthly, ideal for contesting caps or scouting, with (compared to Mutsuki) a decent set of guns. IJN DDs have a steep learning curve, and "do not suffer fools gladly", but are all the more rewarding for it.
  19. I've had Izumo for a while now and I am starting to wonder just why WG put her in the game, she is by far the worst ship in the upper tiers of the game, not to mention she has worse concealment than Yamato. Her only purpose seems to be as target practice for Zao's, Baltimore's and Moskva's. I'm curious why the Tier IX IJN BB wasn't the 'Number 13' prototype. I know there are plenty of threads on this already but I find it strange that they put such a useless ship at Tier IX when the other nations Tier IX BB's are far more superior in every aspect.
  20. HughbertJass

    NEW Video - IJN Kii - WiP

    Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port! We are having a look at the soon to be released Tier VIII Premium Japanese Battleship, IJN Kii. This ship was provided to me by Wargaming NA in order to provide another perspective for you to consider when trying to decide if you will want to add this ship to you fleet. This ship must at this time be considered a Work In Progress, it's specs may change before it hits the Premium Shop. Moved to Fan Zone from general discussions. ~dead_man_walking
  21. so new additions to the Pan-Asian Tech Tree. From China, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and South Korea Fu Shun (China) destroyer. The Anshan-class destroyers were the People's Liberation Army Navy's (PLAN) first destroyers. They were ex-Soviet Gnevny-class destroyers purchased in the 1950s. The Chinese later added HY-2 anti-ship missiles and removed some of the torpedo tubes, and redesignated as Type 6607. Pra Huang (Thailand) HMS Radiant was a Royal Navy and Royal Thai Navy R-class destroyer constructed and then operational in the First World War.She was renamed Phra Ruang. It is believed that in order to finance her acquisition King Rama VI and other senior figures donated personally to the finance fund, making this the first publication donation of money to procure a warship in Thailand Gadja Mada (Indonesia) Four ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Nonpareil, from the French meaning 'without equal': HMS Nonpareil was a 56-gun galleon, launched in 1556 as the 44-gun HMS Philip and Mary. She was rebuilt in 1584 and renamed Nonpareil. She was again rebuilt in 1603 and renamed Nonsuch. She was sold in 1645. HMS Nonpareil was a 14-gun schooner captured from the Americans in 1807. She was damaged in a storm in 1812 and sold the following year. HMS Nonpareil was an Admiralty M class destroyer launched in 1916 and sold in 1921. HMS Nonpareil was an N-class destroyer launched in 1941. She was transferred to the Royal Netherlands Navy in 1942 and renamed Tjerk Hiddes. She was transferred to Indonesia in 1951 and renamed Gadjah Mada. She was broken up in 1961. The destroyer HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes was a British built, Dutch warship of World War II. She was laid down on 22 May 1940 as a British N-class destroyer, HMS Nonpareil, but on 27 May 1942, she was transferred to the Royal Dutch Navy. The ship was commissioned in 1942[1][3] as HNMLS Tjerk Hiddes, named after the 17th-century Dutch admiral, Tjerk Hiddes de Vries. Much of her war service was with the Royal Navy and the United States Navy in the Indian Ocean and Australia. Following the war, the destroyer was sold to Indonesia and renamed KRI Gadjah Mada. She was scrapped in 1957. Shen Yang,(Taiwan or Republic of China Navy, ROCS) Namikaze (波風 Wave Wind) was the second ship of the Nokaze sub-class, an improvement to the Minekaze-class 1st class destroyers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy following World War I. Advanced for their time, these ships served as first-line destroyers through the 1930s, but were considered obsolescent by the start of the Pacific War. Following the war, the ship was transferred to the Republic of China as a prize of war and renamed Shen Yang. Hsien Yang, Reclassified DD-456 on 15 January 1955, she decommissioned 28 July 1955 and was transferred the same day to the Republic of China to serve as RCS Hsien Yang (DD-16). After she ran aground c. 1969, her ROCN name and ROCN pennant number were reassigned to the former USS Macomb, which was acquired in 1970. USS Rodman (DD-456/DMS-21), a Gleaves-class destroyer, is the first ship of the United States Navy to be named for Admiral Hugh Rodman. Rodman was laid down on 16 December 1940 by the Federal Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Kearny, New Jersey and launched on 26 September 1941; sponsored by Mrs. Albert K. Stebbins, Jr., grandniece of Admiral Rodman. The destroyer was commissioned on 27 January 1942, Commander William Giers Michelet in command Hsiang Yang, USS Brush (DD-745), an Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer, is the only ship of the United States Navy to be named for Charles Brush, an American inventor and philanthropist. Brush (DD-745) was launched on 28 December 1943 by Bethlehem Steel Co., Staten Island, New York; sponsored by Miss Virginia Perkins, great-granddaughter of Charles Brush; and commissioned on 17 April 1944, Commander J. E. Edwards in command. Brush was decommissioned and stricken from the register on 27 October 1969. She was subsequently sold to Taiwan 9 December 1969 and renamed Hsiang Yang, which was later stricken in 1984 and transferred to Naval Weapons School and then broken up for scrap. Brush received five battle stars for World War II service and four battle stars for her Korean operations. Long Jiang, Jian Wei, Cheng An (Taiwan) The Shimushu-class escort ships (占守型海防艦 Shimushu-gata kaibōkan) were a quartet of ships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy just prior to World War II. Background and description The Japanese called these ships Kaibōkan, "ocean defense ships", (Kai = sea, ocean, Bo = defense, Kan = ship), to denote a multi-purpose vessel. They were initially intended for patrol and fishery protection, minesweeping and as convoy escorts. The ships measured 77.72 meters (255 ft 0 in) overall, with a beam of 9.1 meters (29 ft 10 in) and a draft of 3.05 meters (10 ft 0 in).[1] They displaced 870 metric tons (860 long tons) at standard load and 1,040 metric tons (1,020 long tons) at deep load. The ships had two diesel engines, each driving one propeller shaft, which was rated at a total of 4,200 brake horsepower (3,100 kW) for a speed of 19.7 knots (36.5 km/h; 22.7 mph). The ships had a range of 8,000 nautical miles (15,000 km; 9,200 mi) at a speed of 16 knots (30 km/h; 18 mph) Chung Mu (South Korea)ROKS (DD-91). USS Erben (DD-631), a Fletcher-class destroyer, was a ship of the United States Navy named for Rear Admiral Henry Erben (1832–1909). Erben (DD-631) was launched 21 March 1943 by Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath, Maine; sponsored by Mrs. C. B. G. Gaillard, daughter of Rear Admiral Erben; and commissioned 28 May 1943, Commander J. H. Nevins, Jr., in command. Erben was transferred to South Korea 16 May 1963, where she was renamed ROKS Chung Mu (DD-91). In 1979, the Republic of Korea Navy changed her Hull Number to 911. Since 1983, she served as a stationary training vessel. The ex-Erben is reported to have been broken up
  22. archebuster

