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Found 16 results

  1. Waff_Emo_LegenD

    HARUGUMO skill for her any idea ?

    i got 19points captain skill for her should i take IFHE or DE ?
  2. 30cmtruedamage

    How do I buy Asashio

    Hello I want to try this dd. How do I buy it ? Thanks
  3. 30cmtruedamage

    A question on Torpedo damage

    Yeah hello . SO I am still playing Yugomo IJN dd tier IX . I want to know why my torps sometime do damage like 10k sometimes 15k sometimes 20k ? Can you folks tell me the factors determining torp damage ? Thank you
  4. Just got my hands on Harekaze with my sad little salary from part time. While she is fun and all , i have serious problem getting her to do something useful. Her torps just seem to slip through almost any ships ; 62 knots + 1.6 km detect range really make these seem rather pointless as i had a single torp hit once every three match. The guns , while very effective against dd , has too many problem. the 127mm IJN guns are the best at taking on anything that is not dd, 100mm is best at shredding dd but little else and US 127mm jst doesnt have the DPM to back it up. Also , the ship seem to be extremely prone to get something knocked out , even more so than other dd These combined make my damage per game and win rate looks dubious if not questionable ? I really need advices on how to spec her cpt and how to play her. I intend to keep 100mm , ditch IFHE and use AP to combat dd , use torps against everything else. Does anyone has a different way to use it ? P/s : I missed the HSF Spee due to no money to buy it , will there be 2nd chance ?
  5. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    T8 IJN DD Akizuki needs a buff

    I think the Akizuki needs a buff, compared to other DDs it is very slow with a top speed of 33knots and has a bad turning radius of 730 meters. It can no longer stealth fire and due to its gun caliber can only ever do minimal damage. I would suggest buffing it's speed or turning radius. Or perhaps even increasing its fire chance
  6. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    T8 IJN DD Akizuki needs a buff

    I think the Akizuki needs a buff, compared to other DDs it is very slow with a top speed of 33knots and has a bad turning radius of 730 meters. It can no longer stealth fire and due to its gun caliber can only ever do minimal damage. I would suggest buffing it's speed or turning radius. Or perhaps even increasing its fire chance Duplicate post. Thread locked. ~amade
  7. As someone who both plays IJN DDs and gets IJN DDs in his team, I think the situation with IJN DDs needs to be addressed. But before that, I would like to apologise for playing these ships. I was once a skrub and played weeb smolbotes even after the nerfs, because sunk cost fallacy Never have I been more mistaken. Apparently now, it appears only the Premium IJN DDs, plus Shiratsuyu and Akizuki are in any way useful to teams (if played right). Everything else just sucks, and I have no idea why would anyone play them. Why would anyone, with the right mind, play a ship that is unmaneuverable, has decent concealment (that does not make up for the poor maneuverability), has terrible gun handling (turret traverse), poor torps (long spotting range), but similar reload as USN. I think WG should just remove IJN DDs and put them in super containers. Feel free to comment. TL;DR Most IJN DDs are terrible, why people still play them?
  8. New_Horizontal

    Should I buy Kamikaze?

    According to some source, Kamikaze will be removed from premium shop for good after this sale. So, we cannot buy it anymore and hope for SC for that (may the RNGsus be with you) I started to enjoy DD gameplay recently. And I may looking for some premium in near future. Thus is the Kamikaze worth to buy?
  9. CarbonMonoxide

    how to play stock Hatsuharu?

    6km torpedo 6.7km detection range 9.3km gun I don't know how to play this at all I'm used to the old hatsuharu with 8km 67kn torpedo but now the captain is on akitsuki and the stock torpedo is only 6km I find myself hardly contributing to the team now I only do spotting, poping smoke for the allies, or just scaring away the enemy with smoke I can hardly deal any damage if I fire at <9.3km, the CA and BB, especially some scharnhorst, can sink me within 2 salvo if I torp at <6km, I'm simply dead All BBs in the front which I can engage, are so smart that they will turn and give you big hits if you engage them they will even stay some distance from the corners that I can't strike them at the corners While the noob BBs are all staying behind the CAs that I can't survive if I get spotted near them can somebody teach me how to CQC the BB with torpedo? or tell me how to make use of the stock hatsu? I'm not going to skip it with free exp as I would better save them for the harder grind and I believe there should be something to learn in the stock hatsu
  10. ShiraYukira

    Credit and exp refunds

    When the IJN DD line split do still get to retain the same tier? will we get refunded on the price of Hatsuharu or fubuki ?
  11. Loshirai14

