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Found 4 results

  1. 30cmtruedamage

    How to Yamato ?

    Halo . Is 80k avg damage in yamato good or what ? I played 60 battles my max was 200k damage . What could I do for further improvements ? Your inputs are greatly appreciated . Thank you
  2. 30cmtruedamage

    Getting too much overpens

    I am at tier 8 Amagi and sometimes this starts to be ridiculous, 70% of all shots with AP is overpen, regardless of which angle, where or what ship we aim at.Damage mechanics are totally broken, and Battleships are starting to become unplayable some times. Typical shoot&pray style. Any inputs guys ?
  3. 30cmtruedamage

    Halp with Amagi build- Resolved

    Hai folks , I have a couple of questions about Amagi build . I have AFT CE and that manual select for secondary guns at tier 4 commander skills . Now I just wanna know which build is best. AA build at slot 4 ? How effective it is gonna be ? Really worth it ? or I should just take Main battery mod 2 which reduces dispersion by 7% or I go for secondary built for dd rekting . How much difference does this 7% dispersion makes ? And having AFT tier 4 on japaense BB really worth it ? Much obliged :)
  4. 30cmtruedamage

    how to kongo

    halo So yeah just started grinding ijn bb line . Currently at tier 5 kongo . Please give me advice on citadel hits . Like where to aim and all . I do get citadel hits on cruisers but I kjust wanna know how it works . What is good range ? <15 km ? Many thanks