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Found 11 results

  1. 作成しました。ぜひご投票ください。
  2. The buff to IJN 100mm guns means that with IFHE Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo can pen 32mm of armor, so I was wondering if it's worth grinding down to the branch (I'm stuck at Isokaze because I didn't bother grinding earlier due to the "IJN DDs are bad" meme), if only to troll CAs and BBs with a hail of damaging 100mm HE spam. I know the IJN gunbotes are slow and sluggish, and I'm not sure if the opportunities for trolling CAs and BBs are worth the weaknesses against other DDs and the overall meta (For that matter I'm also grinding the RU DD line to Grozovoi and I'm at Gnevny right now).
  3. coldsteelfury

    How To Play Akizuki

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice on how to play the Akizuki. From my brief experience the Akizuki sucks and is over rated. I accept I may be doing something wrong and need to improve, but there are quirks to this ship which defy rational explanation. It's not the dps monster people make it out to be. I've been in matches where I have rained 200 - 400 shells onto enemy ships and am lucky if I do 20K - 30K damage. I am literally raining shells on enemy BBs and they completely ignore me. Why waste their time swatting an annoying mosquito that barely harms you? And the most annoying part.... after spending the entire match raining 300 shells on enemy ships, I'm lucky if I'm barely able to cover my service costs. This ship literally has sent me broke. I don't yet have IFHE and I understand that's a step up but my concerns are this. What magical DPS effect is IFHE going to have when: AP shells mostly bounce anyway and do bugger all damage (and according to most expert players, you're meant to be using AP and not simply HE spamming) HE shells shatter. I get it IFHE will reduce the shatter rate and help with starting fires which is a great damage boost.... but it hardly transforms the ship into this insane killing machine. There are people out there who swear AP is better than IFHE HE shells anyway, so IFHE can't be this skill which transforms my 300 shells per match from nothing into the literal hand of death smiting all it touches. Akizuki is not a heavy hitter. It appears to kill by using sustained fire to wear opponents down. In my experience sustained AP fire does very little. How are people doing the massive damage I hear about? It can't be IFHE because that only really helps with fires and players seem to insist you need to use both AP and HE. The AP is borderline useless. Even to kill other DDs, you need to keep shooting them up. Akizuki will never one shot anything, so killing enemy DDs when capping is suicidal because their friends will normally half kill you unless you take evasive action shortly after firing (and most of your shells bounce anyway). So killing other DDs is tricky unless you completely surprise them from the other side of an island and they're unable to angle away from you and cause your shells to bounce. And forget chasing them as you're too slow. And as for killing anything else, it's borderline hopeless unless they're dumb enough to run into your torps. Come on guys. What's the secret. I mean I've seen videos where people swear the AP is better than HE with IFHE, so it can't be just IFHE. 400 shells on BBs which are moving and presenting different angles but doing bugger all damage..... you can't fake that. It doesn't matter if someone is a unicum, their trigger finger isn't any better than mine or make the shells behave any differently. What am I missing here? Why does the damage output suck so hard to be almost non existent? I feel like I've got a rapid firing machine gun which shoots cotton balls.
  4. IndominusWrath

    Remove IFHE from Commander skill

    I know some people might find this as a joke. but I think IFHE as a commander skill is bad. As it restricts us from only taking certain amount of commander skills instead of actually changing playstyle for myself. I dont know how others manage, but in Akizuki, Atlanta, who has some "JOKE" gun HE penetration cannot do anything on uptiered. And once I spend life on ifhe either i have to sacrifice something that I really shouldnt (i.e. Concealment or Radio location). I know developers will never read this but I still want to hear your opinions. Wouldnt it be better if IFHE was as part of a Module/Upgrade because it is a part of ship which has nothing to do with commander so I think IFHE in ship's upgrade slot is better. Like Shell Modification 1/ Ifhe = HE shells do more penetration. (and fire chance reduced by 40%) if youre wondering what to put as empty commander skill now, how about "advanced flooding resistant crew" or something like that, "-15% flooding damage per time"
  5. New boat. I had just logged on to outfit her this morning when @Ordrazz interrupted me with a div invite. Today is (was supposed to be) my "off" day for WoWS, I was just up to buy modules and spec out the captain. So... as I've been on the 203's since forever and have never tried IFHE before, I'm running the kiteing build: 155, IFHE, + steering gears mods 1,2,3. Thoughts/hints before I go out and embarrass myself? (Take your time, I'll be putting around in Coop for a bit first before helping your team lose in Random. )
  6. HE彈的慣性引信(IFHE)技能的描述中提到,口徑小於等於139 mm 的炮點火率-1%,也就是說包括139mm在內。然而我試驗中發現,使用139mm的6級法國驅逐艦鷹(Aigle),3級法國巡洋艦Fraint,以及諾曼底139mm副炮的點火率在使用IFHE技能后-3%而非-1%。
  7. Big_Black_Hawk

