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Found 2 results

  1. So I see enemies' torpedo coming at me right, so i aimed my guns to it & fired it with HE shells. My shell explodes exactly on the torpedoes, but the torps survive! and hit my ship. Why cant i destroy any incoming torpedo although my shells hit it directly? Fine, it's not directly enough, probably it miss by 1 or 2 meters away, but the splash damage should be able to turn those torps in to duds right? (disabled torps to say the least).
  2. So, to mitigate the overdependence on IFHE to deal consistent damage, I suggest that there should be the second threshold where the HE shells can still deal damage, albeit much less against the armor they would otherwise fail do do any. My suggestions are the following: If the armor is at 1/3 (or 1/2 for some German shells) the diameter of the impacting shell, the shell would deal 1/12th of the listed damage as "light" damage. The shells should never cause citadel hits it would not under the old thresholds. Your thoughts?