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Found 2 results

  1. Raddragon1

    Latest update - extreme lag

    I'm on premium. I've been away and havent played for a few weeks. I got the latest updates and my ping is extreme and unplayable. Varies between 300 - 1000. Is this a known issue?
  2. LordTyphoon

    Instability of game client

    Hi All, Has anyone been experiencing lots of issues with the game client since the update? (more than usual) I've been having lag strikes, freezing of the game, unexplained episodes of very high ping and need control+alt+delete+ to close down the app after the game refuses to go back to port after a battle. There's been one incident where I was kicked from the game AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME as a clanmate who was playing IN A DIFFERENT RANDOM BATTLE - but we were in different parts of Australia, and other clan mates who are based out of same cities as us who were also playing at the time DIDN'T get kicked out of the game, so I'm not sure what caused it. Starting to suspect is the game client. Also had one incident where I was kicked from the game, but I couldn't log back in because the game client 'could not connect to the server'. Anyone know anything about this? I don't enjoy turning out in my cruiser showing broadside against battleship only for the game to freeze up halfway through the rudder shift. Why bother logging back in again?