    Newcomer's query

    Hello everyone. I have been following this game for 2 years now. But only managed to get my hands on it very recently. And First up I love this game. It's a blast. At present I have only hit tier 4 with my Kaiser. So putting the brief intro aside, I am have always been interested in Aircraft Carriers, from the time I have seen Flammu, Aerron and many others putting up videos about it. My basic question would around what line should I choose between USN and IJN. But I am sure this is answered several times and I have gathered IJN CVs to be superior due to their Torpedo Bombers and more Squadrons. So, my question would to be whether there are any reasons to actually invest on US Cvs. As I have gathered they are good for AS builds but they don't seem to be that rewarding. If there is any reason why I should try an invest on the carrier line, how on earth should I play it. Really want to know feedbacks from people who play them and been with them in a game and those that actually got bested by US CVs. Just want to start with an unbiased opinion on the US line, if it is possible.
  23. S4pp3R

    Help with the Nagato

    G'day folks, Been slowly pushing up the IJN BB line, have reached the Nagato. I've pretty much smashed all of them so far, scoring above my account averages (mostly IJN CAs) but I've hit a bit of a roadblock. My Nagato skills are non existent. I'm not hitting enough and my usual 'sit at 16-17km then move in for the finish' playstyle doesn't seem to be working. Question to the floor, how do you manage to play the Nagato effectively? Should I be pushing in more, as I've had success with the Fuso, or should I snipe more ala Kongo? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know she's a good ship and I'm not getting the most from her. NB yes uptiered games are a pain but I never found that an issue in the Fuso TYIA
  24. CarbonMonoxide

    Meaning of IJN DD

    Recently we got the newport defense and operation aegis but I found that torpedo boats are quite useless in both of them so I wonder if the existence of IJN DD in the team actually benefits the team the support provided to the team by an IJN DD is usually less than that of other DDs(except USSR DD) so the only outstanding point should be torpedo but torpedo seldom hits so what I feel is that the existence of IJN DD in the team is already a burden unless its captain is a torpedo master in this way IJN DD seems quite useless to the team is that real?
  25. DeadlyDeeevil

    Best Carrier Line In 0.6.0

    As of this update what is the best Carrier line?