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Found 1 result

  1. SpearF1sher

    How Prep for 10.6

    With this change in earnings of credits, xp coming. I thought, what is the best way to prep? What I have seen from reviews etc it looks like we will be earning more. Why? Example there are credit sinks that are in game now due to people having big stashes of credits, xp etc, so why then have this new system that gives you more ... unless the cost of everything in game is going to be increasing . Ships, upgrades, flags etc. So the question is should we hedge or is it that what we saw in the PT with price for flags are not going to be the actual price like what they did with Too poor to Rico. They had in the dockyard the upgrades for the build that were only 1000 dubs, people thinking oh cool this is going to be such a cool Xmas. Than reality hit, find out that the 1000 dub price we saw in PT was only a 'place holder'. Can't remember the actual price but .... everyone remembers TOO POOR TO RICO, not just what we saw for the dubs but the GRIND was redonkulous. Like 20 million in base xp, all the normal tasks we do now but put an extra 0 or two on the end....arghh So what are we seeing now? Just place holders or should we be stacking on flags, etc? I don't play subs but will be upgrading them so that when the subs are taken of me at the end of the patch, I get to keep the upgrades for later when I get new ships. (someone on this forum suggested doing this when the upgrades were half price a while back, Thank you! saved me a bunch of credits) This won't cost me more if I am wrong, but could save me a bit on the other side if the new economy has high inflation. Should we be saving on using flags camos etc now? As the return will be that much more in the new patch. Maybe buy those low tier ships back now? and sell back later.... Thoughts