    report a bug on IFHE with 139 mm gun

    As described,guns whose caliber up to (<=) 139 mm only -1% fire rate with IFHE,but it actually -3% on Aigle and Friant's 139 mm main gun and Normandie's 139 mm secondaries. In contrast,Expert Marksman skill works normally,+2.5 degree/s to Aigle's 139 mm main guns.
  8. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Some changes to IFHE and smoke. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6ugxin/wows_dev_blog_in_st_ifhe_affects_detection/?ref=share&ref_source=link NA forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/134292-even-more-info-on-the-wip-smoke-changes-ifhe-changes/ Everything in testing, so nothing confirmed, but looks like IFHE will have little chance of fires.. And bb will no longer be able to fire from smoke undetected (hope links work)
  9. Zwelivelle

    Z-23 and IFHE

    Finally i managed to use IFHE and CE on this ship. And the video is the first time i use her after getting the skill. A lot of luck involved, and thanks to our team CV. Also thanks to 2 BBs who followed me, although one was YOLO, i might not survive without him lol. Many people doesn't like this ship, and say, don't invest into it. I've tested the build at PT server, then i came with 3 requirements need to understand and to be done before making this ship useful. Not a powerful ship, but useful. 1. Fully upgraded 2. IFHE + CE 3. Do not gunfight another DD with same or higher tier Explanation : 1. The ship only have 4 x 128mm gun if you refuse to get 150mm. Hull B and 150mm both required to get the ship 5 guns. The fore gun will transform into dual mount. Since her firing range also horrible, plus you don't get bonus from Advanced Firing Training skill, extra range also a necessity. Torpedo upgrade should be the last, note at this video, even BB managed to torpedo beat mine. The spread of 4 tubes are huge, so it must be lucky to hit. 2. IFHE, inertial fuse high explosive Is a skill needed to increase number of options to deal damage to another ship. 150mm + IFHE is equal to russian cruiser 152mm + IFHE. Mogami's 155mm is a little bit higher. You can deal damage to BB bow and stern using this skill, note that i did full damage hitting North Carolina's bow. It is ship's hull part in front of the first turret. CE is concealment expert, needed to reduce ship detectability. Almost a must have skill for DD, nuff said. Her max concealment is 6.2km 3. Z-23 is a poor gunboat to deal with another DD, even killing a Kagero is a lot of pain. She is good against anything else tho. AP penetration also horrible, as if the big 3700 AP damage a lie. The only good target if you want to use her AP probably Shchors. The bad penetration should be good against DD, you might think but it also wrong. No good DD player would show broadside all the time.
  10. Reverse_ldeology

    Mikhail Kutuzov is OP

    After playing MK after the patch, I have only one thing to say, we don't need Zaos in Tier 8, we especially do not need Zaos with smoke in tier 8. Now I know why Zao is not nerfed, for they have buffed the other CLs to Zao levels. The Mikhail Kutuzov is an especially overpowered ship, given the right captain skills. With the following skills, which I personally use: -Priority Target -Adrenaline rush -Demolition Expert -Inertial Fuse for HE Shells -Concealment Expert Given this setup, one has 11.1km detection range, 11% Fire chance (12% with flags), and just over 32mm of HE penetration. One's reload also shortens down to 6.5s if damaged, allowing one to spam HE quickly at long range when at low HP. Given the Kutuzov's smoke and insane range, it has really disproportionate influence over the battle. Plus, the increase in HE alpha more than offsets the decrease in fire damage. While before one gets about 60k HE damage and about the same (or slightly more) fire damage, now one easily gets over 100k HE damage, with about the third of HE alpha damage in fires. This is definitely not balanced, the MK does too much damage. Like previously you do no damage to saturated BB superstructure, now shells that hit the hull and bow/stern(32mm) do full damage. This equates to about 6k per salvo on early game and 1.5-3k late game, and the DPM increase hilariously as you take damage. WG Nerf pls Seriously mate, this thing is too OP, earning 700+k every game while farming enemy BBs in smoke is cheesing. Regards Your local HE Spammer scumbag who is actually concerned about game playability Also, buy MK for maximum keks
  11. KillStealz

    IFHE (Helpful Table)

    Found this table on which ships may benefit from IFHE by seeing the changes is presents, thought i'd share with the community. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/5ordcb/datamined_list_of_ifhe_penetration_changes/ For me will be trying this out on the RU/USN 152mm, Atlanta, Belfast, Mogami 155mm. Anyone tested on German DDs (especially 150mm) or RU 130mm, Anshan, Lenningrad or Bly?