    I recreated Shiratsuyu in Besiege

    Due to my excitement to the upcoming IJN DD sub-line. I decided to make my own Shiratsuyu. Originally planned as a Hatsuharu but then decided to convert it to Shiratsuyu. I had to exclude some details like AA and some other things due to performance issues. Took me 2-6 hours per day for 8 days to make. What do you guys think? :3 Here's another one i made a few weeks ago
  12. Gezei

    AFT or SE on IJN DD

    Just like the title said, I wanted to ask for opinions on which skill is more viable on IJN DD. Do take note that I'd want to take the skill more viable with upcoming IJN DD changes too, but this case will be for the "original torpedo/gunboat" line, NOT the new one with Akizuki in it. I know the leaked stats aren't final, but for now we may take that for granted just for the sake of argument. According to the leaks, the modified IJN DD line won't be getting much of any HP buff so they'll stay at bottom, and their guns tend to have 9.5-11km range. Their turrets are still as slow as before (30sec/180 deg turn) but with the RoF buff they can deliver quite a punch. That brings a few implications: - Their guns are good on anything that doesn't require turning the turret, aka bad at knife fight other DD but good at harassing BB and CA. - Although I said their gun is good, the reload is still far behind other DD by quite a margin (7-8 sec reload for tier6-8), the potential damage from guns may not be enough to dethrone torpedo as main weapon. - Range is okay-ish for gunboatting, but with AFT they can stealth fire. The shells do have good velocity so it doesn't suffer from USN DD syndrome. - Torpedoes likely not exceed 10km range, atleast for most of them with Shima "may" be the sole exception. This has implication that if IJN DD go for stealth gunboatting at 11-12km then the torps are unlikely to be used at that time. Although WG may make hidden change and increases detection upon firing on IJN DD guns like they did to RU ones. - Depending on which skill to be picked, I think the IJN DD player should drive his boat accordingly. Which one is more effective depends on the current game meta, which I'm not confident enough to make a conclusion, thus came this topic. * AFT = Focus more on guns, with torpedo as backup. Basically spamming HE on BB and CA like a RU DD would do, and throw torpedo wall whenever it's reloaded. Getting in close only when there are no DD or radar CA around. * SE = Take risks and get closer for more accurate torpedo salvos. The extra HP is there in case of dealing with enemy DD, basically trying to play like an old style IJN DD but with slightly better guns. Currently this is what I'm doing in my Kamikaze, I find myself fighting other DD more than torping BB or CA. EDIT: I didn't include Demolition Expert because I find 10km range not enough to safely gunboatting, and getting more than 1 tier4 skill might be too much grinding for me. In your opinion, which skill (or play style) is more effective? In terms of self-rewarding or team-rewarding? Please give your point on why.

    Goodbye IJN Torpedo DDs

    This is my first time starting a topic at the forums, so at least be easy on me. I don't want this to turn into a rant, but I juts gotta have my say on this. So, news on the new IJN DD tech tree is out. And with the new sub-branch coming, the IJN DDs get a major overhaul on the main branch ships as well. Okay, so everyone is aware of that it seems. And so I was reading through the article (hopefully expecting something good) and then this comes up: "Along with these adjustments, Japanese destroyers of the main tech tree have lost their far-range torpedoes..." And I was like: They're basically nerfing the torpedoes (again) of IJN DD's for better guns. The new update seems to imply that they are planning to "kill" the torp-heavy IJN DD's and make them "universal DDs", basically a copy of the USN DDs. Do I approve of this change? Well, sorry, but I don't. It kills off the national flavor of the IJN DDs which was the sole reason of why I picked it over the other DD tech tree: to punish people who lack situational awareness with a good torp to the side. Although you ca still do that after the patch, but not as good. Okay, I understand that torpedoes are inherently "unreliable", and that the IJN DDs aren't competitive when compared to the USN and the newer VMF DDs in their current state. It took me a while to get the hang of it (even now I'm still learning), but I must say, I like the ninja-torping gameplay. I like it a lot. And these changes worry me. I admit, the IJN DDs of high tiers need to be tweaked, but I'm feeling that these radical changes would force the IJN dds to demote torpedoes as a mere secondary weapon, and stick to guns like everyone else. But (speaking from the PoV of one who actually likes IJN DD gameplay) I feel that WG has entirely given up, or just didn't bother to, balance IJN torpedo DDs. It's like instead of having your broken motorbike turn into a sedan because the repairman said "we could not be bothered with fixing your bike's engines, so we turned it into a car instead because that's the new meta". I specifically came down this line because of the torps. And WG removing that one thing that makes the IJN DDs special makes me feel a little betrayed... I'm no programmer, but my logic dictates that when something isn't performing as good as everyone else, you "buff" it in the areas that it lacks, not turn it into something different. I think they could've just gave them better guns, and while they're at it, some torpedoes that are actually harder to spot, even if their range stays at 10km (hey, maybe they'll do that *fingers crossed). I'm still pessimistic with all these changes. But hey, nothing's final yet. I'm not too confident of WG's approach to balancing, but maybe they'll pull it off and prove me wrong. IDK but It would be great if that happens. But whatever happens, whether I drop the line or not (made it to the Fubuki), I will wait for them to make their move, and leave theirfate to the STers. I could've explained it a lot better, but I'm already tired from work and I just wanna get this out of my chest before I sleep.
  14. Now as you can see Minekaze was the most successful IJN Destroyer. With her 10 km fast reload torp and decent guns So WG, As usual, Nerf her very badly not only on her torpedoes but her guns too Down to 7 km range (with her stock camo is 6.2 km) making this ship much much even worse than Isokaze (6.1 km camo, 10 km gun range, 7 km torp range) this ship should deserves something better than that!
  15. saki6200


