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Found 6 results

  1. While trento and amalfi, and basically whole Italian cruisier line, except Zara, have a star on the bow, and the Goriza has a coat of arms. Is it a historical issue or a modeling error that nothing is decorated on Zara's bow?
  2. So this turned up in the upcoming 0.8.6 patch update. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-086-french-destroyers/ I am probably the only one who cares, but I actually don't like this. Hatsuharu and Nicholas currently have stock hulls which are quite different from the upgraded ones. Changing them to be more similar to the upgraded hulls makes them more boring imo. Hatsuharu's A hull has 5 127mm guns (two twins, 1 single turret) in the same layout as Shiratsuyu and is restricted to 6km torps, while the upgraded hull exchanges the single turret for the ability to mount 10km torps plus some additional AA. I actually like using Hatsuharu's A hull in Operations as sort of gunboat with its 5 guns and 6km torps. It is the reason why I actually bought perma camo for it. But the change in 0.8.6 just outright nerfs the A hull while tweaking the AA a bit (more short range AA dps in exchange 0 mid and long range AA and flak). Meanwhile Nicholas is very interesting as its A hull has different guns from the upgraded hull with different shell performance (upgrades ones are the floaty USN DD shells, while the stock hull has higher velocity shells with better trajectory). Also the guns on the upgraded hull has a much higher reload speed compared to the A hull, so you actually get more DPS despite getting 1 less gun. Therefore players have a bit of a choice - A hull for better shell trajectory or upgraded hull for DPS. But with 0.8.6 the A hull is just straight up worse since it has 1 less gun than the upgraded one while having the same guns and shells. I have always been a fan of ships with different weapon or hull options to choose from, such as the HSF Harekaze, 155mm Mogami, etc. Imo WoWs needs more ships like these, not less, so seeing such options be removed is pretty disappointing to me Also it is sad to see Hatsuharu's historical as-built gun layout be removed. Fubuki suffered from this too when she was downtiered to Tier 6, but at least we got the Shinonome if we want to see Fubuki's historical as-built hull. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Hatsuharu. Gnevny's A hull will also lose its historical accuracy in terms of AA. Afaik, the current Gnevny A hull has the correct as-built AA setup. I like the historical aspect WoWs, and I really love the ship models in game, so losing the as-built hulls feels like a shame. Just putting my thoughts out here..
  3. FOR MOST UP TO DATE THREAD GO TO: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/56530-mod-kriegsmarine-mods-skins-admiral-hipper-1942-has-been-added/ Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz September 1942 - July 1943: Bogen at Narvik, Fættenfjord at Trondheim, and Kåfjord at Alta, Norway Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz July 1944 - November 1944: Kåfjord at Alta, and off Håkøy at Tromsø, Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Nürnberg Baltic Stripe Camouflage, Autumn 1941 Deutscher Kreuzer Köln April 1941: Gotenhafen Deutscher Kreuzer Köln Summer 1942: Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Niobe November 1943: Mediterranean No Tracer Smoke Mod Removes the tracer smoke trails from all guns. The tracers themselves have not been modified. German Sound Mod Announcer and ship's crew now speak German. Credit for the sounds goes to Eidos Hungary. The dialogue is from the Battle Stations Pacific German localization files. Please take into consideration that this mod is not intended to provide a comprehensive translation for German Users. Unfortunately some lines may seem out of place and context. Note: Due to limitations, only a portion of the dialogue has been modified. Mod will be updated as soon as possible. Installation Extract the 0.5.x.x folder inside the .7z archive into your World of Warships res_mods folder, overwriting the folder. In the case of game updates, move the contents of the 0.5.x.x. into the latest version's folder. Sound mod note: In addition to placing the audio folder into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder, you must also copy the audio folder (found in the res folder) into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder. You will then have several folders including the Mod folder in your audio folder.
  4. yansuki

    the lucky Kuma.

    (click on the link and hover mouse on speech bubble for translation) from the comments Wikipedia - Motor Torpedo Boat PT-34 On the night of 8 April 1942, off Cebu, the Japanese cruiser Kuma and the torpedo boat Kiji were attacked by PT-34 in concert with PT-41. Both PT boats reported seeing multiple torpedo hits on the Kuma from their attack, but according to Japanese Navy records examined after the war, the Kuma was hit in the bow by one of the torpedoes fired by PT-34, but it failed to detonate.[3] PT-34 was attacked near Kauit Island by four Japanese F1M "Pete" floatplanes from the Sanuki Maru on 9 April 1942,[4] in the aftermath of the Kuma attack. With three feet of water in the engine room, Lt. Kelly beached the boat, and abandoned it. PT-34 was later strafed by Japanese aircraft, set on fire and destroyed. The crew suffered one KIA, one DOW, and three WIA. Kelly was later transported out of the Philippines along with three other officers of the squadron.[3] The executive officer Iliff David Richardson remained in the Philippines with the guerrilla forces, and later an account of his experiences were published in a book (later made into a film) American Guerrilla in the Philippines.
  5. [REDIRECTION] Further info and new updates please visit the Mod Thread in both EU and NA forum: ======> EU Forum Page ======> NA Forum Page
  6. Orpheus_13

    Historical Battles

    I wonder will there be any historical battles like what they did in world of tanks.For example like Operation Ten Go (or heaven one) where the 2nd Fleet of the Imperial Navy led by the legendary Yamato faced off against Taskforce 58 or the Battle of Surigao strait when the "Southern Force" of the Imperial Navy squared off against the 7th Fleet support Force led by Rear Admiral Jesse Oldendorf.