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Found 5 results

  1. is the colab. of HSF and WoWs still on the go? When is the Harekaze coming back?
  2. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    HSF voices expansion

    Since the HSF voices for Akeno Misaki and Thea Kreutzer, have been expanded with improved voice commands. When will we see them implemented into the game, instead of having to download them as a mod all the time.
  3. Hello everyone! I've a question which i wanna ask to you all. The containers which i'm opening is giving me some anime girls which are the part of high school fleet collection. So, what are the use of them ? On what ship can we put them as commander ? Or are they only for collective purpose and are of no use ? Please help me, any lead will be much appreciated.
  4. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    Yamato Haifuri skin error

    Hi, As I was playing on the PTS server, I noticed that in the HSF Yamato skin, the radar mounts aren't the same and don't match up to the more modern rotating radar mounts that are shown in the anime. I've added some pictures for comparison. I would like to know if you could fix this. Also is there any news on how the skin will be available as I would prefer it if it would be in a bundle with the Yamato premium skin so that those who have the skin wouldn't feel cheated that such a good skin (+50% commander xp) would be available for free.
  5. As title says, the music for the High School Fleet/Sarushima port does not play. All I get is silence. Other ports' music are still working fine. Please fix WG. It has been broken since the previous patch .