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Found 2 results

  1. (Disclaimer: This is my opinion. It is purely subjective. Take it as you will, but don't take it out of context. Also I will not be counting premium ships. So all you Asashio mains calm down.) So I, like basically every other weeb, started the game playing the IJN line. I've cut my teeth and ground my hours away to reach Shimakaze, Zao and Yamato. I have enjoyed my time with them, but over time, I find myself being drawn away from the IJN. These days, it just feels like every other tech tree can offer better alternatives at any tier (With some unique exceptions). Take the tier 6 Aoba for example. Back in the days when I first started, there were three other alternatives: Cleveland, Budyonny, Leander, Le Galissonniere and Nurnberg. Now, when we compare Aoba these ships, Cleveland provided a better fire rate and HE spammability. The newly balanced Pensacola boasts superior AP shell salvos at the same calibre. Budyonny brings better range, speed and shell velocity to the table, and Nurnberg brings 1/4 german HE penetration, higher fire rates and forward firing torps. Leander boasts heal, smoke and forward firing torps once again. And finally, I have not played Le Galissonniere enough to have an opinion on her. Now there are some exceptions. Fubuki's 10km torps are unmatched at tier 6 (Which is a great advantage especially when you get up-tiered to tier 8). Amagi is still fun to play. (And arguably superior to Izumo) Furutaka, being the first cruiser able to mount 203mm guns, is unmatched in her tier as well. (But is outclassed by Myoko in most cases with matched to tier 7 Yuro pls) There are some standouts but for a lot of the grind to the top, there are other ships from other tech trees that one would rather be playing. The issue which I can discern is, that the IJN cruiser and destroyer lines' sole distinguishing feature to wargaming is their torpedos. The problem with that is that torpedos are a very inconsistent damage dealing tool compared to guns. They do massive damage when they hit, but it is unlikely for more than two torpedos from a single salvo to actually hit. And that is when they are actually aimed properly on target. Additionally, these IJN torps have larger detection radii compared to other nations. So effectively, it is likely that in an average game, you won't actually be doing that much damage compared to other destroyer lines with faster torpedo launcher reloads. Now some will say that this is compensated by the IJN's better concealment values but this advantage is effectively nullified by the prevalence of cruisers with radar. It doesn't matter how well hidden you are. Once you try to contest a cap, some Worcester, Minotaur, Des Moines, Moskva, etc., etc., etc. will be waiting to spot, and annihilate you with their radar. (And that's only mentioning tier 10. Belfast please) On top of that, The IJN destroyers do not have the firepower in their guns to make use of their concealment advantage against enemy destroyers. Then there is Xatu with his gunboat Yuugumo that puts some Cleveland players to shame. So compiling these issues, the lackluster gun firepower compared to other nations, reliance on an unreliable tool to deal damage, handling that feels inferior to other nations and concealment that doesn't really matter anymore, it's easy to see why one might get burned by playing the IJN tech tree lines. It just feels like they could be playing something better at that tier. Now to move on to why wargaming should make the IJN lines more fun to play. (Especially in Asia) It is likely that most players in Asia (And a significant number from the rest of the world as well) will start out with the IJN tech tree. If they start playing with a line that feels inherently inferior to every other line in the game, they will get burned, and they will tab out of the game. I myself know many friends who have played WoWs only to quit, having started, then burning out on the IJN line. This effect trickles down, as these burned players then share their experiences with their friends, turning them off from WoWs. I stayed because halfway down the tech tree, I took a break from the IJN line to play the German line. And it turned out to be so much more fun and engaging to play. But had I stayed stubbornly on the IJN line, I would likely have burned out and left as well. (I now own a sizable fleet. And I'm happy where I stand) Wargaming should make the IJN line more fun to play. How would be another question which I do not have the answer to yet, but making the IJN line at least fun to play (NOT Overpowered), would help to draw in and retain new players which decide to start with the IJN line. These new players who stay longer could then potentially become paying players, buying doubloons for premium camo and premium ships, earning Wargaming more money. (And isn't that what business is all about?) This is my case to make the IJN more fun to play. I'm not asking for a direct buff. That may not solve the problem. Radar is definitely out of the question given the current state of the game and lowering citadels is not the way to go either. Asia is very much a growing market for gaming, with a lot of potential for revenue. America may be louder online, but the rest of the world happens to have more actual money to spend. One would spend money on a game, but only if it was fun. And because most of us have little time, we go off our first impressions. And if our first impression happens to be poor, it is unlikely that we'll come back. This has been a bit of a rant. Now I know a lot of people will be inclined to disagree. That I understand and accept. But the ultimate point I'm trying to make is that Wargaming should make the IJN lines more fun to grind and play. And not just the top tier ships. This may cost them their egos, but will definitely pay back the debt with interest. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Eggy_Bro
  2. Crim7AmbiencE

    Yamamoto as Capt'n

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what ships yall would put him in once you have gotten Yamamoto as a captain for your ships. I believe the Yamato was his flagship during 1942, but never "served" on it? Correct me if I am wrong on this...not much of a history person :D I was thinking either to put mine in the Yamato or Akizuki or Mogami....(lazy to farm to Zao). Although I do not play Yamato as often as I would on the Zuki and the Gami anymore, would the latter serve a better purpose for unleashing his special skills in game? (Mainly I just want to see his red tracer shells as much as possible....->Akizuki) Hue?