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Found 1 result

  1. why people call DD is destroyer? what they did is just wonder around a circle called cap.... WHY THE HELL I MUST CAP? its not look like a destroyer name fit to only stay and smoked doingnothingwaitingfordead. Destroyer is called destroyer because their main role is to destroy! (yet, they are the most lowest average damage in game) WoWs Ads : Torpedo the Yamato.... Torpedo the Yamato again.... Torpedo the Yamato.... Torpedo the Yamato again.... Torpedo the Yamato.... Torpedo the Yamato again.... Torpedo the Yamato.... Torpedo the Yamato again.... ouh wait its CV....... oh alright, who play DD because of this.... sorry guys... unlike you, i play DD because this! AND THIS...... [sorry but i still stuck at grinding it] MERDE WITH THE CAP! KAMERAD! WE MUST REVOLT!!! WE DONT WANT TO BECOME SLAVE OF THOSE COWARD BBcapitalist we put our life in the front line, yet most BB just camp in the back, drink some coffee and read manga or watch anime... RAISE OUR FELLOW DD!!! SHOW WG what WE WANT! now, ITS TIME FOR OUR GLORY! DD for daDDies! I am getting sick of babysitting BBabies New proposed Domination CAPPING METHOD: 1. a team only getting point when there is a ship inside the cap! it mean there is no permanent cap point, so leaving the cap mean no point! 2. a ship that enter the cap will get point after 3 sec! except CV, 1 min..... 3. if there is both team and enemy team in cap, both team GET POINT! (except CV wont get point) 4. 1 ship in the cap give point independently from other ship. so if your team have 2 cruiser inside the cap, it mean you get double point! 5. the cap point for each ship is different.... DD : 1 point each 3 sec CA : 3 point each 3 sec BB : 5 point each 3 sec CV : 180 point each 1 min (yolo CV mode) [equivalent of 9 point each 3 sec].... get reset if hit example = in cap A there is 2DD of team ubi, and there is 1DD + 1BB of team singkong. so the point is calculate as : - team ubi : 2 point each 3 sec - team singkong : 6 point each 3 sec a BB in the cap is very high risk, so yeah.... but their presence in the cap will also threaten enemy objective. BB in the cap like "i am the boss, kill me if you can!" other rules : # received a hit will debuff a ship cant get point in the cap for 5 sec # torpedo can hit another torpedo! thus counter it! (except for lelwater torpedo) # cap circle should be bigger by 25% # max point get in single cap is limited by 10 point (equal of 2 BB) (no lemming train) >>> CV point is exception <<< # there is only 2 cap in the battle..... # anything is subject to change the after effect : ~ NO MORE CAMPING! go to cap you surface PHEASANT! i mean BB ~ obviously, secondary build is become more awesome ~ put less stress on DD ~ put the end on boring camping BB meta.... ~ DD will become the real destroyer..., since everyone gather at cap..... TOOOORRRRRPPPEDDDDOOOOO ~ DD cap is less worth than before, so DD can hunt everyone and become destroyer ~ make CV less OP, since AA bubble screen will gathered closer the idea is, making the cap for BB high risk high return! reward the skilled yolo brawler more! _________________________ i want to play Destroyer and become Destroyer! . . i hope this song will inspire our fellow DD to fight its right and raise againts BB Tyranny! i actually want to make Alsace/Republique/Bismarck secondary go for more action. sorry, despite playing BB. i am not BBabies..... i am Big Boss Secondary!! wtf i have done....