    Dear WG dev and fellow players, I don't know if it is a suggestion or question now since you are gonna to introduce what you changed in 0.5.3PT and posted the announcement, indeed i wanna to post this in feedback forum. TL;DR: You better delete the whole cv line rather than changing the stuff like this, I believe even the top tier cv player(both skills and ship tiers) will STOP PLAYING if you really introduce the OVERWHELMING AA changes in the PT server, since high tier cv can NEVER attack again just by AA MECHANICS. We are really CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED on WHAT YOU CHANGED and WHAT PATH YOU WANT CV TO GO. Before talking about cv, which as a cv player concerned the most. Lets start talking dd first, since the change is very large, including those captain skill change. Let’s roughly go through those captain skills first: 1. Last stand changed to second tier skill, quite good since dd is very easy to have their parts damaged, and those rngs in facts, really determine the outcome of a dogfight, and snowball a game. If in domination mode, this is really huge, just rngs. Getting this early can increase the survivability of those dds,great for new comers and let them having better experience. 2. The skill increasing torp. Speed& decreasing the range, ok finally a skill which is completely (only in some sense) viable for underpower higher tier IJN dds. Well, many people saying that it is op or anything else, but to be quite honest, I really don’t think the accuracy will be increased drastically, since, too many detection method (planes,sonars, dd in opponent team, etc.), but at least, punishing alone bb is gotta be “easier”. Something to elaborate: the torp damage is too low at long range againstbb at higher tier(aka 8~10), a shimakaze can’t kill a yamato with a perfectlong range torps.(3~4hit, actually only having 40k~60k damage in total), and having a 3 minute cd, and yamato can heal back up, to maybe 60k before the next wave of torp. up, kinda ridiculous in a lot of sense, even nerf yamato’s healing power still doesn’t solve the problem: long range torp isn’t as effective as one god like rng salvo. 3. 400health*tier added to the ship health, everyone wants more health on dd, and this 4000 health is like buffing dd too much compared to their mobility provided. Not much explain,maybe soviet dd can 1v1 yamato in a 10km fight without using torp. I can only see the only ships buffed is soviet ships, both dd and mikhail got a huge buff. Back on the torpedo topic, which every player complaining since beta or even alpha from what I see. With the current game, long range torpedo itself almost doing no damage, but actually generates damage for the team, in a optimal situation. However with the spread provided & the detection range alone, a bb can actually tank up the damage or easily dodge without taking damage, considering different situation they are in. BB isn't affected by a well scouted torps. “3 Shimakaze is op in T10 battles!” Ok, one is not good, and 3 is op?(or ACTUALLY one "op" shima can do a 3-way torp. himself)Thinking about the current detection method, you have actually sonar, your teammates, planes, scout planes to detect the torps in quite a far range, think about the dd survivability, think about the bb survivability,it is only about the lack of team coordination to detect the torp rather than the shimakaze itself is op, while shima cannot win any t10 dd in a dogfight. How can you say a dd having better torp but losing every single dogfight op? Well, maybe we don’t talk about t10, in the mid tier nowadays, what I have seen when I climbing up my USN CV in SEA server is, people never think about the dd have already torp him when he see a dd in range to torp him who scouted by my plane. And get a 4~5 hit to the face(considering most dd have only 8 torp at once in mid tier), and say, dd op,wow, such a good player. A good player have no idea about the torpedos' timing. Well, maybe elaborate one more thing. In my experience playing high tier games, there are very very little players considered to bring sonar into a game since the caliber of the sonar usage is too high, they don’t know when will have torp if there is no cv(for average players, a good player almost always know where the torps are), bringing barrage skill is always better in a game with cv, so I think it is one of reason players are actually blaming rather than “shimakaze OP/IJNDD OP”. People really not urged to bring sonar at all. Yeah WG, maybe you need to think about those “good players” experience, but on high tier IJN dd stand point, the current thing is, they can never have a meaningful torp attack if there is a good cv in game.