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Found 1 result

  1. ShiraYukira

    How do you play this game ?

    As an IJN main i just don't understand how to play this game anymore 100 days ago it was going fine, bought a year of premium, about 3 months have passed the game doesn't seem to be playable i am an above average player putting average = 50% win rate i don't like russian ships for personal reasons i hate Cleveland because my aoba can't seem to citadel it i dislike how painful german AP are i dislike the acceleration on British cruisers dang those IJN HE hurts annoying USN gun arcs that you can't return fire ? everything seem fine until you put radar into the game and well.... how to even play destroyers now? i seriously don't mind playing shimakaze even i have 0 torpedo tubes or just with those slow 20km torpedo, i am a safe player , RIP long range torps in tier 8 ++ i love em to be honest and reason for their removal was cuz of team kills ( from what i heard) well.... its not like i care if i did a team kill or i become pink because i have faith i wouldn;t be pink because only bad destroyer players are behind friendly ships for the most part but honestly Radar hurts, i can't even play anymore.... someone gotta fix the concealment changes to something that allows DD to have some chance in this game else please just remove the ship class of Destroyers entirely