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Found 7 results

  1. FatFluffyPenguin

    I'd Feel Sorry for You, But No

    Check the game chat. More video content for me :3 (Context: After first screenshot, I managed to nick Shiratsuyu with a single Stuka bomb)
  2. This isn't my creation. I saw it on Reddit and thought I would share. Based on my experience it is a much more accurate description of the contents of daily containers than the descriptions in game
  3. ok this bug is anoyying but hillarious at same time.... its looks like they scrap my musashi
  4. I just couldn't stop laughing, for those who haven't watched it yet and still play DDs.
  5. >Be me >Very meh player >Even moar meh CV player .zip >Lives in [Content Removed] Bangladesh (wtf is internet even?) Moar frequent power outage than angry CV rant threads. >Plays Essex (yey! not censored!) > Two mins into the game power goes out.sad >Scramble to unpack laptop from dusty attic > takes forever to get back in >holy heck my team has been wrecked > everyone dead but me, 4 low health enemies left > team chat is cursing me to all seven circles of Hell (reported 1 quintillion times) > Deep manly voice tells me I am the last hope >This happens. Feelsgood.jpg >Suckit.beyotch Profanity, Post Edited, User Warned ~Ephys
  6. http://www.duffelblog.com/2015/01/battleship-history/ Duffelblog is a US Marine/US Navy focused satirical (humorous) website- this is their take on history of battleships. I found it pretty funny- hope you do too Warning: some harsh language alongside the images. If you're sensitive to such things avoid Osi