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Found 6 results

  1. 請問一下, 最近剛升興登堡( Hindenburg ), 為何一開場, 大家都集中打我興登堡, 是興登堡很容易打爆?
  2. BlackLancer2014

    Buff Hindenburg Turret Armor & Module HP

    Hindenburg turrets are too vulnerable when up close to ships like the Petropavlovsk who can easily disable (and often permanently) them due to their high velocity and relatively quick reload time. The turrets need an armor and hp buff. Period. I would probably deal more damage before dying by showing broadside so the other player will leave my turrets alone instead of bow tanking but getting my turrets blown off in quick succession.
  3. I’d like to choose a heavy cruiser line with a dynamic, mobile, kiting playstyle. I’m primarily interested in either the Hindenburg or the Moskva. I am a newbie and I am a long way from tier x, but want to pick the right line for me. I think i’d prefer to go down the russian cruisers towards the moskva because its fast and seems built for long range, but I’ve been reading a lot about bow tanking in that line and am wondering if the Moskva is really better suited to a static playstyle. How dynamic is the Moskva’s playstyle? Is it a static bow-on playstyle or a dynamic kiting playstyle? Would the Hindenburg be a better choice? Or should I go for the Zao? Although for some reason the Zao doesnt appeal to me as much as the hindy or the moskva.
  4. What will be your last 6 points going to be? 1) AFT(4) + EL(1)+Catapult(1) 2) Vigilance(3) + Jack of All Trades(2) + EL(1) 3) Any other recommendations?
  5. HE性能を犠牲にしている割にはAPが弱すぎです 最大ダメージにも他国T10巡洋艦との大きな差はなく重要な貫通力に関してモスクワはまだしも蔵王、デモインにまで劣っているのはおかしいと思います 魚雷性能もT5から変わっていないないし巡洋艦ツリーが増えてきた今是非Hindenburgの見直して頂きたいです