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Found 3 results

  1. The title is self explanatory. I'm talking about this old news https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/hololive_commanders/ The Commanders will be up for sale very soon to everybody, Mods or anyone in general, do you have news for when WG will sell Hololive commanders? I want Fubuki to command my Fubuki 😔
  2. This is a guide to get the Hololive Commanders (Houshou Marine and Shirakami Fubuki) for free by creating a new DMM account. News: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/hololive_commanders/ Starts: 2020/06/11 @ 08:00 (UTC+8) Ends: 2020/06/30 @ 22:59 (UTC+8) Recommended: 80GB+ free storage space (You can delete update files after the DMM WoWS client is done installing to about 52GB) Be prepared to download 6.9GB + 26GB of content for the DMM WoWS client. Clear cookies/cache on Wargaming and DMM websites or just change your default browser to some browser you've never used before (This is to prevent wargaming/DMM automatically logging in to your existing account(s)) A VPN is necessary (It may be possible without one, but I couldn't find a way). I recommend TunnelBear as you'll just need to be brought onto a page via VPN. You can switch off the VPN when downloading. Steps: 1. First, go to DMM games website (https://games.dmm.com/en/) and create a new account. Confirm your email and proceed to the next step. 2. Go to the WoWs DMM website (https://dg.worldofwarships.asia/). Click the Play Button. A popup with two buttons will appear: Blue Button: "今すぐプレイ!"(Play Now) Orange Button: "DMM GAME PLAYER" "インストール(<Your OS>版)" (Install DMM Game Player) Don't download the launcher (Orange Button). I was stuck on an Update Loop from v2.4.6 -> v2.5.5. Apparently the link they gave was for an older version (When I tried it). Instead, click the underlined link below (DMM GAME PLAYERとは?), where you will be redirected to a page with another orange download button. This should give you the latest version of the Game Player. Download and install. 3. After it is done installing, it will prompt you to login. If it brings you to the home page with your account already logged in, it means there was some files from a previous install still present in your device. (Switch to your new account if needed). 4. Downloading the Game Using a VPN, switch to Japan and go back to the WoWs DMM website (https://dg.worldofwarships.asia/). Press Play and this time click the Blue Button "今すぐプレイ!"(Play Now). This should bring you directly to where you can download the WoWs client in the DMM Game Player. Click the Orange button. Tick the first box out of the three (Accepts Terms), and begin downloading the WoWs client. Note: This client is different from the regular WoWs client, I recommend putting it into different folder than your existing WGC WoWs folder. There are 2 stages to the download, a 6.9GB patch, followed by a 26GB patch. The download will take a while. If your download is slow (for me it was 100kb/s, which is essentially days), you can download the patches via HTTP from the links inside "WoWsLauncher.log"... You should be able to press the "プレイ" (Play) button in the DMM WoWs launcher now. 5. Creating a DMM WoWs account After logging in the game, you should see this. This is where you will be linked to create your account. If there's no conflicts with existing account from browser cookies/cache, you will be able to enter your new username here. If you are brought to login with your existing account... Enter the username you want for your account. The first checkbox is to agree with terms. Create the account with the orange button. 6. Play battles From the DMM WoWs website: "Reach account level 7 by completing 11 battles". The whole game will be stuck in JP language, but the UI is the exact same as EN version, so just play 11 battles. I recommend playing Co-Op as it is the fastest and using IJN ships as the Hololive Commanders are for IJN only. 7. Reaching Account Level 7 You will see that you have unlocked Commanders for your ships. I did not receive the Hololive commanders until I restarted the game. Clicking this in DMM Game Player will bring you to your games, where you can start up WoWs again. You should receive them once you enter the port. Congrats and have fun with your new cat Fox and 40 year old cosplayer Pirate commanders! To link your account to Wargaming (and stop using the DMM client to play) I decided to make this after seeing the complete lack of instructions on both WG and DMM's websites on how to even go through the whole process to obtain these 2 commanders. After spending days figuring it out, I hope you will be able to get them too! Hopefully this helped you! (^・ω・^§)ノ
  3. Hi Wargaming, I would like to report that the promo Event "Hololive" is not working. The mentioned article is in this link: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/hololive_commanders/ All instruction had been followed correctly. I need to download the DMM Game Player and then create a new account. Here is the screen shot of my new account logged on to the DMM Game Player. As seen in the screenshot, the World of Warships Client was downloaded, and ready to launch. The writings on the orange button is: ダウンロード版でプレイ. In latin: Daunrōdo-ban de purei. Translation: Play the Downloaded Version. Upon launching the game, there is a message error that presented in the following screenshot: I choose "Yes" to continue running the script and see what will happen next. There we go, lets launch the game: The writings on the orange button is: プレイ. In latin: Purei. Translation: Play. After the game is completely loaded, this is the message I get: The message is: まずは DMM アカウントをリンクする必要があります。DMM アカウントのリンク用ページへリダイレクトされます。 In latin: Mazuwa DMM akaunto o rinku suru hitsuyō ga arimasu. DMM akaunto no rinku-yō pēji e ridairekuto sa remasu. Translation: First you need to link your DMM account. You will be redirected to the link page for your DMM account. After click "Ok", I was directed to this page in my browser: From this point, I start to get confused. Questions popping on my head. I believe to post in the forum is better than asking the support (which I don't know what language should I write; should I write in Japanese or English?). Here are the following questions: If the requirement to get the reward is create a new DMM Account, why should it is necessary to create a new Wargaming Account too? If the purpose at the end is to link a Wargaming Account to a [new] DMM Account, why should it is necessary to create a new Wargaming Account again? If the purpose is only to link a Wargaming Account to a [new] DMM Account, isn't that mean I just can link my existing Wargaming Account to the new created DMM Account? Ok, I choose a path in the dark assuming that I might need to link my existing Wargaming Account to the new DMM Account. So, I choose "Continue as Robby_Hermanto" After click on Continue as Robby_Hermanto, the link direct me to this page (again): At this point, the conclusion of the progress is "halted at step 2". The game won't let me in although I do login with a new DMM Account. Step 3 is not possible to be done although the requirement in the previous step had been completed. And then, requests are coming up: If linking a Wargaming Account to a [new] DMM Account is mandatory, please include the information in the instruction steps. Please specify the instruction: Do Players needs to create only a new DMM Account or do Players needs to create both new DMM Account and new Wargaming Account? Please specify the instruction: How to link a Wargaming Account to a new DMM Account. Any help is greatly appreciated. You can talk to me in English, Japanese, Mandarin, or Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you for the kind support.