(not even some supreme cv player) So, why play shima? Because there is no cv in game, no one can effectively spot shimakaze except kagero. Why there is no cv? AA too powerful when you have fully aa upgraded ship even in 0.5.2., people can't attack zao with IJN cv. This bring to the point people blaming “CV op” occurred for a year and keep going, still, people complaining because they get rekted, having no idea how to dodge the aircraft torpedos, by simple turning their ships at right way, aka a new comer. And WG, you tune up the aa stats every single time, to a point where a “newbie” never invest in aa can rekt a cv with USN ca/USN bb SOLO, just by pressing a barrage skill/ just rely on aa alone can destroy 75% of the planes before they attack, is that such a playable experience for any CV player? I would say not. CV, as the hardest ship to play in WoWs, having numerous situation that they are in, need to think about ALMOST every single ships movement, torpedo cds,thinking about where and when to invest the planes to have a positive outcome,having that many tactics, but having a stupid reward when the other team having overpower aa alone because you cannot do damage on them, even back in 0.5.2 where we are playing now, IJN CV still need to find the weak point and attack, but even when you found that point out, it doesn't have a 50% chance if that target is not alone. WG you keep saying HE should be able to lowering the aa defense of the other ships, but what I see is, HE means nothing, if HE can lower the aa defense to a acceptable level for cv, it already killed the ship twice or more, then why having this mechanics in game? The last time i post when PT 0.5.2 comes up, I said the balance between USN and IJN CV is broken that should be having some fine tune, but not “CV is playable”, maybe you think CV is playable? In T4? This time you made the aa damage exponentially increase while the planes health are in linear, an aa fully upgraded cleverland can easily killing midway planes with the new aa formula that included in this patch, is that funny enough? When better players know to upgraded their aa range, their aa power against cv, the people who don’t know just keep blaming “cv op”, and make cv suffered in high tiers, is that really what you want? Sorry for whining but seriously the 0.5.3 aa change is a joke for every single cv player,and completely ruining the cv players’ experience when playing. I would say only the new formula is introduce without any rng included is good enough as a first step for balancing those cv problem but not making us frustrated. And to be quite honest, if you want both “newbie” and “god tier” cv players both happy is impossible, since the cv mechanics now is allowing better players “killing” not good enough players every single game, who doesn’t stand a chance except the large differential in the captain skills. And bad cv players’ statistics will confusing the one who’s reading since they are really junk when talking about CV mechanics and the CV interaction against the other ships, they don't even have a chance to attack and get sunk when the game start. Yeah because the“not good enough” players are always exist, the team who have that guy will have a tough time just because of the other team’s cv, and what I see is, you keep increasing the aa value to a point in 0.5.2 where a team(without a USN CA)who knows how to grouping aa and using aa skill orderly will never fear cv since the aa power is too much for the planes. And the USN CA can take down the whole plane squad solo without problems. So what’s the result? A CV can’t overcome one ca in a ship crew and they can only pray if the team is good enough to get them from the game started, and when one team who having not good enough players playing other ships, cv can do nothing even they win the CV battle(except they can scout), such a joke, or, you want cv doing nothing just killing those fts in T10 and using every single squad on one ship in one attack? So, as the result of 0.5(before this 0.5.3 patch to be exact), A CV cannot overcome one group of ship who having one ca and they can only pray if that ca is died earlier during the game. If the team is not good enough, cv don’t have any impact in the game considering the winning snowball (scouting alone isn’t enough to win the game). Think about why you give torp squad and dive bombers for cv? In this patch(0.5.3) I would seriously think a 5/0/0 midway is better than every other single loadout in t10 in terms of the game control, in terms of win condition and snowball. Besides,you still haven’t solve the problem when ca press one button the cv got screwed, esp. when playing IJN cv, the spread is really broken, and from what I have mentioned before, a well-played ship team does not care about the cv since they have unlimited barrage skill throughout the game while having 2cas, wherein normal game (random battle) there are always 4cas or above, is that really a good practice to let cv exposed to numerous aa skill before they can attack? aa elaboration: There are some advanced tactics on those ca since the aa range>plane detection range, where they close their aa and wait your planes