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Found 4 results

  1. What to expect from WG's 2016 Halloween Event? I'm seeing Halloween theme on WOWS website already. Looks like 2 new event ships huh? :d CAN'T WAIT Red text. Post edited, user warned. ~amade
  2. IJN_Katori

    Coop Assault Mode when? D:

    While everyone is talking about German BBs let's talk about this this was replaced to the next patch, does this mode will be on more maps? (AKA Big Race, Islands, etc.) Also, i did this during the PT 8 vs 12 seems promising thou
  3. FenrirApalis


    So it is confirmed that the premium Scharnhorst is coming out sometime after patch 0.5.8 SOOO EXCITED I really hope we get to choose between 280mm and 380mm tho, also hope that it comes with torpedos btw does anyone know if its going to be classified as BB or as CA in game
  4. cyxnide

    World of Imagination

    Have you ever had a wild imagination on what would it be like if something else were to be added to the game, or that you somehow got stuck in the game forever for reasons? Over here, you could write about what is on your mind when you're playing this game. It doesn't need to be exactly something realistic, it can be your fantasies as well. Let your imagination run wild, and share them with the rest of the community. Again as usual, I'll start by sharing my own xD I sometimes fantasize about these when I'm playing Haruna in the game... (I renamed Kongou into Haruna by using this tool , special thanks to the mod creator, MasaruKondera, you're awesome!) You know how the ships in WoWS has no crew members at all right? I often imagine that its because the entire ship is controlled by one (or multiple) mental models, and that the mental models are girls from that game. When you're in a battle, you tell the mental model on what you want to do, and she controls the entire ship according to your commands. The mental model will also feel pain and receive physical damage when the actual ship got hit by enemy shells or torpedoes. When your ship has been sunk by the enemy, the mental model and you (the players) will be ejected out to safety. Sometimes during mid-match, when my Haruna was hit by enemy shells or torpedoes, I imagine that I'm talking to Haruna's mental model and asking her if she's alright and ask her for the damage report. And when we're waiting at the port screen, I imagine myself walking around on the ship, or leaning against her railings and feeling the sea breeze. Due to this, sometimes when I got hit by an enemy, it hurts me inside a little when I think about what kind of pain is Haruna enduring when we got damaged.