get into middle range(killing range) of your ship then start aa again, CV can do NOTHING like the bb getting torp in cbt/0.3.1 (look at your Mikhail, 9.2km range, 3x+ compared to the TB range, what cv can do if there are 3 or more Mikhail on a single team in the same team? Nothing.) Then u bring USN CA’s(no, that’s Mikhail power) aa defense power to every single type of CA now is really ridiculous, CV can bring nothing to impact the game because they have no damage, a better ship crew can always [Redacted] up the bad ship crew which doesn’t matter if a cv is very very good or not. With all the points mentioning about those striking is useless, still, players tend to bring strike-heavy loadout, the reasons behind are: 1. Better trust myself to carry my teammates rather than wait my teammates to carry me. 2. FT is having less impact(almost useless imo for lower skill player)compared to TB or even DB 3. Scouting for ten minutes having less impact than doing 1k damage killing a dd, and boring too(i'm kidding) Based on the fact that TB’s torp front-end damage is the main damage source for CV after you implement a faster damage repair control and all those signals, people only focus TB as the main target to SIGNIFICANTLY decrease the CV damage, if you have study enough high quality battles in T10, the ship kills are always come from the others but not the cvs. However, the game quality below T10 is quite low and I can hardly find one game as an example. Not only that,your ft still being useless, no pressure on the other ships except dd who don’t have anti-air power anyways, and now, you buffed 0.5.3 dd’s aa to a strong state that can anti-air, so what is the target of a cv? We just need to upgrade the aa parts for our ships and killing cv, wow, amazing, can it be more simple than brain-dead? And for the BBs, they still have a degree of air defense that won’t let you having no pressure when attacking them, still, without increasing damage, cv having almost 0 impact in the early to late game, the game stage affecting all the stats that you can see on the website, Most of the damage late game doesn’t control a game at all, and we still putting up numbers since we need experience and money for research and maintenance. Well, u may say cv can still commanding your team, ok when I play hakuryu, or even taiho. I can hardly find the time to type in some complicated command like dd torping one specific area, start gaining some map vision or get to a point where they can bluff the other team’s cv not to using that route, or baiting the other team into a trap, you can never tell them what thing you want them to do specifically and accurately. And as if you did that, what rewarding you is the win rate, not even one single experience or money(or if you counting the winning bonus there are). So, why playing CV? Really not point to play. If you keep treating us, cv players as the second class players, please tell us you do so, and we will leave the game without any question, because there is no point to play a non-factor ship in a competitive game. After CV leaving, no one scouting the dd’s torpedos, numerous “BB player” will start blaming “DD op” like what they did in beta, then you nerf IJN dd again, so are people forced to play the third personal shooting game rather than naval war? Then you can changed the game title into “world of warships shooting”, which doesn’t change the abbreviation. To all BB players, you can keep on whining every single type ships “op” on the forum, I don’t really care, but if the game turns into world of BBs, don’t blame the other using aiming assistant mod, which is the real OP stuff. To fix?(or actually not to fix) is all upon WG your decision, it is not easy to revise every single tier’s ships aa and those planes hp in depth, but can you at least, make the aa value rather linear for the cas and think about how “unplayable” cv is with the current state when there are only two ca have fully aa upgraded in one team.( yeah this is live now, enjoy getting your plane shoot down but you can do nothing) All in all, we love this game, thus we feedback, but this time, you really make cv step into the graveyard except t4/5, and i am really considering if i should playing this game or not because of this change. We are really CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED on WHAT YOU CHANGED and WHAT PATH YOU WANT CV TO GO. I have no question if you only want to see CVs in team battle, i can really understand all the changes then. Too many whining: Welcome to World of Warships shooting 0.5.3 patch. There is gonna be no good CV around since it is broken+unplayable, enjoy eating more torps and blame dd op, happy hunting! Thank you for reading this. p.s. WOW, so many caps, but still, can't even express my emotion when i typing this, feel free to fill out the poll and tell WG WHAT YOU THINK. Best Regards, saki6200 Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda